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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. 10 Kronos for 10 Drone Designs which are useless for 100%... semmz legit.
    Im out of this, cya
  2. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Absolutely useless event like every other one in past few years.

    I remember events like 333-999 days of darkorbit. Where you had to kill 33 lordakias (yes lordakias not lordakium) and you would get 3.333 uridium. And remember 3.333 uridium was something amazing in those days, where the most expensive thing was Goliath, which you could win in auction anyway. Compared to this day and to things we have right now, it would be like getting 333.333 uridium or more.
    And it was only for 33 lordakias! imagine what you've got for killing 33 kristallons!

    And now? Now you have to:
    destroy 20 kristallins,
    hang in 4-5 for 10 minutes,
    damage 50k to lordakias without killing them,
    destroy 10 lordakium,
    destroy 10 devolarium,
    destroy 35 saimon,
    destroy 5 ubersaimon,
    travel to 4-4,
    and don't be damaged more than 500k.
    And what will you get? Poor 3.500 Uridium and 2.000 RSB-75

    How much time it will take? 2 hours, if you are lucky?

    Lets do some math, shall we?
    In those great days, lets say, you would buy everything, even though, you could just win it in auction.
    Goliath - 80k
    31 lf3 - 310k
    31 shileds - 310k
    15 speed generators - 30k
    Irises - 647k
    All kinds of extras - lets say 600k
    TOTAL - 1.977.000 Uridium (or 0, if you played almost everyday and win things in auction)
    And with this equipment, you were the KING!

    And now? With the old FEG you need apis, zeus, 35+10 lf4, now you need to upgrade them, you need Pilot Points, HAVOC/HERCULES, PET and all kinds of things to it. So in total to be good, you need something around 30-50 MILLIONS of Uridium! 30-50 MILLIONS!
    So the game is at least 15-25× more expensive than when it started.

    Yet the reward from quest are even WORSE! I mean, how is that possible? It would be better, if there were no more events. The game wouldn't be at least laggy.
  3. honestly, it depends on the server and how you go about it for how long it takes. On GB1, i got this done in about 20 minutes. I'm surprised there wasnt about 10 people camping the coordinates for kills either
  4. Yesterday I got last Enigma red drone design to my full set. It tooked only 2 days and it wasnt even so expensive as I thought. Let's see how many players are able to get these rare designs during the Carneval event :)

    I'm really confused because too many players are crying because Enigma red designs are useless. But what if these designs would be stat drone designs? Would it actually be better? IMO that would be much worse and really unfair to other players.

    But why all these cosmetic items have to be so overpriced? In last halloween event players could get similar designs either for free (halloween gate) or buying those designs with 50.000u. But how about our new Enigms Green deisgns, which wont even look so cool than other designs? It costs 100.000u which is double the price of old silver designs. Even Silver demon designs gave some minor bonuses (more rocket damage) and it had still the same value as Enigma Green, which doesn't have any bonuses or visual effects.

    I think all of the new cosmetic drone designs are overpriced. Not many players are going to do insanely many gates for full Enigma red designs, which makes them really unique designs. Enigma Green designs are really overpriced because they wont give any bonuses and they are even more expensive than old silver designs.

    And what about Phantom designs: They look really ugly because of their pastel colors and simple models. These designs doesn't even have any cool details than in old silver halloween designs; unique visual effects when equipped as in colored halloween designs. If cosmetic design is only available with money, they should look much better and stand out from other drone designs.

