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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by †→Zєηη←†, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. I cant log in into my account.
    I tried every browser and nothing I click in log in and all it does is to reload the page and thats it.

    Help please.
  2. You mean when you first log into your account from the "darkorbit" website or when you log into the the click screen pressing the "Start" button, if your having issues like that on the website it might mean you have been account banned, if its your start page might be a glitch but contact support i cant tell you whats wrong for sure.
  3. Yeah maybe i was banned for typing numbers without knowing ... i was gonna time the n word but decided not to so i turned around accidentally clicked random numbers and i was banned -.- I dont know why they banned my account aint i supposed to be banned from the chat only?
  4. yeah supposed to be only chat bans, contact support see if they can remove it if thats the issue
  5. Thanks I already did all I need is to wait. Hope they give it back because that account is worth more then 1.5 k dollars
  6. You're banned. Are you sure, you didn't say that word, when you'd typed in the numbers...? Because i doubt they'd account ban you for just typing random numbers - since acocunt suspensions are usally given out for offensiveness , rudeness etc...

    P.S , what's at the end of your URL ( after you try to log in), does it say 'Error...' ? if so yh its a ban :)
  7. †→Zєηη←† , your account isn't permanent banned because when you get a permanent ban there will be a window that pops out and it will say that u got a perm ban. You better contact support about this issue and you should ask them when are they gonna release your account back.
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  8. bono006

    bono006 User

    hi i cant log in to :(
    i click start and its onli loading and not start plz help
  9. WHY CANT I LOGIN!!! The bar doesn't fill green it just stops at 100% full yellow
  10. MR_SNOW

    MR_SNOW User

    i have the same problem, why wont the front page load
  11. Got the same issue just stuck on yellow loading .

    what have DO broke now.
  12. You all have a different problem to lt aren't banned , just back page problems, whereas he is, so it would of been wise if you lot made a new post cuz this could be seen as 'thread stealing'...just wait it out, BP probs broke something (as usual) ;)
  13. The-_-Boss

    The-_-Boss User

    it's because it's april fools day, they've messed the game to fool us.... why do you think our drones are sheep :)
  14. I can't seem to log into my ship page at all, i logged onto the back page fine, but once i clicked START, it shows loading but then nothing happens. It won't load at all
  15. Gold don't worry about it mate, the server game screen is down, I been trying for an hour now just wait patiently :)
  16. I will wait, but i think i have bitten all of me nails of waiting :/
  17. hahaha swapped everything to goli so might come try my luck with ya after
  18. I cannot log into GB1
  19. Bolt

    Bolt User

    Yea i can't log in either. Fix it BP
  20. Same here... Bar fil's up yellow but dont go green. I have updated flash and still nothng ?:confused:

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