CBS in 5-3

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    not even his computer likes him xD
  2. chixonator

    chixonator User

    they need a cbs to kill people? no. they can kill people whenever they want to and already do. and since the cbs would not be anywhere near the palli field its not going to make much of a difference about palli. in fact in 5-3 it wont make much of a difference at all other then help the company that owns it with npcs. but in 5-2 and 5-1 they would allow people to complete their pvp quests as well as help the companies with pirate quests.
  3. I disagree, a cbs in 5-3 would make it worse for weaker players, for one reason, u have the boosters on a base which do help out, secondly, if and when players get together to take on the ufe from that cbs, they cant pop him/her because they will run to that base and get guarded with it. I think it shouldnt be a base at all, not in any of them. 5-2 already has a safe zone ya know. but hey if folks think the game NEEDS it, then have at it. I just think it provides an unfair advantage in a map that belongs to no company.
  4. chixonator

    chixonator User

    4-4 belongs to no company... has a cbs
    4-5 belongs to no company... has a cbs

    and im not talking about a safe zone, although it will provde 1 for the weaker players in all pirate maps, cbs's in 5-2 and 5-1 will bring pvp... which is needed for the 5-1 and 5-2 pvp quests. as for boosters, the only that will help is a damage boost, which needs to be level 16 to give a full boost and to get that level 16 takes idk i think around 300k uri so not many people do it.
  5. The problem is you guys are basing this too much around palla. The base is not in palla, the only thing that will give them an advantage in palla is the dmg booster which as chixonator said, not many people have.
    People get popped in palla anyway. No doubt about that. you will not lose your palla fields just because of a cbs on the other side of the map. what you're saying is if an nme clan has a base in 4-5 you won't be able to do ubers or npcs or if an nme clan has a base in your cube map you wont be able to cube. No thats not the case. you can still do whatever you want it may just be different
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  6. Having a cbs in pirates wont necessarily increase pvps.
  7. chixonator

    chixonator User

    possibly not by much. but it will add more pvp since people would be defending it/ trying to destroy it.
  8. neither does 4-4 but there is still a base there
  9. That is true, bases in pvp maps dont truly increase the battle. However, a base in 4-4 during SB can be useful and create more pvps, although I am sure players will be reluctant to chase a player to that base during a SB event.

    I get what you are saying, but i sincerely doubt it. I mean, now that bases barely give you enough pay out, no one would really care to pop it unless that base has a higher pay out rate. Then only then do I think it would be ok to have it. If that base has to be created with URI, then I say ok. But this base shouldnt have the same times that another base in a company map has. Meaning, if you are gonna put a base in the so called wasteland of space, it should be a reflection of whats goin on. Maybe, make a clan complete quests in pirate maps that provide the parts for the base in 5-3. SO this means that the parts you already have will not be useable on the base in 5-3 until you can aquire all the parts for the special hull and special deflector. I mean if you want something in that map, it should be difficult to attain. A challenge, so that way, its worth the effort on all parties
  10. But then why would people build here if it cost more when the payout essentially would be the same?
    people would just rather build bases in x-6 maps, get 10% dmg booster and then just bash out cubes and repair their modules with credits which everyone has
  11. Simples...the CBS is a Pirate CBS - rant all you want...It is gonna be the BEST defended CBS - ever :eek: Pallyfield defense is embarrassing :rolleyes:
  12. On my server the top 3 clans are all in each company (mine being the best ;))
    Every time one of us builds a CBS anywhere, no matter how well guarded and well mined the bases are, they all pop within a day

    Obviously i know this may not apply to other servers but what i'm trying to say is the addition of this cbs will increase pvp and we all came here for pvp so why not try and get more of it
  13. No what I am saying is that the pay out should be different than any of the other cbs and the reason being is because its in a pirate map. I would be more inclined to say yes. and by pay out i mean when the modules are destroyed.
  14. Open sesame, says the hunger. If it is open - it will be closed ;) Satisfied? o_O
  15. I swear, all you ever do is talk in code lmao
  16. lmao i agree xD

    Ah yeah ok that could be ideal but then shouldn't payout in Battle maps be different from ordinary higher and lower maps then?
  17. You and DreamDemon have already 'called' me out on this...congrats. I don't mean to confuse - just banter in the forums :cool:
  18. LMao, but when the eagle flies by mars, will the walrus leave earth to dine with wolves in venus?
  19. Let's have dinner...We will be well FED.
  20. Agreed, so whaddya say to cbs in 5-3?
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