Boxing with auto looter worth it?

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  1. Hello,

    So I'm hardly a newbie, but I figured this is the appropriate place for such a question.

    I was browsing through P.E.T threads on the old forum when I came across someone asking about which gear to buy. Someone replied saying with auto looter 3, bonus box doubler, and salvage protocols they are able to bag 100k+ uri and 400 gate spins per day.

    This seems kinda a bit much at first glance, but I can kinda see where the numbers come from when you add it all up, with 100% extra from doubler, 50% from battle maps, 36% from protocols as well as whatever bio skills he was running.

    I guess my question is aimed at those who have auto looter level 3, doubler and protocols set up for boxing. How much uri and spins are you able to make during a set time period. Say, 1 hour of boxing. If this is true, it would be stupid of me to ask whether it is worth it, so if anyone who uses this method to box, some brief statistics on their results would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Cam.
  2. Hello ЯUłЛΞÐ_ϾΛM

    Boxing can give good amount of uridium if you have box doubler, Radar protocols (level3), Auto looter gear (level3), pilot bio skills like Tractor Beam I & II and Luck I & II.

    Detailed explanation:
    Maximum Radar protocol (Level 3) is only good for collecting palladium but for boxing you would need only 3 or 4 Radar protocol (Level 3) and rest Salvage protocols.

    Salvage protocols: Increases bonus box loot by 3%.

    Luck I & II: 12% increase from bonus box contents.
    Tractor Beam II: 20% increase from bonus box contents.

    So if you have 9 salvage you would get 27% total boost and 3 Radar protocol (Level 3) to increase the range of your P.E.T and also your P.E.T should be active all the time on Auto-looter mode.

    If you are going with 37 boxing bio with Luck I & II:

    Skill PP
    Ship Hull I 2
    Logistics 2
    Luck I 2
    Shield Engineering 5
    Evasive Maneuvers I 2
    Ship Hull II 3
    Shield Mechanics 5
    Tractor Beam II 5
    Bounty Hunter I 2
    Bounty Hunter II 3
    Evasive Maneuvers II 3
    Luck II 3

    With this bio and P.E.T set-up you will get:
    150 uridum in battle maps with Luck I & Luck II and Tractor Beam II = 512 uridium (If pet collects)
    5 gg spins (If pet collects)
    4 gg spins (If ship collects)

    Alternate way:
    Firstly if you want to get maximum amount of gate spins in battle maps from bonus boxes and also have your pvp bio retained, you would need only Tractor Beam II skills no need to put points in Luck I & Luck II and Tractor Beam I.
    Boxing & PVP bio 37 pp:

    Ship Hull I 2
    Ship Hull II 3
    Engineering 1
    Shield Mechanics 5
    Tractor Beam II 5
    Shield Engineering 5
    Bounty Hunter I 2
    Bounty Hunter II 3
    Evasive Maneuvers I 2
    Evasive Maneuvers II 3
    Rocket Fusion 3
    Electro-Optics 3

    You should have all level 3 protocols (radar and salvage). Minimum 9 salvage and 3 radar protocol along with box doubler and auto-looter in order to get 5gg spins if your P.E.T picks up the bonus box and 4 gg spins if your ship picks up the bonus box.

    Tractor Beam I: This skills increases your cargo loot and won't affect bonus boxes, so its not wise to put points in this skill.

    Luck I & Luck II: This skill is good and in total it gives 12% increase on bonus box contents but the actual difference having this 2 skills and only having Tractor Beam II is negligible, Refer to example below:


    A) 150 uridum in battle maps with Luck I & Luck II and Tractor Beam II = 512 uridium (If pet collects)
    B) 150 uridum in battle maps with Tractor Beam II = 457 uridium (If pet collects)

    Total Difference: A-B = 55 uridium.

    The boxing bio is only good for pilots who have box-doubler and P.E.T related stuffs and in the end it all depends on your choice what bio you want to go for, so all the best with that.

    With Tractor Beam II: The calculation have been done only on basis of Tractor Beam II & Box doubler.
    150 uridum (b-maps) = 360 uridium
    100 uridum (regular maps) = 240 uridium
    1 gg spins (regular maps)= 2 gg spins
    1.5 gg spins (b-maps)= 4 gg spins

    Without box doubler: Note the calculation have been done on basis of Tractor Beam II only.

