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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Lithinir, Jul 20, 2021.

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  1. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    Hey folks,

    Way back when, when the PET Kamikaze was introduced, there was no cooldown. It was glorious. Free players finally found a way to compete with the "wallet warriors" and the afk-ers.

    I say bring it back! The cost of the game is insanely high now and the hours you need to grind Uridium for all the latest weapons, gizmos, and gadgets is almost impossible for people who don't have the time to sit down and grind it out day after day.

    Think about it - it would practically ensure that players purchase Premium for the free PET repairs if they wish to use their Kami. There's money to be made here!

    The players who are trying to grind their way to UFE (like me) would get to have so much fun blasting their way through quests and swarms of aliens.

    Then the players who buy Uri and grind all day can finally do that with ease! Kami through gates, Kami through higher quests.

    The disparity between high-ranked decked-out UFEs and lower players would still be there, but the playing field would be at least more even, I'd say.

    I sure do miss the days of spamming Kami's on the protegits and the joy of opening a gate with the uri... Beautiful...

    Anyway, just my idea. Much love.

    - Lith
  2. the difference between pumped players with premium and newcomers without premium will increase
  3. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    It's a bone they should be willing to dangle.
  4. No from me.
    Diman answered it well.
  5. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    I just don't see your side of the argument. Bots and cheats are already running amok. There chasm between new players and UFEs is already there and rising daily with or without instant-kami.

    I just don't see how this is bad for anyone. Matter of fact, it will help every single player (even new players since those with kami can help new players easily this way)...

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