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Did getting staged from botting (Losing LF4/BO2 upgrades & Bio) force you to:

  1. Quit the game and never come back

  2. Quit the game but came back soon after

  3. Spend money to get your upgrades and bio back

  4. Play 'legitly' by cubing & doing events etc... to get your upgrades and bio back

  5. Continued to play the game but not activly and stopped spending money / moved onto another game

  1. patch97

    patch97 User

    Personally, i don't think dream demon has enough going on in his life, if he has time to sit on a forum all day and act like a king just because he built his from scratch. Yes i know people who built theirs from scratch are probably better for it, but some of us just didnt have luck on our sides in the game, i could go gate after gate and get nothing for it, and when the bots go offline i would get stomped on, you cant out-skill somebody when they are hitting 3x more than you. You know what, yes i was a botter, yes i got caught, no i wouldn't flaunt it in front of anybody because that's not fair. But i still think my reasoning was justified. a total of 8 kappas got me 0 hercs legitly. A total of 12 zetas got me 2 havoc's legitly. 1k keys and 3 lf-4s. I just had enough and wanted to be better. Even though you are legit, doesn't give you the right to talk to us like trash, we are people.
  2. Well I'd have to say you cheated, there's no excuse, yes someone is better if they worked for and earned something legitimately, you are people but you cheated, are we supposed to respect you for that? I think not, again no excuse to cheat, even if the chances are bad which they are, I wouldn't completely everything that's been said on this thread but then again there's a lot of hate between players that earned there stuff and bots that got off to easy and then gloat about, it's sickening.
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  3. lol bro this is just a game why even bother about botts or botters.
    i never had any problem whit people botting to get stuff i didn't like auto locks and batle cheats. if you ask me using bot and spending money to gain everithing is same to me. you want to work hard and you think working hard is right way to get all stuff then those who put in $10k and get all stuf in month are cheaters as well.
  4. Working hard and earning anything is the right way to do things, cheating is never the answer, I wouldn't justify it despite the bad chances in the game, I have a problem with all cheats in general, especially one's that were given a slap on the wrist rather then a real ban, unfortunately to much time has pasted for real bans to be handed out.
  5. Looks can be deceiving :rolleyes: and if they did you glitches and cheats whatever, then i don't think they'd receive the payment reward. Just like that certain player who in-fact did use a cheat to win JPA and guess what...he didn't receive the pay out and JPA was re-done.
    It just seem that you's ( you and Demon) can't accept defeat & just point point that - a certain player botted or whatever, each time you lose a battle.
    And i don't think fighting with or without legitimately gained equipment makes a different in PvP battles because they're still the same thing. Fact is that both equipment will have the same potential (unless a player obviously has something running) and so they opponent is FIGHTING legitimately.
  6. Fighting with things you cheated to get isn't legitimate, I don't get popped by past cheats either lol.
  7. KIDZ i had perma ban on chat and after maybe 6 months my chat was back.
    and i didnt pay or do anything i ask them caple times to give me chat and they told that i brake rules and didnt want to do it. so i have no idea why i got it.
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  8. Exactly. It is sickening.

    And I agree 100% with what the people AGAINST botting said on page 2.

    @ all of you bots reading this, log in the game and take a look around at how many people are online compared to 3 years ago. You are the ones to blame.
  9. well i am so sorry to say it but you are so wrong here, all off you.
    if you stop whit blabing and think for just 1 sec you would see it your self.
    DARKORBIT(team) is the one who you should blame they let em to do that and didn't stop it. people like always take advantage of the given situation. further more things DO put in is what you should blame as well, games should be easy and fun and chances in this game make people miserable(that is why we have those numbers now)

    and THIS IS ONLY A DAMN GAME why in hell would anyone want to pay 5k euros or to spend 10h a day next 2 or 3 years playing for it when he/she can have it all in blink of an eye(how can you blame someone for it). i just dont get all of you, you all behave like this is you real life what the ...
    just for the record they didn't cheat us players but game it self.
  10. Well I'll say this, it's a game within reality so kind of real life, besides the morals don't defer from life to online game lol, yes bots and cheats ruined the game, DO/BP probably didn't make things better with all the expensive updates but the bots/cheats really added fuel to the fire and were the driving force behind many players quitting, you really could pay a lot less and still make good progress in the game, it's also free to play so there's that to, I can blame you for being greedy and wanting to cheat, no matter the excuse.
  11. Firstly, bigpoint were stupid for what they did. We all know that. However, botting was not the answer.