    150 uridum (b-maps) = 180 uridium
    100 uridum (regular maps) = 120 uridium
    1 gg spins = 1 gg spins
    1.5 gg spins (b-maps)= 2 gg spins

    Tractor Beam II = 20% increase from bonus box content

    Note: The chances of getting GG spins on hourly basis may vary.

    If you want to make uridium killing NPC's then I would suggest you to go for cubikons either solo or in outfit or kristallon.

    You can make good amount of uridium through boxing in a day. I would say from my personal experience you can make around 20-25k uriidium in an hour if you box with your ship and P.E.T with above boxing set-up.

    Note: My opinion may differ from others.

    Do you (the original poster) have any further questions or can we close?
  3. Hello PoseidonsFury.

    Thank you very much for the information provided, I will use this for future references.

    If possible I would like this to be left open for a little longer. While you provided hard facts and statistics, I would also like some actual results from players who use this setup. If a couple of days passes from this post and there have been no further replies, feel free to close at your own discretion.

    Thanks again,

  4. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    Before the boxes were nerfed I had a full boxing bio with 12 salvage protocols, (the radars are essentially useless) , and made 20k uri/ hr. average. After the box nerfing, it was reduced to less than 10k /hr. making the box doubler not woth the money. Reset bio for bashing cubes, 15k uri/hr with credit ammo and well over 20k uri hr with 2x ammo. With the caps on ammo and pet fuel etc, box doubler is worthless even during events now. If you add in the cost of pet fuel...
  5. you want someone like me
    its more convinient for me to give u a link to a similar post few weeks ago that i replied
    if any more questions i wait heer your reply mate

    have a nice evening
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  6. Hello,

    Thank you for the link to the thread, it was a good read and its clear you spent a lot of time formulating your reply. Reading this did raise a few questions.

    Firstly, I noticed you use no salvage protocols. From what I've been told, 3 level 3 radars are suffice, and the other 9 should be salvage, increasing whatever you box by 27% (9*3%). Would this be a better way of working it?

    Also, do you box in battle maps? This would increase your results by 50%. At the moment I spend time in 5-3 collecting pally for spins and ultimately uri for completing these gates, as well as ammo for PvP. I began to look at boxing as my RP, EP, Honour, Creds etc gained were grinding to a halt (apart from pirate kills), so I wanted to be able to forget about my pet while it collects and while I do quests or spam bks and cubes. This would result in less uri and spins than doing it im battle maps, but the reason for me boxing is to do other things while doing it.

    Some of the responses to the thread also raised some concerns. While I do not doubt your figures of uri gained per hour, it seems there were still many who disagreed. As someone said, it may differ between servers, and I play on GB1, apparently one of the worst for boxing. Perhaps this is because we were hit hard by nerfs to box chances due to the number of botters we had (a lot, I can tell you), but thats speculation. Ultimately, I do not want to spend hundreds of thousands of uri on a flawed method which will not even return my investment, let alone make a profit. If thats the case, I'd rather stick to collecting in 5-3, despite it being the most mind numbingly boring thing on the planet.

    I also believe you mentioned you were going to try collecting pally in that thread. If you did, what are your results from there? Currently I am able to fill up my spear with 1k pally (no premium) in just under half hour. Taking into account switching to a ship in 5-2 to trade then switching back, this means I can collect about 2k per hour, or 133 spins. Yet some people claim to be able to collect far larger quantities in the same time period. I do not have any radar protocols, just the good old basic auto collector 3. My pet does not seem to be hugely limited, hes quite happy to go off collecting and I wont see him for 20 minutes, but would having radar protocols ultimately increase my collection rate?

    Just trying to weigh up the benefits and costs of each to see which is the most effective, as who doesn't like 'free' uri and spins.

    Thanks again, and sorry for the long read. I talk (or type) a lot. Maybe I should change and become a writer :p

    Regards, Cam.

    Hello reboog21.

