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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    If you have any feedback with regards to the event you are welcome to leave it here :)

  2. i think the price for the drone designs are WAY too high and they are useless anyways.
  3. ]eggy[

    ]eggy[ User

    prices way to high ,,to get all 10 reds drones 10 kappas are you joking to get them ..event boxs are usless ..yet again a money grab and rip off ..dont darkorbit understand by now there lota of other games much much better and way less to play and get stuff with real money ..thay realy need to get there prices down ..lots more uridium for cash and also ways off getting elite ammo whites rsb with out spending hundreds of pounds to thousands to build gates an for ships and thing an get rid of chance ,,if thay dont the game will have no 1 playing it by mid year .
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  4. thid games a rip off, alright fif ya have no life all ya do is use money on games but everyday people that play, pppff, no chance 100k uri for a drone that does nothing lol, get a grip of yourselfs, that's too much to ask for.
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  5. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    Guys calm down its cosmetic.
  6. price is too high 100k each maybe 100k for a set of 10 then DO would include the little guys and the grinders in the decorating game.

    hell it cost 16$ for set in uri page 12$ only gets you 30k uri 90 k during MHH so in a sense they want to charge 1 mill uri for a set in game but sell it for cash which would only be about 125k during MHH. Balance the cost you'll get more $ making things like these decorations easier to obtain costs 48.87 to cash all 3 sets that's 50$ for BP or if was even 200k a set in shop buy 100$ uri during MHH get 1 mill uri and still have 400k to play with and DO makes 100$ off same person. win win for DO and the players are in positions where they can obtain these design sets
  7. cosmetic or not, they shouldent be that much...
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  8. Well cosmetics to hide the actual design being used (herc/havoc/demon) is upsetting enough but to add this type of price to it also is just plain stupidity.

    Also, if you try to do the event quest (located in the NORMAL Tab, because it is not leaving when the event ends) remember you can only damage a lordakia (not destroy it) and if you still have the red lock and someone else hits it and it dies you lose the quest. This first quest is an epic failure and if it is any idea of what is to come this event is doomed before it got started. This entire event is nothing but an attempt to Grab Money from unsuspecting players hoping for something good to come out of D O.

    Sorry but the events have become epic failures for almost a year now. Return to your roots in the game and remember, for you to make money you have to keep the FREE player happy so the MONEY player has something to shoot at also.
  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The drone designs are probably getting too many, too often now, we have 20 vanity variations (including the difference colours). Unfortunately this set of drone designs are probably the weakest too since they do not offer any form of particle effect on the 3D client.

    I think the idea of the Enigmas was to introduce colour variations into the game without them being payment? People just don't seem to value that much on coloured cosmetic drone designs, especially with these two drone designs having the weakest looking colour variations.

    For most people the motivation for doing 10 Kronos (or 5 with doubler - I think it can be 3 per kronos too with correct pet setup) would have to be something they can really show off. Since not that many people play with everyone else's drone designs showing, there is not much to show off - even if the Red Enigma had turned out to be the best looking drone design ever, only you would ever really see them.

    More people would probably be up for grinding out Kronos if it was something like 2 Enigma per GG (doubler not working) then on the 5th Kronos as an extra bonus they get a special Carnival version of a skill design, or a designs like Bastion / Enforcer - or something like a PET design in the future. At least then the people who sunk the uridium into the event could show off what rare item they earned to everyone else.

    Not sure if the same situation applies to the Orange Enigma in Carnival UBA season though since people will do UBA regardless for the Gold design.

    I think it is also the same situation but to a lesser extent for the Green Enigma at 100,000 U., they look quite underwhelming compared to any of the previous colour designs (yes they were payment purchases but will touch on that in a sec). A full set of 10 for 700,000 U. if they player is rebate + prem just isn't appealing since there's nothing to actually show to other people.

    People would probably be have been annoyed by the pricing of the Silver Bat / Skull / Reaper at Halloween if it hadn't been for them being dropped in the special GG, which was the highlight of that event by far - the silver versions were essentially free for most players.

    Anyone who has the Beacons / Hailstorm / Colour versions of the Halloween drones will be looking at these Carnival drones and will only get them if they think they look better than the thing they already have. Even though the Enigmas do not cost actual currency, the value of how they look compared to other designs just does not make it appealing - especially with the Red Enigma costing millions of uridium and not looking any more impressive than the Green.

    On a positive note, the gate discount + kronos day is a welcome combo, for everyone who wants to GG in general.
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  10. LeNerfz

    LeNerfz User

    "Epic" quest is a flop. Nothing epic about it in general. Trash rewards compared to past event quest. Quick reminder of the quest i'm talking about is the ones in 2010 and 2011 when quest used to give 10kuri+ for doing something extensive. Converted to todays value of darkorbits system thats like a havoc drone or lf4. The cosmetics drone designs are a joke. The price is overrated for something that just changes the design or appearance of something. Whats even more insane, is the price gap between buying a set of 10 for Money and paying uri. I'm not sure how devs come up with the prices and even if they consider what the items do in relation to the cost.

    It should occur to the darkorbit team at some point that their business strategy is a flop and not sustainable for the long term growth of darkorbit. Sure rip newbies off with some worthless junk to make a quick $ but is it worth it to hurt your customer base? Compare your growth rate from past years to the current trend and you will understand what I'm suggesting.

    The carnival boxes are not bad but could be much better. Tier 1 rockets really?

