CBS in 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ḎⱥᶉᶄẞḷѳѳԀ, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. NOOOOO and thats it for me lmao i give up, no CBS, if there is one, I will just slow down on playing, its an unfair advantage, its bad enough players get mad that they get killed in 5-3 to begin with, and now a 5-3 cbs. Nah, im not for it.
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  2. I think most people have opposition for the very reason of keeping PvP out of 5-3. I certainly do. If it's another pvp map then the pally can't really be collected and the method of building a gate that costs time instead of uri would be no more.

    Also, 5-3 is not comparable to 4-4 either. Similar to 4-5, it is (not totally sure on this) a bigger map with no boundaries, whereas (as stated above) everyone in 5-3 will be concentrated in the pally cloud. You could compare 5-3 to spaceball when the ball is halfway to one company's port because you know there's a ton of people there (and THAT is meant to be PvP).

    Then again, why should there be a base with so many natural defenses? It would be almost impossible to take if at all guarded. If you put it in the top left corner, there are mines. If you put it in the middle of the maze, people will just put mines on all the entrances, something that would take some 2 hundred mines around a normal base to close it in that effectively but in the maze maybe a few dozen. So for that, it would be too OP.
  3. Oh come ON, this gonna a be a Great fight. CBS to the Pirates! Volley to the...
  4. LOL - reSPAWN the all are going to PooF anyWaYs :cool:
  5. chixonator

    chixonator User

    i agree that when the pirate maps first came out they were not meant for pvp. but now there are 3 or more quests to kill people in 5-3 + quests for 5-1 and 5-2 and each quest is to kill 100 - 150+ players. since these quests came out the pirate maps are about pvp and to be honest who flies through 5-1 anymore other then 2 or 3 noobs a week who dont have extra hangers which makes the 5-1 quest mostly impossible and even in 5-2 if there are any players there there all at base and only kill npcs at the base or there selling palli and you cant shoot them for 5-2 quest so we need something in all pirate maps to bring players in for pvp like a CBS or bring back the pirate hunt event. and speaking of cbs in 5-1 and 5-2 in 5-1 there are places where there are no maze and no mines there could be 2 cbs's in there, but a clan could only take 1 not both. same with 5-2 the top and bottom of the maps are empty, put a cbs up top and bottom,and again a clan could only take 1 not both. this would bring pvp for the people with the quests and help the noobs who have pirate quests because they would have a cbs.
  6. Course you'd say that... the irony, you calling me an idiot when you can't even back up your arrogant comment.

    Every map is a pvp map. just some more than others... just cos you don't get people saying "enemies in 3-6" it could well hold pvps every 2 minutes as if it is a pvp map...
    There are other parts of 5-3 apart from the mines and pally fields you know. top right near vru port... top left next to the top maze and next to the start of the mines. the base doesn't have to be in that mined area
    you're saying the base has natural mines as a defense... it would also hit the people defending the base so this base works just as well for the defenders as it would for the attackers
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  7. Didn't call you an idiot maybe you should pay attention better, but I forgot you're to busy making bad ideas.
  8. I didn't make the thread therefore i didnt make the "bad" idea
  9. Well I didn't call you an idiot :p, let's agree to disagree could've worded my disagreement post better to be less offensive, I apologize if I came off as rude don't want this to get out of hand. I don't think there is any reason why two men can't have a civilized debate ;D !
  10. all I know is that having a CBS in 5-3 will make it too hard for players who are not strong to reap the benefits of 5-3 even more difficult. Thats the problem with a CBS in 5-3, it really does make it too difficult for those who rely on that map for GG spins. So for me, in order to keep that map somewhat free, no CBS. We gotta think about the game and not ourselves ya know.
  11. I agree lots of self centered thinking, and that's the issue !
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  12. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    more cbs... hell no. cbs's are a waste. honestly they kinda ruined the game in a way.
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  13. I disagree, a think it bought back the pvp element to it with pvp being limited to events like spaceball and occasionally sector control
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  14. True dat.
  15. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    all cbs's do is allow every1 to run to the base because they dont got skill to fight
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  16. chixonator

    chixonator User

    well take out all ports because people run to them to jump. NO PORTS! NO PORTS! lets take out all home bases and demil zones to!!!
    Or get the skill to kill people on the CBS :confused:
    anyways... this is getting off topic this supposed to be about cbs in 5-3 not cbs's in other maps or cbs in general...
    A CBS in all pirate maps is a good idea..... DO IT
  17. No, imma laugh soon when you guys start to complain that the clan that owns the cbs in 5-3 doesnt allow players to Palli, then you guys will be like " there should be no CBS in 5-3, its not fair", but if there must be one, then that cbs should not be allowed to ever have shields, that way you must always have it protected. More of a challenge and if you can guard it all the time, then you deserve it
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  18. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    ^ so true
  19. Thanks, i think folks sometimes dont realize the implications that these suggestions bring, this may make more players stop playing if they cannot pally
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  20. lool poor noobs more suffering for them xD
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