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  1. hi all

    well basically its getting annoying when you war someone and the next day a person is not in the clan but still leeching and shooting you with the clan you warred so on the CBS can there be a system in which you can place a persons name on a war list and it will shoot them on sight like it does for enemies and war clans.

    its annoying the fact they only have to leave there clan and thats the end of it they can sit on your cbs with immunity from it so maybe if this list could be put in it would save people losing honor and save them from being killed by people sitting on your cbs helping a war clan

    if anyone has any ideas or can expand would be great :D

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  2. Yeh i like this idea because then the people shooting you even without war should get shot at even if they are the same company. +1
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  3. It would take a ridicoulous amount of coding to do this, but what if it is a mislock and an innocent person gets killed? Also who would get credit for the kill the CBS or the person being shot?
  4. Well yes it would be a lot of coding but then the player would most likely always get the kill because its like if an enemy is on low health from an alien and you pop the enemy then you would get the reward for the enemy kill not the npc :p
  5. no one just like a npc kill says killed by saimon etc etc so would say killed by name of cbs :p and it wouldnt be a misslock because my clan is pretty much multi company we have used this tactic have one from our clan in vru sit on the cbs let the eic clan members shoot them fly off then you finish them off and your team mate gets kill
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