CAREFUL, [REMOVED] is scamming accounts

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  1. this player [REMOVED], is sending out mail to all players with the following content

    Company Bigpoint is conducting a survey of players
    For the survey, each player receives a bonus code.
    The contents of the random bonus code:
    ●Premium/75.000 RSB-75/50.000 Seprom/
    ●60.000 Rinusk/1500 BK-100/25.000 RCB-140/
    ●450 oil/300.000 URI/15.000 A-BL/
    ●50.000 A-BL/750 RLA/30.000 Rinusk/
    ●Premium/200 RLA/150.000 RSB-75/
    ●1500 oil/150.000 URI/1.500 RLA/
    ●5.000 Scrap/10.000 Aurus/150.000 IDB-125/
    ●16 BO3/500.000 RB-214/5.000 EMP/
    ●600.000 URI/2.500 RLA/500.000 A-BL/

    Bigpoint portal: [REMOVED]

    Best regards,© 2020 Bigpoint GmbH

    this is a scam to get you to log into the client again and that's when they take your account information. if i am wrong please tell me
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  2. anduril

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    You are not wrong, this has been going on for years actually, but using different account names. I hope no one falls for the scam, as bad things can happen, such as your account password being changed, all your stuff sold, etc... Good on you for letting people know that might not have seen this phishing attempt before.
  3. no problem, I would hate to see active players quick because of this. kids might not catch it
  4. Kid's? This game isn't for kids, simply it has gambling shouldn't be allowed
  5. Deter

    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

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