Botters Staged Last Year

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Did getting staged from botting (Losing LF4/BO2 upgrades & Bio) force you to:

  1. Quit the game and never come back

  2. Quit the game but came back soon after

  3. Spend money to get your upgrades and bio back

  4. Play 'legitly' by cubing & doing events etc... to get your upgrades and bio back

  5. Continued to play the game but not activly and stopped spending money / moved onto another game

  1. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Your still thinking within the box.
    Imagine spending so much effort on something to have it all stripped away. That'd crush your morale.
    If you had some things stripped away, then you'd get up on your feet to get them back.
  2. If you and other cheats were permanently banned to begin with, I doubt you'd rebuild from scratch, they banned you and removed some items so you'd stay and rebuild your accounts and spend money doing it.
  3. You may be surprised. Fair enough we cheated, but that doesn't mean we don't/didn't enjoy the game (only goes for those that haven't left after being staged.) So i'm sure, if permanent bans were handed out to begin with, than some would re-build their accounts (even without the use of money). Besides, if they've been playing the game for a long time, than i'm sure they'd be able to re-build an account the second time, and building up their first (before the existence of bots)
  4. Not many would re-build an account from scratch after losing everything they gained from cheating, they would've lost morale and just quit, the game would've lost another half of it's remaining players, although it would've most likely been for the best.
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  5. pecanin

    pecanin User

    "we cheated, but that doesn't mean we don't/didn't enjoy the game"

    This is supposed to make it all better enjoyed game and at same time killed that joy for tens of thousands of people .....

    "So i'm sure, if permanent bans were handed out to begin with, than some would re-build their accounts (even without the use of money)."

    Let me enlighten you a little bit

    Those of you who boted from start (2010) made

    123.200.000 uridium .....176 weeks ....1232 days ...100 000 uri per night (no BBD) ...5000 GG Energy per night (only boting 10 hours in X2)

    1232 days x 5000 GG energy ...6.160.000 GG energy

    Back in the day Alpha Gate never cost more than 60000 uri much ammo did that get you ?

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for you poor cheaters because you lost upgrades and bio ?

    Whilst keeping all ammo /LF4's/Drones/Covers and PET that was maxed by cheating ....

    Are we supposed to cry with you because you cannot make accounts by boting anymore and sell them on ?

    What exactly are we supposed to feel for you boting scum ...pity ?

    You are just lucky that person who was in charge at BP wasn't as vindictive as me enjoy you ill gotten gains

    One thing .... I played on GE1 ..home of cheaters and you and your ilk paid me highest compliment you could by being afraid to fight me without cheats ....

    So as i said ..enjoy it know that once this game dies you wil move onto another one to be just what you have been here ... cheaters are not brave enough to admit that you were scared to play fair as you knew that you weren't any good.

    Have nice day boting scum
  6. :mad:Because birds of a feather flock together.
  7. I dont want the one who already got punished to be permanent ban i dont care if you won everything by cheating and u got punished for it and u start playing again.
    My problem is that you said i have 2 other accounts who did not get punished simple. Beside you were so proud of cheating.... the punishment itself is designed so u feel regret which u dont and especially discouragement for doing it again and i doubt you are... since your other accounts are doing fine.
    If you cheated to collect uri you defo did that on pvp as well which ruins completly the sport of the game cos im fightin agaisnt a machine.(autolockers etc..) So please dont say im good at pvp cos even if you are none will believe since u cheat on one thing u may cheat on pvp too most likely.
    Oh and one more thing about all people complaining all the updates and justify themselfs for cheating ... imagine if we all played it by the rules we would all be more or less in same levels meaning same equipments etc so the journey would have been long but was going to be together and pvp would have been more balanced too... anyways play safe and I hope the game revives cos i do like it
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