    I really understand why bigpoint is releasing so many cosmetic designs in so less time. But this is getting out of hand. When it's all about cosmetics, which wont effect to player stats, they should be much cheaper or look really unique.
  5. The new quest where you hit lordakias but not kill them is just super ridiculous. No matter what time of the day you try it in big server there is always someone to kill your lordakia and mission failed.
  6. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    I cannot be the only to think that the last GOOD event was Halloween.... the last time we saw a real EVENT GATE & EVENT missions. so far we have had 1 mission.. ok.. not too bad as a change, but NO event missions.. and only 3 missions planned in whole event. Plus they are in normal missions, so you need to have a free slot or cancel one you already have on the go... unlike EVENT missions that are in a separate slot.
    Basically apart from some free PET fuel and the usual useless wizz rockets there is nothing of any value in carnival boxes even with doubler. What is going on D.O. ? How about the daily EVENT missions and at least 1 gate with good rewards for the regular paying/ no paying pilots that have been loyal to the game..
  7. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    i havne't been able to fill up my pet fuel on these so far.
  8. You are not the only one to voice this opinion. The reason for the Quests to be in the Regular mission tab, as posted in another thread, is because even after the event is over these quests are going to be available to be done, if you do not do them during the event. And if you really want to make the real statement about the Events you can go back to the Parasite Tide, (last May) and still make the same statement, Halloween has been the only good gate/mission event, all others were major Failures (missions took too long for rewards, issues with Event Boxes, problems with the program when it went live and had to be reloaded, people getting to do gate twice because they did not complete it last year [after opening it]). They are creating Events to try and pry some wallets open as the revenue stream is drying up.
    I have never been able to find enough PET fuel to compensate for the fuel he burns collecting the boxes.
    The best way to do these is to pair up and once you target another Lordakia the other pops the one you lost lock on, making sure they had the red before they popped it, otherwise you have nothing to shoot at to complete your mission. Too many almost dead sitting in the maps and not enough reward to kill them to make it worth the time to pop them if not doing the quest also.
    BigPoint/DarkOrbit are trying to recover revenue that they have flushed down the toilet the last year and since the game is so out of balance they can only introduce COSMETIC changes to try to gain these funds, knowing not many will want to buy them they put astronomical prices on them for the FREE player to try to get them and a CHEAP price if spending CASH on them.
  9. Majima

    Majima User

    for the love of all that is holy.....smhhhhhhh
    darkorbit has seen plenty of ups n downs with revenue im sure over th years we get it already
    the drone designs are cosmetic no1 is forcing you to buy them if you dont want them dont buy them. they arent hurting anyone and darkorbit is hardly the first or only game to introduce cosmetics n they wont be the last
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  10. Vegas™

    Vegas™ User

    Being a fellow wallet warrior, I do not disagree in the pricing of the drones or in the way you have to acquire some of them. I like the idea of it being really difficult to collect all these designs and grinding out for them even if its just putting loads of money in to get them because I like them to be more exclusive. It feels good being the only one on the server with a set of drone designs no one else has because I worked hard for them and spent lots of money. This is just my opinion and i'm sure a lot will disagree with me lol but I love this game, I play everyday and I'm more than happy to put money into something I enjoy the same way people would spend money doing something else they enjoy whether it's a game or not.
  11. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    Yep it's great that you don't mind too much about the drone pricing. You, along with many others who spend money, are the ones who really keep the game open for us (semi) free players. :)
  12. When I do the new quest, there is no damage recorded. I have tried shooting in 2-2 and 2-5. I shoot a lordaka (but do not destroy) and no damage is recorded. Is there a particular map which you have to shoot the lordaka on?
  13. well guess u missed a few events then pet event u could make nice uri and the Halloween event was a massive hit
  14. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Yeah, Halloween was great, but still. 2 good events in 5 years? You find that good? When you think about all the troubles, all that bugs/lags and who nows whatnot, I think I don't think it worth it. Not to mention those filthy boters, that made millions on that kuiper gate.
  15. new event mission "Sponsored by MASQUE" is bugged. you need to killed 40 lordakia in x-6 maps. Last time I checked, there are no lordakia in x-6 maps. So i figured they just messed up in what mapped they needed to be killed in. Checked x5, x4, x3, x2 and none of the killed lordakia count in any of those maps
  16. Sounds like the Dev Team did it right this time, no one can do the quest.
  17. AkAKuzuki

    AkAKuzuki User

    LOL x-6 map killing Lordakia and Sibelonit,but x-5 still count only Sibelonit. WOW 10/10 Event
  18. Hi all,

    The problems with the Masquerade Quest has been reported. We will keep you all updated as we find out more information.


    Your Darkorbit Mod Team
  19. Love the part of this mission where it says go kill 5 UBKs and don't get killed in the process. What do you get for that? 3 booty keys and 1500 Uridium..... Coupled with the fact you made the mission broken so that you can't even get to that point because lordakia spawn in 3-6 now.... I am liking these new missions now.
  20. I have half of today's event quest finished. I hope when you fix the glitch you will still credit me with what i have done. You should have had event quests everyday. I love the challenge. :)

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