Boxing with auto looter worth it?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ЯUłЛΞÐ_ϾΛM, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. and how i get uri for lvl up my ship ?
  2. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Set things in perspective.
    If a 3% increase in uri collection, costs 45K for the protocol, you need to collect around 1.5 milion uri, to gain that back. Only after you collected this, the protocol has been paid back, and you start earning extra.
    This doesn't yet count whatever amount of uri you spent on freeing up the pet slot where the protocol is housed.

    If you collect 10K a day, your investment is returning after 150days+ of playing.

    just saying...
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  3. pecanin

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    Boxing can still be profitable if you use what you make from boxing in right way

    Concentrating on Zeta gate for those with no havoc (and those with) is still best value

    keys/logdisks/uri is very good and you can build one gate every two days or so

    Don't blame bots for reduced uri ,that was just excuse BP used
    They reduced uri ,removed banking doublers long before bots became menace that they were later on

    Reduction was all about greed

    If bots were only reason for uri reduction why didn't they return old boxes once majority of bots were dealt with ?

    Along with all other people that used to box a lot i have stopped even reading their excuses

    It took 50 or less keys to get part for zeus /havoc or LF 4 once they were released...

    It took something from 8000 uri to 50 000 uri to build Alpha gate (i built it once for 8000) ...these days it is 100 those who believe BP's reasons for changing things are mental

    Without Bonus Box Doubler /Pilot Points /Pet Salvage you could box same amount (if not more) as you can now to box what you once could you had to spend about 12 million uri or 1200 dollars ....
    aint that funny.

    With four ships in outfit on different parts of the map you could make same amount you make boxing without pet or bbd in 4.5 ...just killing boss and uber aliens ..little ones

    Why do you think they increased respawn timer of cubikon ?

    or made BK so overpowered ..i say overpowered from perspective of ships that usually killed them ...semi FE Golis/Big Boys/Nostros ....once upon a time i could kill BBK with phoenix quite easily ,could kill 100 BK without getting hit once phoenix/yamato/piranha

    Doesn't matter what you do to make uri are stacked against you
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  5. i use 4 salvage and 8 radar
    radars costs 25000 uri each
    and yes !! i collect more than 150 days since day i started (from 12/2009)

    boxing is good (not only) for me cause
    • i can do it any time of day
    • i have up to 3 maps to change if need to (enemies)
    • no consume of seprom (ALWAYS fight ready;))
    • can hunt same time if i am on the mood
    • uri i earn are ready to use if needed
    • get free spins = free gates
    • easy to do it even if u r with small ship - just need to be super fast
    if u do not want any more havoc or hercules will u still pally ?
    if u kill npcs and u need to kill an enemy do u miss ur seproms ??

    bonus boxes are full nutricious lol .. give
    gg spins
    log files
    etc etc
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  6. TOTAL AGREE !!!
    +1 from me
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  7. so i need to wait till i find some more friends to start it (time spend)
    kill aliens (ammo spend) (seprom spend)

    all these spend just for same uri ? no mate thanks a lot ... not for me
    i work all day
    have 1-2 hours every day max to spend on DO
    i spend no money to DO
    i cant spend ammo time and valuable seprom for just .. same uri

    any other solution expect npc killing ?
  8. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Only one i can think of ATM is to apply to be mod as they get monthly uri for all the work they do

    so mod away :D
  9. IF you are a free player with NO box doubler, the salvage proticals are NOT worth it, Only with the doubler do those 3%'s stack up right to give 4-5 gate spins and 500 uri.

    (I think to get 3 spins from pet on bmap, you need 11 lvl3 salvage with no doubler, so very much NOT worth it)..( since you need to get 1.5 up to 2.51, which rounds up to 3).

    I have spearhead with full box bio, and a pet with 3 lvl3 radar and 6 lvl2. I saved quite a lot with 6 lvl2, as opposed to 3 more level 3, including the extra slot costs too. I know many people disagree here but 3 lvl3 radar and 3 slots is more expensive than 6 lvl2 radar and 6 slots, and they do the same % boost.

    With this setup in a spearhead, I average 8-13k uri per hour, plus 20-50 gate spins......when I'm getting the "good" numbers, it is because there are other people boxing on the map, thus increasing total boxes, and I am getting more of the increase than they are....When I get bad numbers, the reverse is true and someone else is "out boxing" me on the map.

    Again this is with NO doubler, just bio and me and pet.
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  10. lol
  11. mate just want to pass u my experience
    i am total sure for what i tell u
    with 12 radar protocols pet becomes almost an aftonomous ship and this helps A LOT in profits
    100% recoment u to be as close u can to 12 lvl3 radar protocols
  12. I hear ya, now that the last 3 slots are so expensive (10th slot is 22,500), it would only be worth the level 3 proticals, and that said it would be just over 150,000 uri for everything. That's a little too much for some more map space. As is, my pet gets about 1/3 of the map away from me, we work well together :)
  13. ok mate
    wish u a nice weekend
  14. Box doubler is worth it unless there is an event. Oct. 31 (pumpkins) and Dec. with (presents). Otherwise just do the pally in 5-3.