C.S. Goli Designs

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 21, 2013.

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    BOSS~ADAM User

    This idea seems worthless, pointless, it would cause lag and bugs and like Hawk said make more people call damage hacks, if you want the ship's design then fly it.
  2. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    No thanks, the game is hard enough as it already is. I don't want to be in my own x-2 map trying to pop a little liberator, just to find out that it's a UFE goli underneath.
  3. I agree with ЌЙĺĜĦŦ†ĦΛŴЌ™ here. It would cause people to flood chat and the forums with calls of hacking. It is an interesting concept but too many issues to make it feasible.

    VESPID User

    I find it hard to believe any confusion will happen, any ship skin the goli takes will be larger than normal and in the color of it's home company.
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  5. I understand what you are saying but as for the smaller ships, they don't have distinctive coloring. The only ships so far that have company specific coloring are Citadel, Spearhead, and Aegis. What you are proposing is too radical a change for starters, and if implemented would still cause people to make calls for hacks when a pnut hits for 75k and at no point reverts back to the goli it really is as is the case with WIZ rockets.

    It is an interesting idea but too foooish

    VESPID User

    I am very confident that this idea will be well known when it comes out, even if the worst of it is a few ignorant people in chat that will certainly be immediately informed of the new design I say this idea is a hit.

    I am also certain I mentioned the increased size of the ship and since when has anything new from D.O. ever been a secret???

    Oh and when I mentioned the ships color I did not mean having multiple colors "you know, green and something else", it would be a solid color
  7. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User


    How could you possibly think this idea is a hit if not a single person likes it.
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    VESPID User

    Because so far confusion is the only REAL problem that has been presented....lol
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    Reference to deleted post

    the only way this will work is if the ship change is *specific* to your screen only, and that *no one* else can see it.
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  10. Vesped, your idea is pure idiotic. Its the same as a wiz rocket.

    Disliking an idea is not arrogant. If we liked the idea your love us, but since we think the idea is worthless you hate us.

    Grow up, most of the ideas you post are noob ideas.

    get it through your head.

    Your idea is trash.
  11. There is no confusion. It is all a matter of the coding involved and the way you are presenting it.

    Make the ship larger and colored for the company. Looking at all the credit ships: Bigboy, Nostromo, Piranha, Liberator, and Phoenix. Not one of them have distinctive company coloring. You are asking DO to make a radical change to all those ships. They will not make this change to the way these ships look.

    I say your idea is interesting, but I just don't see it happening as they have the WIZ rockets
  12. I believe a wise Mod once said "You can not expect everyone to post only constructive criticism, or additions to your idea. Even if its is in the update and idea section of the forums " But I will give you some insight; this idea of yours, is crap. It would only cause lag and issues between players. It has no use, if you want to fly a ship that looks a certain way fly THAT ship. Besides this idea would only be to large of an update and is bound to have many... Unrelated bugs to come with it.
  13. this would cause for alot of accusations to fly around
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  14. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I highly doubt the D.O. team will find too much difficulty making minor changes to readily available ships or even brand new ones considering they have done it from the beginning of the game with Mod ships.

    I also doubt the lag and or bugs will go unchecked for long at all.
    Finally!!! I may take suggestions "mostly veiled" to alter my posts but make no mistake I am not a DJ so I do not take requests.
    "call of duty indeed" TYVM!!!

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Those are mod ships and they have reasons for changing them, probably so the mods can test bugs and new in-game things, its Bigpoint we're dealing with and there's still lag and bugs from months and years back lol.
  16. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Mod ships or not, it is possible to radically change them and I haven't seen any lag in quite a while that the possibility of either bot users or my WiFi connection isn't responsible for.
  17. Another VESPID idea. Nuff said.
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  18. Full_force

    Full_force User

    If you don't want people disagreeing with your ideas then you should not post horrible ideas.
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  19. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    Did I just read correctly, that you think that making a new ship or changing the stats is as easy as making a Mod ship?

    You always get so insulted when people comment on your idea about how they don't like it. If you don't want people to disagree with it, then don't post it here.

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    Reference to deleted comment

    I'd also like to quote SERAPH

    This being a bad idea.
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