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  1. One level 3 auto-resource collector for pali, and one level 3 auto-looter gear for boxing, ( I use them seperatley, no need in burning fuel for both gears while only doing one task). I use all my radars for each task.
  2. just bought my lvl3 auto resource collector ;)
    will come back with feedback in a few days
  3. So atm i have spear with full gen, loot lvl 3 and 2 lvl 3 radar, i get around 2k uri and 20 ggs per hour in global america 2.

    also i got 25k uri with just 32k fuel from pet, only using the pet (no ship) still better than paladium :)
  4. mate
    get ATLEAST 6 radar protocols (total) = u will see HUGE improvment in uri profit
    get ATLEAST tractor beam 2 (not 1) in pilot bio = u will get +20% from every box u get
  5. Built most of my Kronos with pally and a good few kappa's too, the 6x lvl 3 radar is about optimal, though I use 10 myself as when its quiet I can let the pet do most of the collecting and stay cloaked because of all those npc in 5-3 so I appreciate the extra range on the pet and it leaves me free to chat to friends in game if am cloaked.

    6-7 lvl 3 radar will also allow the pet to cover the pally field from top to bottom ime. I tend to use the vengie as it moves quicker but have yet to try the spear, both have their good points like the Lightening design turbo speed or the ultimate cloak on the spear to get you out of trouble if you don't have the ammo etc to fight.

    150+ spins an hour from pally sounds about right for an average, best case 3k pally an hour for 200 spins though this is the exception and both you and the pet have to collect like mad dogs after a steak!

    The actual time to collect one piece of palladium does seem to have reduced since it was first introduced too possibly on 2 occasions though the pet AI also seems to have changed quiet recently too in some ways.
  6. Auto-resource collector (Level: 3)...three more than enough move your a$$. Till you get click finger like me :D

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