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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. Bugged quests, almost useless boxes (the number of gg spins, pet fuel etc they give out is barely anything compared to past ones), overpriced drone designs....Shall I continue? The only good things this event are the discounts, most of which aren't of any use for me personally but still good
    Honestly I feel like the last real hit of an event was the halloween one, bad thing is I was too weak to farm the gate daily back then :(
    Oh and the boxes that came along with the kuiper gate launch, those were really really nice as well
  2. bd33

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    one of the worst event run
  3. Like I said before all they do is push a button and hope for the best lol. God i love DO

  4. Yup, not even the UFE. *Happy Dance, Happy Dance*
  5. I promise im not stalking you PSK~SUNDANCE xD

    I just wanted to add my little bit here, so here goes. This event business and drone design thingy feels all very different, you know what i mean? People normally dont complain about event bonus boxes but they are albeit they are being conservative, the quests and rewards (apart from being messed up with an obvious mistake) are rubbish too. I took one look and laughed, i have no intention of wasting my booster time on them.

    The whole event is just out of sync and feels like its been quickly patched together and the most effort towards this event was put into the artwork, everything else came second. This event does not sit well with me or alot of other players and does not exite me about the game in any way - so i just crack on with more gates.

    They've got this one wrong - im not talking about the mistakes (we all make mistakes so they are forgiven) made but the whole feel of it just not relative to the audience. This event does alot of taking and wanting both with time and uridium for very little in return, and the whole carnival thing - really? This is a space game Devs, come on.

    An idea would be to ask us the players what we want and like and using the forums come to a mutual agreement. This carnival event stinks, feels cheap and just whacked together at the last minute.

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  6. A way around the lordakias i seen in another post drag to 2/6 port hit with little rocket to get to chase into demi zone jump into 2/6 as gate charging at last sec hit rocket launcher youll be in 2/6 but kill the npc in 2/5 and get credit for quest.

    5 uber BKs without dieing not to bad as long as don't get attacked and UFE or close but how is a FE even semi UFE going to do without begging for help. Most lower lvl players cant be in a clan because of MCCs so cant holler in there for help, lol no comment on the global chat request. So another quest screwed up not for content its hard it should be but for the fact that the clan system in the game is so screwed up low lvl players cannot take part in that part of the game. The quest will be there after the event so not bad but to release it during event confuses a lot of people into thinking just another thing im going to miss out on because DO makes these quests thinking everyone is UFE already. they really got to be care full with these events people trying to catch up and events that they fall behind even more is very discouraging to the lower lvl player.
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  7. USS-Aries

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    Apart from the cosmetic drone designs this event is a big fail, the bugged mission sponsored by masque as not gone down well with those who have purchased boosters and can only watch the time tick away on them because the mission cannot be finished.
    The little guys have been left out in the cold once again and feel neglected, how can DO possibly hope to keep the little guys from giving up on the game if they keep pushing them to the side. The last really good event was halloween and this should have been the yard stick for the carnival event. I am forced to agree with HappyTurnip that the event seems to have been a last minute throw together.
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  8. HappyTurnip, feel free to stalk me anytime... Hmm, there is a pun there....

    From a NOOB perspective, as this is my NOOB account, I must agree that they missed the boat to include us, again. The first mission was a hard challenge for everyone, as there were veteran clowns, and "sudden" NOOB players just diving in to shoot the lordakia dead when they see you attempting for the 3rd and 4th time to meet the mission requirements to not kill them. However the 2nd mission told the NOOB player, you can practically just forget this one. 5 UBK and not be killed, are you kidding me? If you manage to get grouped up, the threat is not the UBK but the rest of the uber map that comes to its aid. Everyone is going to want to do the mission. New players will try to get in there as soon as they can jump to the map. Unfortunately they are going to be left in the cold. Most new players can't muster the strength to chat outside of group, and a good portion of them can't seem to say what they want to do while in group either.

    Fix the lordakia issue and change the UBK to something a little less menacing so everyone has a chance. I mean, if you put that on the second mission, what can you put on the third one to top it? Oh, and so there is somebody to fix issues, bring out the third mission on Friday. We know the team is home for the weekend on Saturday, laughing because we have to wait for you to enjoy your weekend before we can complete the mission.