    It seems you are right about the box nerf, many seem to agree with you there. The idea behind boxing for me was that it would enable me to spam cubes and bks while my pet was off doing his own thing collecting uri, further increasing profits. Do you think the cost is worth it to do that over just spamming npcs?

    Thanks, Cam.
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  7. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    there is hardly any uri out there for your pet to collect while bashing cubes, , When I have active premium i use kami 3 on cubes. when premium is inactive I just shoot he cube with her getting extra damage. In my opinion boxing is useless now . Sadly my 12 lvl 3 salvage protocols and radars are gathering space dust in the hanger to save fuel. Your pet wouldn't collect enough uri to pay for her own fuel. Here is my basic free player menu
    1 palli for gg spins
    2 use ammo from gg spins on cubes ,sab 2x and 3x
    3 repeat
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  8. u r wellcome

    i own 12 radar & 5 salvage protocols (all lvl3 ofcource)
    after measurment with all possible configurations of protocols found out that the most (average and net always) profit for me comes out when i use 4 salvage & 8 radar protocols
    as the profit in this last case is 11500 uri which is about the same profit that players with 12 salvage protocols report they have, i do not want to buy 7 more salvage protocols (7*45000 = 315.000 uri) for about same profit. i am fine with my results.
    for me only 3 radar are not good. pet moves quite close to me not smart moves at all and miss to see boxes quite close to "us"

    yes - ONLY in pvp maps

    in battle maps u can hunt same time
    not so intense hunting, just what happens to pass close to u.
    same time there is the advantage that u do not spent your seprom and ammo in npcs so u r all time "fight ready"

    u r totaly right
    u allways can do a test like i did (see the other post) with ur account as it is till now and evaluate the results ... even share them here along with report of your current equipment to see if you are about to have profit or not.
    by the way boxing is also boring mate

    have passed some time since this
    from what i remember ... i did my tests with 12 radar protocols in pet.
    never managed to get above 2-2100 pally per hour.
    but ... i did not do intense testing (sorry) .. i fount out i do not like pallying .. so i give up quite soon.
    what i can say about 12 radar and pallying is that ...WOW ... my pet was a comlete autonomous ship collecting pally for me. i let it go and never see it again !! lol

    u do well.
    this is the only way ... to do thinks right

    u wellcome again
    i also type a lot lol
    .. writer ... hmmm ... why not ?
    wish u a nice day mate
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  9. Hello,

    Again, thank you very much for the detailed response.

    I guess the way to do it without loosing to much uri at once to a method that may not work for me is to do it in stages. I do not have vast quantities of uri floating around as I'm nearly always spending it on other stuff, so I can start with just my auto looter 3 and ill maybe pick up a couple of radar protocols and let him go collect for a few hours and see how he does. If my ROI, or return on investment, is fairly quick or the rate of collection is also fairly quick, I can then choose to enhance my pet further with the uri gained from the boxes.

    I guess that way it will be like a snowball effect. It will start out slow, but as more radar and salvage protocols are added, the profits will increase by larger amounts and in shorter spaces of time. It also means if I find it does not work, I havent lost a huge amount of uri I could've spent elsewhere.

    Finally, do you still box now? I noticed that thread is nearly 2 months old, so im intrigued as to whether your results have fluctuated at all since then, or whether they are fairly stable.

    Have a good day!

    Regards, Cam/.
  10. I currently have a pet with 4 radar protocols and no salvage protocols on it (planned on using the prots for pallying). With autolooter lvl 3 and box doubler, I average about 12-14k uri/hr (or less than an hour) on battlemaps. Also haven't recorded an actual amount of galaxy gate energy spins gained within the time frame yet. Even though the chances of picking up uri is somewhat random, I feel like the more boxes you actually pick up either yourself or your pet will increase your chances of receiving uridium, but your pet is of course the main collector for uri.
  11. Hello,

    Thank you for posting your results. May I ask which server you play on?

    You said you make 12-14k uri per hour, so lets call it 13k average per hour. Pallying at the moment, I make about 130-150 spins per hour with a naked pet other than collector, which is 13-15ks uri worth in spins. Seems pallying is better then right?

