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Did getting staged from botting (Losing LF4/BO2 upgrades & Bio) force you to:

  1. Quit the game and never come back

  2. Quit the game but came back soon after

  3. Spend money to get your upgrades and bio back

  4. Play 'legitly' by cubing & doing events etc... to get your upgrades and bio back

  5. Continued to play the game but not activly and stopped spending money / moved onto another game

  1. you are just stubborn to admit it.
    simple question-you killd a man, what is going to happend? you gona end up in yail or are they gona let you to kill more?
    what is diference betwen that and leting people here to brake rules?
    people will always band rules and make life easyer for them. even you will do it one day in your life, every one will.
  2. Do you mind typing better and using more proper grammar, thanks, no difference, your all noobs.
  3. no i culdnt care less for my english. and your going low now. my english is not what we are talking about here. no arguments? haha
    that just show that i am right and you are noob not me.
    bye now
  4. Why are you all commenting when you're not even staged to begin with. I mean the question was what effect did the staging system have on those that got staged. Not if the punished they'd received for enough or not.
    Gloat you say? Op asked a question, we've answered, being as honest as we can. Would you have preferred us lie and answer with something you would want to hear, e.i.
    "sorry i've botted, i know it's wrong, and i wished i'd never done it, please forgive me" etc?
  5. I would've preferred this thread not come up, bots were permantely banned and you didn't make any replies.

    Kind of hard to reply back when I can barley read what you've posted, your cheating , that sums up everything and how your wrong on all counts and on all grounds.
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  6. patch97

    patch97 User

    Jeez, its just a game, botting was wrong, we were wrong, i wouldn't gloat about it. But why would be have to devote a life to a 2D browser game to get a tiny bit better? Another reason i botted (Still not saying it was justified) But this was the day before i botted. I had a kronos, and i had lagged out a few times on the last couple of waves (I was still legit back when i was doing it) and i lost the gate, not through lag, not through fps issues, not through computer shutdown, but the server restarted and the GG was lost. I went to support and they said it was my own doing, the day after, i was a botter. The customer service back then was pitiful. I am nearly uber f.e again now (And no not through botting, nearly EVERYTHING i earnt through the bot, i lost) I focused on PP's and upgrades, and lost them both, so you could say i got what i deserved, and should have got more. And no, the downfall of this game wasent because of bots alone, It was because the cost to play the game was too damn high! The rift between the P2P and the F2P was too damn big! and the customer service, was just too damn crap!

  7. Just making a conclusion from the answers to that question.

    If you meant it, yes.

    But we both know that you bots are happy with what you did, especially if you read every bot post on this thread, you will see what I mean.

    You just can't see the truth because you were one of the people in the wrong.
  8. Well too bad you can't always get what you want and threads like this will always be coming up...due to some players (like you) not letting the bot situation go (not that i care whether you do or not, it's your problem), even though its clear that B.P won't change the punishment when it's already been handed on. I think you should move on, because they won't change it, no-matter how much you complain. (May hurt, but sorry, thats the truth) :rollleyes:

    Yes, i'm happy with what i did (who wouldn't be), but that doesn't mean i'm gloating about all the equipment i'd received through botting.
  9. you see sad thing in this all is that i didn't use bots. i am playing this game for 3 years now and after all this time i am still not full. 33 lf-4 i do have everything else but i've been so disappointed in this game many times, thats only reason why i understand why they where using bots, and thats why i don't blame them.
    you are so stupid because you think that peoples should have some dignity and honor in a game, game that want from us to sell damn kidney to be able to get things and compet.
    how can anyone enjoy playing game like that...
  10. You were obviously gloating and being arrogance just a few posts back, the game is forever damaged because of bots and cheats, just like the bans and players, it won't change.

    Defending cheats, they ruined the game, maybe the game was a little expensive or a lot, I can admit that, DO/BP probably forced some players to leave because prices and competition were to much, bots/cheats did and still do make many players leave the game, they got off to easy, even after ruining the game. Now they gloat and troll with there ill got gains, there's no excuse to cheat, laziness and lack of determination.
  11. And other bots/cheats on this thread say none of them gloat about it, bad BOMB clan on East1, bad!
  12. I've played this game for years, never botted, but you know what, after the "punishment" off losing upgrades and bio was dished out. I really wish I had. I would be about 3 grand better off and have twice as good an account.

    Botters were the smart ones, and I was stupid.

    BP rewarded the dodgy players and slapped all the honest ones in face.
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  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You're not very smart are you lol.

    Just openly admitting to not being caught when forum accounts all link back to game accounts, good one.
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  14. crybabies lol
  15. He's most likely assuming that he won't receive any punishment, he isn't very bright I can assure you.

    Chump botter gloating as usual.

    Unfortunately bots and cheats were rewarded for cheating and now cheats hold they're heads high about what they've done after destroying and ruining the game, I still wouldn't justify cheating though.
  16. One quick question to moderators , this guy called warrior accepting he was a botter etc.. how is it possible u dont take action when he is admiting then only 1 account was staged for boting the others are just fine ? please do your things and take action check everything he got all links account and everything this is geting so annoying.
    Being punished means to show regret on what you did kido and isntead you are proud of it so he should be permanent ban if he dont show regret for what he did.
    It is kind of annoying to see him speak so proudly of what he is done and rubbing it in our face that he got away with it ?
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  17. I doubt much could or would be done since he was already punished, despite it being crappy as hell, DO/BP wanted to give cheats a weak ban so they'd stick around and spend money to rebuild there accounts, now here we are, half the game full of cheats and still dead because of said cheaters, good luck getting him banned but I doubt it will happen, it's very sickening though, all cheats should've been permanently banned or had there accounts practically reset.
  18. I'm not/wasn't rubbing anything, in anyone's faces. I simply gave an honest answer, and if you find that it annoys you as-much, then simply ignore it. Why even open this thread in the first place, if you knew the type of response the OP would receive, would come of as 'annoying' to you? The tittle should give you ideas as to the type of responses you may get on this thread.

    The permanent ban came in after they noticed the stage system hardly stopped botting ( due to improvements). Now why should i get banned for not botting, after already being caught already, despite my account's past actions. The staging system was merely a chance given for botters to change their paths, which i did. And those that didn't, and carried on botting, faced the permanent ban.
  19. Honest opinion/gloating. Also the ban wasn't permanent at first because they wanted past cheats to stick around and spend money to rebuild their accounts, there was even warning weeks in advance about the new system.
  20. Still a second chance, in-case you ignored their warning. If they simply wanted players to rebuild their accounts, then they'd of place the permanent ban, as the new system to begin with.

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