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  1. for me personal (without doubler) the max amount must be about 13-14 k uri.
    • but i speak always
    • without doubler and
    • for average profit
    • for me only (my ship only)

    the 30 k uri i mentioned before comes from a trusted source so even i have never manage to see 15 k from my ship (without doubler) i have to trust it.
    i am sure that there are plenty of bettr than me clickers out there in DO so why say its a lie ?

    conserning the fuel consuption ... i will say once more that the profit i presented to all of u before is by taking into account the uri i spented for pet fuel

    lets say it otherways
    when i boxing for 1 hour and get 12400 k uri AVERAGE...... my pet (lvl15 / 12 protocols / 1 gear) needs 885 uri in fuel
    so ..
    12400-885=11515 uri net in my account
    11500 k uri isnt worth it ??????
    for me it is awesom mate ... 11,5 k uri per hour free is AWESOM
  2. well it is not free.
    you have to spend hour of your life for it. and lets face it 11k uri is nothing you have to spend 10h to make somthing in a day.
  4. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    Kill NPC's.

    +Set amount of uri
    +The outcome is in our hands, no luck involved, you get better with skill circling etc
    +Pilot points associated with damage and shield to aid NPC killing will also aid you in PvP, boxing pilot points and protocols will not.
  5. The only time to box away is when the event boxes are out, otherwise just shoot down every NPC you see.
  6. r u noob ?
  7. r u noob too ?
  8. though boxing is one of better ways to make uri here but it's not the best.
    anyway it is not what i was trying to say. nothing is for free that's the fact.
    i really appreciate what you're trying to do and how you are helping people with this.
    perhaps my comment sounded negative, but it was not intentional.
  9. respect
    u r so polite (realy)
    sorry i used caps lock before

    i know one even better profitable way than boxing its cubing
    but this way request ufe ship / ammo / seprom / propriate time...etc etc
    its not the best for the most of people
    pally is geting worst and worst every day pass - they have nerf the profit of it

    do u have any other at least equal qay than these above ? (realy need to know mate)

    for me that i spend 0 euro to the game .... and after 5 years i play this game ... and after i have tried
    • npc killing
    • cubs
    • pally

    i have found out that for a no wallet player; boxing is the single most profit way
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  10. Roulous out of curiosity what server do you play because boxing on gb1 is rubbish like I stated , but other servers may be better or worse to box.

    1 hour today in 4-3 only earned around 4k uri years ago I would earn 20k plus uri all this without doubler mind.

    Have a nice day.
  11. mate
    as u can see in my signature; i play in europe3
    its very important that u have ALL the prev mentioned equipment
    lets say u just do not have pilot bio for boxing but u have pet , pet protocols , spearhead etc etc
    just the pilot bio loss .... leads to 32% less uri per hour !!!
    what equipment (for boxing) do u use ?
  12. Pet is fully loaded and bio is for npcs and boxing I must be doing something wrong;).

    Still cant get enough uri out of boxes so ive stopped doing it I earn more doing npcs but funny thing I get more uri when I play gb2 and usa servers and haven't even got a pet on them accounts.
  13. today morning i tested europe1 (a fast one test)
    i have a venge total empty
    no bio
    no pet
    i did in ABOUT 20 min ... 2k uri
    so about 6 k in 1 hour
    not bad for empty venge
    if u trust me ...i say IF .... i offer myself to do 1 hour test to your ship (boxing i mean) to see if there is anything wrong
    otherway u can send me a short video of your setup and during boxing with pet to see if i can notice anything ubnormal
    hope u find a solution mate to ur problem
  14. I've been a free player from day one and here is my breakdown....

    Roulous is spot on with his URI and GG rates for BB's, I've gotten the same results (or close to it , many times. For all who get way less, your collection methods need some tweaking somewhere.

    PALI..(with pet) is still the best way to get the most for your time, hands down.

    I can get approx 180 gate spins in 1 hour of pali, consistently...sometimes as low as 150, sometimes over 200...but always right there.

    Now that's not URI, but it is 180 spins worth of uri (18,000), and the uri comes in later with the gate rewards anyways...I've found this to be best use of time if you need ANY form of gate rewards still (for havok, lf4, herc, saturn)

    Now If you're already UFE you could say boxing is better, but even UFE's need to do gates for whites, so they can pvp...So I still say pali is hands down the best way to earn things in I said 150 to 200 gate spins an hour..cant beat it,
    (these days).
  15. many players have told me that average pally per hour is about 2000
    180 gg spins that u report is about 2700 gg spins
    i will go RIGHT NOW to check it
    plz tell me
    • the ship
    • pet equipment
    • rest tips needed
    to get this profit
    thanks anyway for ur feedback
  16. EDIT : I see what you are saying now, I took out my old post.

    When I had goli I was getting roughly the 2000 pali average, but with spearhead it has gone up and I see two main reasons (and one conspiracy reason) why I get more.....

    Firstly, I fly faster between pali in a spearhead, so right there is a little boost. Secondly, the BIG bonus is my pet usualy stays "first" in a pack of pets now...ensuring I get the pali, and the other 3 pets under mine are outta luck...this has helped me get more per hour.

    Now to the conspiracy:
    It MAY be in my head, but I have found with spearhead, that the actual time it takes to "pick up" the pali, (yes the time when it makes that little sound and the animation of a tractor beam goes on the pali, yes that specific action) is SLIGHTLY less than with a goli.....Again this could be in my head, OR it could even be a real phenomenon BUT not related to MY specific ship. It could just be lag one day, and none the next. but my collection rate DID increase when I switched to spearhead for pali, and I really do think I see a SLIGHT time decrease when I click , click , click with the spearhead VS the Goli.

    PS: the time you save with the spearhead ONLY works if you have a second hangar....and you don't have to fly all the way around every time you fill up...As it is, the Spear only holds 500 cargo you need to be able to warp ships to hold on to the time savings....that is an important detail here.

    PPS : For the record has been 500 pali (or 33 spins) in 6 minutes before....although that is my BEST rate I've seen, typically its 10 minutes to fill 500 cargo (33 spins) in spearhead.
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  17. pet gear and protocols ?
  18. 3 radar prots and auto-resource is all you need. The PET will still chase you down if you go too far (DO nerfed it). So, having 12 radar prots is dumb.
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  19. I have 6 level 2 , and 3 level 3 radar proticals...9 in all.....I know ppl say don't waste on lvl2 stuff, but with the radars only I think it's cheap enough to be worth it, while still using some level 3's of course as well. Plus for pali, the pet goes farther than with boxing anyways, so level 2's get the job done on the cheap.
  20. gear ?

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