Cargo is turned off!

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Oct 26, 2022.

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  1. Cargo is turned off in my settings as i do not wish to collect cargo but for some bizarre reason the stupid PET is still collecting it even though it's not even visible on my space map!!
    Really annoying when all you want to do is collect boxes using the PET but every time the cargo is full then the PET stops collecting bonus boxes too!!
    Is this a known bug/issue as surely it can't be intended as actual gameplay?
  2. You can stop this from happening by keeping your cargo full, jumping any gate and going back. After this it should not go for cargo boxes
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    Pet will still collect if "Auto-resource collector" is activated, it doesn't know (collect this but not that) that's what "Resource Locator" is for :cool:
    Like *-ΛLΞMDΛЯ-*[ΛTΛ] said (keep it full) :D
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  4. well bad programming then, if we turn off cargo boxes in settings then the pet should not collect cargo.
  5. It then will still try to pick up the minerals and it just sits there and says cargo full cargo full and will not try any other until said cargo disappears like DEXTER-MORGAN says just bad programming!!!
  6. known bug from decades
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    literally lol
  8. The setting is mainly a visual one that turns off players clicking on them accidentally. That way you don't have to see them and can concentrate on pure PVE/PVP and not get slowed in flight cause you happened to click on a rock or box while chasing down a rogue. Pet is still going to be pet, stupid and reacting like any pet. "OOH, shiny box. My master must not have seen it. Good thing I am here."
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