    Secondly, people do NOT "always" take advantage of the given situation. Take me as an example, I see it as wrong to cheat, and just pure stupidity. It is about right and wrong, and cheating is wrong anywhere. Game, real life, anywhere.

    And it is sad to feel the need to cheat just to do well on a 2D browser game at the expense of the fun and hard work of the legit players.

    Everyone has an option to leave and never come back if that is what they want. Once again, botting is not the answer. It makes the problems a MILLION times worse.

    Therefore, bots DID kill the game. Bigpoint were the accessory.
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  12. yes bro botts did kill it but in other way. stoping botts was what killd this game.
    90% players where botters and they are those who quit this game not legit players.
    yea i know there where few of legit players that where pist off and left game but not in big numbers like you think..
    now we don't have botts around, and still i don't see people coming back to play. do you see them? where are they point in just one
  13. I was speaking to someone on another game I play the other day, and he said he used to play darkorbit as well. He said the reason he left was because the game was full of bots.

    Also, I know many many legit players who left because of the infestation of bots.

    If you have numbers and evidence to prove me wrong, go ahead, otherwise you can't tell me 90% were bots.

    There are other reasons for that and you either know it and are in denial, or you are blind to it.

    People have lost trust in bigpoint. They don't want to come back because they have committed themselves to different games, and wouldn't want to go back. I can understand why.

    Another thing is that now, even though we don't have bots, we do have all those "ex" bots who want to gloat about it. Just read back in this thread and you will see I am right. Those botters did not get enough punishment so us legit players feel justice was not done.

    People aren't just going to flood in like nothing happened.

    The game has a bad reputation now.
  14. do i have to draw it to you?
    BP/DO is only one who you can blame here are you blind mate?
    they let them to bott, let them to gain all they have, and we all know they had the means to stop them from day 1. people always take advantage of the given situation it is in our nature.
    and they(ex.botters) gloat about it becouse you all ask for it. you all whine about them even now after year have passed. they are just troling all of you here.
  15. Please read one of my above posts where you said the exact same thing, and I explained how you are wrong.

    Call it whining if you want, but they were not properly punished so we have a right to complain about it. They gloat because they know they got away with it. It shows what kind of people they are as well.

    Before this gets out of hand, I won't quote you if you decide to reply again with a useless and meaningless defence speech about how you idolise bots. You know what I think, and you know deep inside that I am right.
  16. can you explane to me why do we have jails and police?
    do i have to say anything else?
    so agean i will repeat it, DO/BP could off stop it in day 1. ask them why didn't they do it?.
    and for the record i am not defending them. i am pointing to all of you who is guilty for this whole messy situation, but obviously you are all to blindne to see it.
  17. Agreed so they should do everything in their power to make things right. UFE
    should be the new standard.People should be able to get UFE in close to the
    same amount of time to get old FE This would make the game similar to the old
    DO. then once the game has leveled out. They should put updates in the right
    way. This would give them a second chance to develop the game the way it
    should be done.
  18. Just because DO/BP didn't do anything right away, that means what bots and cheats did was okay? Great logic, hell I'll blame both.
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  19. BP/DO have their rules bro, in those rules clearly say not allowed to use anykind of programs that are not made by BP/DO in game. so why the hell did they let players to use bots for 5 or 6 years
    they want us to atack each others-that makes them look beter, yeah they stop the bots LOL after how long pff
    we'd never have to talk about this if they have did their job from 1st day, so it's pointles to talk now..
  20. Again, great logic, trying to shift the blame from bots and cheats to DO/BP, both parties are to blame now shut the hell up, just because they were lazy and stupid doesn't mean cheating was okay.

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