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  1. 1 EE cost 7PAllA
    2X reward from NPC
    2X reward from PVP kills
    1000 uri to all the players
    aliens hp stays the same
    1.5X or 2X the reward for beating a galaxy gate
    ALL this on christmas day
    8am-6pm 10 hour event
    ANY questions ideas or changes to this thread can be said.!!! if this seems like a OP event make it sound NOP
  2. Wow, it looks really op :D But what is this, I don't get it:
    Anyway, if this could be possible, it would be the best christmas ever :D
  3. No, we already have all the winter quest then the present we get for logging in on christmas day, it's going to have to be a no from me sorry.
  4. No. As said above we already have enough things for Christmas like the Quests, Santa bots etc so this would just make it too much.
  5. Yeah Diamonds and Apollo are right, we got the winterfest going on; santa bots, quests, christmas calendar and presents and more... too much bud+ besides, who wants to spend their christmas on here?! ;)
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  6. Yeh im spending my christmas in France Skiing :p Although i would much rather be playing Darkorbit hmm.... :p
  7. lol that stinks can u log on it france and play?
  8. hope so so then i can get the 24th day on the calendar if not i hope its something bad so I don't miss out :p
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  9. lol
  10. I'll be in Honduras for Christmas. Haha
  11. I will be in the USA!!!
  12. REALLY!?!?!
  13. Lol everyone is going away from christmas :p Servers will be empty :D
  14. good i can win stuff on trade i really really need...

    this seems really op id just stack gates getting 2x rewards haha but you never no maybe a x4 happy event would be nice ;)
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