    Oh, and something tells me that the box programmer is on vacation, and the backup programmer could not figure out the file system for the goodies. But then again, with the exception of the Pet and Halloween event, when have we ever had anything that was any good in them? o_O
  9. On the Bonus Boxes you forgot the EXPLOITED mess up of the KUIPER GATE BB's but again those only benefited the cheaters of the game. To top off the last quest it is going to have a noob kill 5 Deadly Battle Rays (not the 5-3 Rays) without any help or death including the darn Interceptors that are spawned while the Insta-Shield is up. Of course to go along with the rest of the messed up quests you won't be able to get to that point because they are going to want you to kill StreunerS in the x-7 map first. ROFLOL

    Have a great Event everyone. LOL

  10. Yes, I did forget about Kuiper BB. Actually I have put Kuiper out of my mind since I can't see me doing it in my BigBoy ATT, but you are right still. Oh and for your suggestion on the last quest, Oh my aching BigBoy.
  11. That is why I am ROFLOL cuz I know you and your B B and Nostro. But then the fun was the StreuneR in the x-7 map for you to find.
  12. Any chance one of the herc package deals will come up nest week or this week?
  13. I can't wait for the last mission of this event where you have to go kill a Uber Kristallon in 1-1, 2-1, or 3-1 without taking any damage. I also look forward to the prize of 2 Logdisks and a booty key.
  14. Pretty much everything else has been covered really and am inclined to agree with most posts here.

    One or two other things that are glaringly obvious to me is the lack of invasion gates and opportunities to earn some decent amounts of uri.

    Previous carnival events used to have daily invasion gates for several hours, as few bother with the invasion now that the pirate one gives little uri and the Kucurbicum one is all but impossible to get started with them hitting silly amounts of damage even for a full UFE the current carnival event must surely be (compared to before the kucurb damage increase) little more than a typo for comical?

    Disguisors, no free emps in bonus boxes, large ammo drain for an at best mediocre reward, should a disguisor hit you with a sticky bomb the only solution is to use an emp, I have several hundred emp's and will not be wasting them on these npc and their sticky bombs, when you consider the 500uri cost of an emp and only 960 uri max from a disguisor it doesn't take much to work out they are pretty much a dead loss compared to cubes or icy meteoroids.

    My routine for this event: log in and check to see if anyone in clan wants a hand with quests, find few players are around, log off once I have traded my prom etc, rinse repeat.

    Would have tried the bonus boxes but wasting double boost for naff all reward is just a waste especially as there are no decent npc in maps.

    Overall uri and ammo cost for anything pvp or purchase related has pretty much doubled or tripled over the last 2-3 years, the game economy simply hasnt kept up.

    £85 for an early purchase of a lifetime DLC account on another game and DO simply doesn't offer up any kind of comparison in value for money or even time invested vis potential progress, go figure which game I will be playing......

    Better put some more events on with some decent rewards dev's or there wont be any players left to develop a game for.

    Halloween, pet event and kuiper event were a nice change with good rewars for the time invested, I would suggest you check server metrics regards user participation versus potential user rewards and compare to more recent events, even the winter/coldwave event was better than the carnival though no where near as good as it used to be or as good as the three events listed at the beginning of this paragraph.

  15. A good elaboration on the dev's past work and on comparison with other events.

    Devs, we dont want this to be a bash thread but we arent happy with this event at all. No we dont have to play it and it doesnt effect my game at all i just play like i always do. Its the fact that we are choosing not to play something you guys put together that should be raising questions, i would like to make this a thread about how we appreciate your effort etc but this event is just not worthy of that, im not sure how many people i speak for but they would say the same.

    One massively obvious thing is this, this event is heavily laden with safeguards to limit exploitation - the disguisor is just not worth it and the boxes are pants aswell as the rewards for the quests. Boring, dreary and awkward is how i would describe this event.

    On a plus note their were some good deals in the shop and galaxy gates reduction was really helpful for the whole weekend - it cost you guys nothing and had me frantic for cubes - again no emphasis on the event.

    As this is a feedback thread please see this as constructive, we know you have done amazing events in the past - more of that please.
  16. only thing i liked was the 24hr icys
  17. The fact that you can only get a specific drone design from the Kronos gate is kind of messed up.

    The quest are okay, but they aren't exactly good in terms of rewards.

    The boxes are decent, and I could understand why it isn't great because this isn't supposed to be a "huge" event like Parasite Tide, Halloween or Hitac.

    The discounts and small events like the Kronos day are great.

    The 100$ 330,000 uridium Surgeon deal is a PHENOMENAL addition to this event, which in all honesty is a great idea.

    Overall, this is a wallet warrior event. If you need to bang out gates for EP and honor from Kronos, buy PET related equipment, or purchase drone formations, or anything else that you need to complete your ship from a small Zeus day or something, then this event is for you.

    Otherwise, this is completely pointless for anyone who doesn't spend money, and this is coming from someone who does spend money.
  18. Thought it was last weekend Saturday to Monday might check the UNOFFICIAL REVEALED THREAD. If it is not posted in earlier discussions here.
  19. I've been on this event since it started and not seen it, if I've missed it I will not be happy

    I play gb1 and never seen it
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