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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. Blah

    Blah User

    U say u are vespids neighbor but I think ur just his noob account or something to boost up his posts and make his ideas seem better... so far for almost every post that NO ONE has liked made by Vespid you like it... This idea is stupid and will just cause lag. If you really want a credit ship skin or some ship skin then use the ship.
  2. I've liked some of his ideas that no one else has liked. And actually, if you pay attention they are completely 2 different people, the typing style is different, then again he could of changed the style himself, but not many take the time and effort to do it, and yes, we all have typing styles, my friend has pointed out mine, his, and others, and there's a huge difference when others type compared to yours.
  3. What y'all are saying is completely irrelevant to this idea. Just for the record, horrible idea. Ships should not ever have the ability to shape-shift. Wrong game man.
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  4. I can see why a very few might want to disguise their goliath as a nostro but I have to say Far more important things/glitches/bugs to be addressed rather than adding new potentila problems
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  5. And then you have people calling out hacks and being very frustrated when pnuts start flying around with 400k hp and hitting 150k. Bad idea. You want a disguise? Either cloak or use another ship.
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  6. Well we already have penuts on GA1 hitting 300k rsb, an they aren't wizzed cause those don't last 30 mins
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    VESPID User

    Confusion is my goal, I seriously hope they give no indication of this tech entering the game for that reason alone.....But we all should know better tan that.
  8. That would just take out the purpose of ships in general. Why the hell do you want something like this? There's WiZ rockets. Now people want Wiz mines. Now this? It will cause too many glitches and bugs.

    Sorry mate. Downvote.
  9. Why in the world would you state that? Now I'm definitely gonna downvote almost all of your ideas.
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  10. Well, that escalated quickly.
  11. Lol, hey if he wants to confuse people, I'm not supporting it.
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  12. Use tact, skill & cunning .. that will confuse most players on GA hahaha

    Peace :cool:
  13. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Yea, stay on topic bro.
    The chumps that only say no suck at doing anything else.
  14. The heck with staying on topic. I do what I want. I'm just telling VESPID to practice what he preaches. Did I mention dumb idea?
  15. TalShiaR

    TalShiaR User

    off topic and turning into a rant so closed.
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