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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by SeeK_nDestroY, Dec 7, 2021.

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  1. I suggest cubicons to stop being a shared aliens!
    I am tired of sharing uridium with botters who come and strike on the cubes...
    If you make it NON shared it's will be a 100 times more comfortable for real players to farm cubes and not being disturbed by botters.
    Anyway if somebody want to share the profit with friends they can do it in a group..
  2. Zecora

    Zecora User

    First of all: No. it's a group alien despite it's current lack of strength. And their current upside is that everyone can participate and get a fraction of the rewards. There's also non-bot players who'd like to get their share of rewards.

    Secondly, I'm wondering how you'll want to get the rewards if the bots fire at the Cubikon the very moment it spawns. You'd never get rewards again.
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  3. I'm sorry but everything you said is wrong :)
    The botters can's fire it the very moment the cube spawn because you will kill them and get the full profit .... when they see that they got killed and not getting any rewards they will just go to bot somewhere else !
    Right now they bot non-stop and they d'ont care if they die.... they will receive more than half of the profit anyway... but if they only die and NO PROFIT they will not bot so much on cubes because its will be very easy to trick them :)
    And secondary.... if I want to kill cubes solo I don't allow normal players to take a part in the fight ... and if I want to help some new player .. we just do it in a group
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  4. Cubicons are basically Uber NPC and the rewards work the same as the rest of Ubers. Anyone shooting at them get something out of it, to include possible death. I only cube to clear the associated missions. You really set yourself up for attack or others helping out. I can spend all week in 4-5 and possibly get shot at maybe twice.
  5. Farming cubes is one of the best ways of collecting uridium..
    I think botters don't deserve to receive this piece of the cake.
    Only the one who has the red target should receive the profit or to split it between the group members.
    Cubicons are not like other Ubers ... It's much more profitable and desirable... and that's the reason most botters prefer cubes besides 4-5 !

    I just offer a tool how to lower the effect of bottling and make it more comfortable for real players. And every REAL player should agree with this!
  6. cubicons are ordinary NPCs and have nothing to do with uber
  7. in general, bots are becoming more and more impudent and impudent when it comes to shared prizes from NPCs, take an example from the uber map, there I beat some uber and suddenly comes and starts shooting at my NPC and takes part of my prize and it's not incidentally and constantly ...
  8. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Those afkers are flooding the lower maps especially 3-2 (GB1-2), same "players" each day! Gave up going to the uppers, too many afkers!

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