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    Cash for Action – FAQ
    • What exactly is Cash for Action?
    Cash for Action (CfA) is an offer which allows you to participate in a number of different events such as surveys to earn Uridium for your game account. On the Cash for Action website, you can take a look and see if the event you’d like to partake in is for free, and what you’ll have to do to in order to earn some Uridium. Warning: Pay close attention to the requirements. If you don’t fulfill these requirements exactly, the Uridium won’t be transferred to your account.​
    • Is it free to participate in the CfA?
    Some of the offers for the CfA are free and some require that you pay a small fee, for example, when you download music off the Internet. Each of the events has a detailed description of the activities you’ll have to complete to receive a payment of Uridium.​
    • I participated in an event but I haven’t received my reward yet. What went wrong?
    Our CfA partner informs us when the status of the offer you participated in changes. Sometimes it takes longer for an update about the status of an offer to reach us. As soon as CfA receives new information, you’ll be able to see it on your “My offers” page. Information will only be posted there if you’ve properly fulfilled the conditions of the offer. Please read our partner’s instructions once again to make sure that you did everything right.​
    • What happens with the information that I submitted?
    Before you register for Cash for Action please read the Terms & Conditions of your partner carefully. You’ll find all the answers to your questions on our partner’s website. Be assured that we have selected only the best partners. These partners are obligated to follow the law and carefully handle all information from users in accordance with the Data Privacy Act. Bigpoint doesn’t have any influence over what will happen with your data, because you’re not entering into a contract with Bigpoint, but rather with our partner Cash for Action. Only they can tell you how they will use your information. If you have complaints about how your information is being used, then contact Cash for Action directly. Of course, we’d also appreciate it if you would inform us if your data has been misused.​
    • I’ve got a question about an offer or about Cash for Action. Who can I contact?
    Unfortunately we can’t provide you with any information about the offers you took part in, since we only receive a message from Cash for Action when we should transfer Uridium into your account. If you have any questions about an offer which you’ve already participated in, you can go to the “My offers” page, click on the button entitled “Help“ and send your question directly to CfA.

    You’ll also find a FAQ page on the CfA website. If you have any questions just take a look at this page as it is bound to clear up some of your questions.​
    • Can I only get in contact with CfA over their official website?
    No, you can also contact CfA via e-mail. Just send an e-mail to the following address:​
    • Why is CfA not offered in every country?
    CfA is still in the Beta phase, or in other words, the test phase. We hope to complete this test phase as soon as possible so that we can offer CfA in all countries. So if you don’t have CfA in your country yet, you’re going to have bear with us until we have completed this process.

    Thank you to Terrorise for the assistance on this thread.
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