    Better luck on the next event. Lets hope you take some of the constructive criticism from the players and turn these "Epic" quest into something meaningful as suggested.
  11. Personally, I have not played in over two months. I was always on prem, rebate and doubler. I do log on to check how things are going. So far I have missed nothing. That includes the Hitac event. This event however, they are trying to make things interesting but going about it in the wrong way. All that effort or cost for drone designs that do nothing other than make them look different. Sorry guys but it does seem like another poor attempt of making money wrapped up in a weak event that only has 3 event quests. Over the past 3 or 4 events they have focused more on money making ideas rather than the event itself.

    The bonus boxes are just like any other event boxes, with poor rewards.
    The Disguisor NPC is just like any other Bot that we have had in the past.
    Only 3 event quests with poor rewards.
    Oh and rip off prices for drone designs that have no bonuses.

    You can polish a t**d all day long but in the end its still a t**d.

    The darkorbit team needs to start thinking about giving alot more rather than trying to squeeze cash from people or this game will die off. I think the more they give the more they will get back. Something I hope they will consider next time they have a "good idea" for an event.
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  12. Way over priced!! Someone put in for a raise over there in Big Point? I for one will not be wasting any $$ time or effort to acquire these.

    Most expensive game on the market congratulations Big Point, another drop in popularity.

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  13. Woah woah did u just say *poor rewards*? what game u playing clearly not Do
  14. Well if you think they are good then well done you. Have fun and enjoy your R-310s.
    Or if it is the event quest rewards you are commenting on, clearly you have not been playing for long, as the rewards a good few years ago make these rewards not worth the time to get.
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  15. The past event quests were easier then this "epic" quest, but imo every event quest are not worth. Even if you "only" earn 10000 Uri per hour, the doing the quests is waste of time...Maybe it's "funny", but still not worth.
    When I have read in the announcement about "Epic quests", I expected an epic, big fat reward (e.g. LF4 or 10000Uri ) for an epic difficult event task. But now you can see it's truly an epic difficult quest without an epic reward.
    (Perhaps it sounds greedy for D O playing ppl, but:) in each "famous" not-MOBA game the events are so amazing, the prizes are so nice, and really many players join in the game at the weekend until the server are burdened to lags. And every time when I should decide between D O and this other games, I can only play one game, sry, but I chose the other one, because the other one has better rewards.

    Yeah, the drone designs are "a little" expensive, I will only accept a high prize, if D O donate as last time the money for an charity organisation (beacon design). If its only a cosmetic design without world changing effects, the designs should only costs 2 Euros for one drone. Imo its the best thing, if D O create more little-pay-for-little-win-content. E.g. the designs have only little effects as more rocket launcher damage, lower miss rate ect. (but it shouldn't be as good as Havoc), but for this as a compensation you will get 10 designs for 10€, which every kid can pay with their pocket money without an escalation with their parents. Besides if somebody want to tell you these contents are pay-2-win, you can say: "Pffff...are you really so poor for paying only 10€?".
  16. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    Carnival 2016
    • Good event mission (the one released so far), good as in most players would be able to do it easily.
    • Event Boxes pretty good
    • Event mission uridium reward could be alot higher
    • Please remove R-310s from event boxes in the future :p:p:p

    About the Carnival drone designs
    My theory is that Darkorbit is experimenting on new revenue streams (ie. from cosmetic additions to the game). That's great. Those who want and can afford to buy can support the game. Those that can't would not lose out on anything that affects their game-play in a tangible way.

    However Darkorbit should try to lower the cost of getting to UFE first (thereby making the game a more level playing field) and then more people might think about cosmetic additions to their ship.

    That could be the alternative form of revenue for Darkorbit instead of making updates that favour those who pay than the ones who do not.

    What is the "Evil You" drop that's coming? :confused:
  17. Let's start with the missions(Quests).Reward 3.5k uri 2k rsb..which 2k rsb is 7k uri for premium and rebate player and 10k for non-premium and rebate player.So total 10.5k uri or 13.5k uri.Now that's not bad!I usually do all missions that DO puts out just outta respect because they tried to do something new for us,do not matter how much it pays HOWEVER if I have to get into another hangar and put 2 lf3 on my ship and search for little lords do 50k damage without killing it that's about hour of my time right there for 10k uri for a UFE player?nope its ridiculous! Now let's talk about designs!10 kronos for 10 drones?I mean I buy uri but to do 10 kronos for designs that have no advantage its crazy!And last thing...Boxes!
    the reward is just lame!I remember when in special events I would get nearly 500 spins and sar02 in an hour now if I get 100 spins in an hour and 200 sar02 I am lucky!And I have double boosters bought with uri!..BAD DEAL!Also,how can I encourage other players that never bought anything in the game or collected boxes to collect them buy themselves doubler for the time of the event if the event is not giving reasonable return back!Imagine the encouragement to the kids that wouldn't even buy their lunch but would buy one week of box doubler just to advance in the game.Not everyone has money to spend on the game but we can always encourage if there is something to encourage them with!I have done it with so many kids in my clan where they got UFE and actually started saving money to buy uri too or at least they buy premium,box doubler and rebate!I hope our comments get read and get taken into consideration because on daily basis I see people leaving the game because they cannot progress enough and there is the income loss too because they won't be buying premiums,box doubler and rebate no more.Thanks for taking your time to read my post.Have a great day!
  18. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The 'Evil You' refers to the last NPC in Kronos GG, its basically just a version of your ship that you fight.
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  19. Ditto, lost quest twice on lks to this. Weak.
  20. Everything D O does now is to get people to open their wallets, problem is the changes are causing too many to close them again. Events like Hitac have lost their appeal as they do not give good enough return for the effort and those who would like to partake get popped for their efforts. Now the quests have too much work for too little reward and can be failed because of a passerby giving an assist on a kill that you do not want to be killed. It is time for D O to wake up and smell the coffee as the players are saying they are tired of LAME Events and changes in the game.
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