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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by †→Zєηη←†, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Horizan

    Horizan User

    D.O fix this problem please, cannot log in to my main page at all??, all I get is loading??
  2. Same, GB1 Server, back page is fine but game screen just fills up yellow and says loading. Was all ready to smash 18th Kappa (but still only one herc lol)
  3. the server is down thats y every one on gb1 cant log in
  4. guys

    look at the date... ITS APRIL FOOLS! jesus
  5. Wondering whether it something to do with new T&C's thing, we will have to accept them after tonight before we can log in. Maybe it waiting for us to accept the T&C's that DO forgot dont come out until 2nd..
  6. Same here
  7. i can log on backpage but doesnt get passed loading on game page,contacted support but no other reply then send user id whats the point of having a support if they dont reply...usless
  8. ABC™

    ABC™ User

    GB1 server i have tried to log in for 5 hours. I tried IE & Chrome, i even tried two different PC.

    BAck page loads fine, soon as i click start, it just hangs on "loading"

  9. james99990

    james99990 User

    Wow Bigpoint are bad at fixing their servers
    arent they meant to be a multi-million(maybe billion) dollar corporation
  10. ]eggy[

    ]eggy[ User

    lol darkorbit got fedup ov its own game like the players an quit ;)
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  11. any chances of gettin this fixed today
  12. ™H²O™

    ™H²O™ User

    GB1, down again, D.O, This time I would like Citadel for compensation........Getting very
    wizzed off with your lack of responce to PAYING players.!!!!!
  13. Horizan

    Horizan User

    Same here, D.O should give some kind of compensation to paying players for down time, i.e ship designs etc..
  14. seems to be eic and mmo having the problems cos when looking at spaceball and invasion vru way ahead in both so it seems vru can log in just fine
  15. I am VRU and I can't log on, not even my clan members can log on too
  16. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User


    Sorry for the delay in speaking to you guys about this. There is a definite issue and we we have passed this up to the development team to get it looked into. We will let you guys know more as and when we know.

  17. Reported for the stupid post
  18. I can't seem to log into my ship page at all, i logged onto the back page fine, but once i clicked START, it shows loading but then nothing happens. It won't load at all
  19. Dude your late we got this repeated 100x
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