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  1. Seraph please comment on here so i can ask you my question :)
  2. =SERAPH=

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    It would have been easier to simply post your question in the opening post...
  3. True... well anyway! I noticed for the calendar thing you have said on the threads how it was incorrect graphics and WAS meant to be log disks yes?

    Then how come the listing that had been put up for the calendar is as follows December

    1st: 300 x Uridium
    December 2nd: 50 x PLT-3030
    December 3rd: 2 x Repair Credit
    December 4th: 2 x EE (Galaxy Gate Energy)
    December 5th: 300 x UCB-100
    December 6th: 20 x SL-M01
    December 7th: 4 x LGF (Log Disk)
    December 8th: 2 x JV (Jump Voucher)
    December 9th: 2 x BK-100 (Booty Key)
    December 10th: 300 x RSB-75
    December 11th: 1 x DMG-B01 (1 hour)
    December 12th: 50 x PLT-3030
    December 13th: 100 x SAR-02
    December 14th: 2 x EE (Galaxy Gate Energy)
    December 15th: 400 x RSB-75
    December 16th: 400 x UCB-100
    December 17th: 4 x EE (Galaxy Gate Energy)
    December 18th: 4 x Repair Credit
    December 19th: 4 x LGF (Log Disk)
    December 20th: 1000 x MCB-50
    December 21st: 4 x JV (Jump Voucher)
    December 22nd: 100 x UBR-100
    December 23rd: 1200 x MCB-25
    December 24th: 5 x BK-100 (Booty Key)

    Notice the 9th is a picture of a booty key on calendar and the list also states 2 x BK-100? You sure they have not just said it was meant to be log disks as thats an easier fix than 2 log disks off people and replacing them with booty keys?
  4. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

    Hello ÐäЯKWáЯLóçK-§94[FØЄ]

    I can only pass on the information we receive from Support. We enquired about the discrepancy, and were informed that the logdisks were correct, and the image was in error. The information on the calendar might have been adjusted after it was posted - regardless, if you have further questions on this, you will need to contact Support directly.
    There is a link in my signature for convenience.

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