    Well, no. I run prem and rebate at the moment, so each spin costs me 70 uri. I still make 130-150 spins per hour, but 13k uri is worth 186 spins for me, and that does not include any GG spins you also picked up. Picking up uri means the pet gear is directly paying for itself, and I can also spend it on whatever I like. With pallying, I am limited to GG spins, where my actual uri return is far less, due to the way gates work. I just build delta with 1800-ish spins, which without prem and rebate, is 180k uri, yet my return on that is only 45k + alien rewards.

    Do you also run any bio set up for boxing, and if so, which are those?

    Thanks, Cam.
  12. i think u got the point for pally vs boxing ;)

    i stronly suggest u to get atleast 4 more radar protocols

    again u wellcome
    my opinion to . stages .. is ...yes !!!!

    snowball effect ... hmmm
    ... boxing is a free way to play DO, totaly controled by BP. this means that they control the uri profit. so 11500 uri per hour for a total free player like me is something good ... BUT ... concerning the total cost of the game ( the uri u need to spent to get all needed to be ufe ) its NOTHING.
    With these 11500 uri i get i hardly manage to play with ufe ships ( WITH .. NOT AGAINST ):(

    I play since 12/2009
    i still boxing .. but not a lot these days = 1 - 1.5 hours daily
    i havent done measurements since 5/2014 but i feel that when i am free (no enemies on PVP maps) i can still get these profits

    have a nice day u too mate :):)
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  13. SauronL

    SauronL User

    im not lazy and i got 12 salvagos, i always move around map and my pet do work for me , i dont need him to go away from me cuz i always move . its pretty nice
  14. 12 radar does nt mean i stay still and pet run for me lol
    means that
    • we BOTH run
    • as fast we can
    • same time
    • everyone in his own area
    trust me if i could have 11000 uri per hour by just stay still ...
    • it would be so nice and
    • all players would have come to pvps for boxing
  15. SauronL

    SauronL User

    that could be perfect if u want to guard base , but really , i dont want to get 1/2 less spins and 200 less uri for box (max)
  16. OK
    my profits without box doubler are
    11500 URI
    58 SPINS

    yours ?
  17. pecanin

    pecanin User

    If you didn't waste your money on boxing bio and salvage/radars/pet slots ...then don't

    Boxing is not worth it these days

    i say it as someone who remembers collecting 10 k uri +50 gg energy in 4.3 with phoenix ...every hour without BBD

    Once i made FE that jumped to 30 k with doubler and vengy

    Then came pet and rest ...up to 50 k uri per hour in PvP

    These days i'm extremely lucky if i make 20 k with maxed bio and maxed pet + BBD

    If i could get uri i spent on pet and bio ...sold yesterday...
  18. Hello pecanin,

    Good to see you still on the forums. I seen your name a lot on the old forum but didn't know you still played :)

    It seems pretty much everyone agrees with what you're saying, that boxing used to be great, and now its a waste. Guessing we blame the bots for that, but it is what it is.

    I wasn't going to use any bio set ups, seemed like a waste and I would never return my investment. The plan was just auto looter 3 with some salvage slapped on and let him do his thing while I spammed bks and cubes and the like. I know profits wont be great, this is a 'free' strategy on a BigPoint game after all, but it would be something. Whether you think this is worth it, I would definitely like to hear; as I said I seen you around a lot on the old forums and I've grown to see you as a trusted source :p

    Have a good day,

  19. Don't forget, despite being able to collect 20k~ uridium and 200~ gate spins per hour (~ meaning give or take (a couple of thousand for uridium and 10/20 for spins)), there is also Spaceball, where your ship can get you 300/350 uridium and 25 gate spins per box collected by ship, and 450/550 uridium and 33 gate spins by pet. Collect these boxes, and go to battlemaps, box, then come back and collect more, and in 2 hours you can make 750/1000 gate spins and 25/35k uridium, or (actual estimates from experience) 1000/1500, sometimes more, from a 3 hour game and 35/50k uridium.
  20. SauronL

    SauronL User

    im not counting it , but with doubler(i have always dobuler so idk how without) i can get around 100-150k uri + 500/700 spins per day

    thats around 4-6 hrs playing , depends how much time i have