can connection to server after using gate

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Star*Fire, Mar 30, 2024.

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  1. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    10:09 am us server. use x3 to x2 gate and got drop. now no connection. just keeps spinning. again on a holiday weekend, if things go as they normally do that means its down for the weekend. in the middle of another event. maybe just fix the game this time.
  2. Same 'Establishing connection' error on Global America 2. Will not load the star map, only back-page appears up.


    As of 12:47pm Eastern time (north america) connection issues and logins appear to be working once again.

    Thank You.

    further update:
    Between 1:05 and 1:29 pm EDT; multiple refusals to change maps.
    Then a stoppage re-occurred so that the space map will not load again.

    I hope to see some of you in game by either late Monday to Tuesday (my time)

    Good Luck !
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  3. Same 'Establishing connection' error on Global America / User ID - 172846505
    Saturday 10:43am EST -Yesterday was the same -Front page okay, all links work, but can't establish game play page.
    This is getting real old. I think recompense would be in order; maybe a free month of Basic Premium and 10K Uri.
  4. Cant connect since last night
  5. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    This is absolutely pathetic, been unable to get connection since last night on any of the servers I have accounts on, and DO dont even have the decency to acknowledge there is an issue and give a time scale for it to be fixed. A disgraceful and unacceptable way to treat customers. Its also arrogant !
  6. x-8 works though , mayber just x-1 - x-4 do not work
  7. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    wont establish connection...again
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  8. DsnD4

    DsnD4 User

    having connection issues as well, any tricks to get it working?
  9. As per a post by Odessey, it appears that there are ongoing DDOS attacks.
    ...(maybe someone with connections can round up some of the warm bodies behind the attacks and have them used as targets in one of the current wars currently going on across the planet.... {all in fun of course ;) } )
  10. Weak

    Weak User

    At this rate, nobody is surprised.
    That's why I stopped spending money in this game.
  11. **silver**

    **silver** User

    8 hours and can't connect.....thanks and congrats DO......and you wonder there are not new players?
  12. All I know is these constant attacks on the weekends are keeping me from doing gates thus I've racked up a ton of uri and gate spins during the week not to mention not having to spend money so whoever the clowns are doing DDOS attacks on weekends and holidays the only people you are hurting is yourselves. Too many simp clowns these days most likely some fool who got banned for not being able to play the game the way a normal person does.
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  13. scalffy

    scalffy User

    the prob is Big point dont see theese messages so whats the point of a forum
  14. Same old rubbish every weekend unplayable Again
  15. I am able to establish connecting with my ship that's parked in 5-2. cannot establish connection with my main account - i have no idea which map it's in.
  16. If you can get the backpage up, then you can use the little arrow beside the Hangar button to show what ship is on what map.