Clan overhaul (Diplomacy, Loyalty, CBS)

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Zecora, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Greetings! I tried to keep this idea as short as possible, ended up getting a bit longer anyway. Hope you don't mind. Can't get it any shorter than this.


    To keep it short and simple, diplomacy may be a great feature, but is abused. More importantly, the war function is abused and has been made a nuisance for small and new clans. A few changes regarding the diplomacy system could improve the way that clans are used.
    • Every clan has 5 War slots. Once the 5 war slots are exhausted, no more wars can be sent or received.
    • A war will last no longer than 14 days. After that, both sides will be unable to send a war to each other for 7 days.
    • Every clan also has 5 NAP and 5 Ally slots. The reason for this is to choose carefully who you want to be allies and non-attack pact with. Also to equalize the rights for war.
    • Allied clans can benefit from all group ability based features and can benefit from CBS features partially.
    • Killing a NAP or an Ally will deduct honor. They will be treated as a company own member. An explicit warning is given upon attacking an NAP or Ally. Half damage is dealt upon them.
      • Alternatively, they cannot attack each other entirely.
    • Once a Diplomacy status has been assigned/changed, this status cannot be changed for 3 days to prevent abuse/quick switching of diplomacy.
    Upon deployment of this change, every clan will receive a wipe of diplomacy status. Clans however will be noted in a small clan message showing which clans they had which diplomacy status with. Additionally, every player who is registered in the game already will receive a loss-free company change.

    Fraction purity bonus
    I don't want to prevent MCC clans, as many of the MCC clan members are friends by now, but I want to benefit those that stay loyal to a single faction. This system is rather simple, and applies benefits to clans that collected 'loyalty' points for their faction.

    Loyalty points are given by completing 'honorable' tasks for your company. Those can include but are not limited to killing enemies above a certain rank (Basic Lieutenant), completing galaxy gates, completing LoW and Q-Zone, participating in UBA and Refraction.

    Based on your company, you will generate points for your company, or deduct the points of another company the points have been collected for already. So for instance, if you're a member of EIC and collect EIC points, you either generate EIC points, or deduct points of MMO if MMO points are available. You cannot collect points for two factions! For almost all these activities, you get 1 - 10 points based on which the activity is. (Completing a gate as example rewards 10, while killing the lowest possible rank player only gives 1)

    5.000+5% NPC damage
    10.000+5% Experience
    20.000+5% CBS Module health/shield
    50.000+5% Honor
    100.000+25% Skylab productivity
    Those milestones are just examples and can be adjusted!

    Clan Battle Station (CBS)
    CBS right now are rather weak compared to the offered meta. They can barely defend themselves. And in exchange for that huge risk, they offer barely anything that is worth defending it. Because of that, a rework is needed.

    The first, most important change is that every clan can only build a single CBS on their server. The reason for this is to give every clan a chance to build themselves up, whilst also limiting the viability of clan battle stations across the game, and make one your actual home station.

    Furthermore, the CBS will receive a module increase from 8 to 12, and will have an upgrade module tab with 1 - 3 slots based on upgrade level of the core. Sounds complicated, basically only means that instead of 1 deflector module slot, you can have up to 3 for various items, since there will be a few new ones to enhance the functionality of the CBS.

    With the basic changes out of the way, let's talk about the modules real quick.

    • All standard modules will have base HP of 4.000.000 and base shield of 2.000.000. All core modules will have a base HP of 12.000.00 and a base shield of 6.000.000. Shields all have 100% density.
    • Upgrades enhance aside from module specific benefits 1.5% HP and shield for every upgrade level.
    • Modules will upgrade once every 2 days, with the base being fully upgraded after 32 days of holding it. Upgrades can still be applied beforehand and give the base a head start.
    The following modules will receive a change in balance:
    • Laser modules will deal 30.000/45.000/60.000 damage respectively, with each having 800/700/600 range. All of them will have equal accuracy of 80%.
    • Rocket modules will deal 60.000/90.000 damage respectively, with each having 900/700 range. All of them will have an accuracy of 100% and fire every 3 seconds.
    • Booster modules will all give 10% base and stack diminishingly with 50% efficiency (10%, then 5%, then 2.5%) and carry over with 50% efficiency to neighboring maps. (so if your base is located on 2-7 for instance, it will carry over to 2-5 and 2-8.)
    • Upgrades to modules will enhance damage by 1% per upgrade, efficiency by 3%, accuracy by 0.5%.
    • Repair module will not be able to repair bases under attack. Attack phase lasts 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes passed, the repair module will repair 2% every minute.
    The following new modules will be added for defense:
    • Booster variant for most important stats. (HP, shield, damage, honor, experience)
    • Barrier module. Double health compared to normal modules, cannot attack and protects the core with an insta shield.
    • Mining module. Extracts resources from the asteroid. Can either be seprom (60/h for all players), Osmium (30/h for all players) or Palladium (60/h for all players). Will be booked to the skylab. Upgrades enhance the productivity by 2% per level.
    • Upgrade modules are both a field repair module (repairs ships by 10.000/s or 5.000/s when attacked), mine layer module (lays safety mines, can only detonate by enemies, deals 20% damage) and NPC targeting module (can target NPC with 25% of the original damage when dragged inside)
    Furthermore, Prime Time is now laid on both 2pm - 3pm as well as 8pm to 9pm. During prime time, deflectors are disabled by default, but also retain their regeneration bonus!

    That should be everything for now.

    Kind regards ~ Zecora
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  2. I think this is a really bad way to tackle the MCC problem. You're basically asking them to make 10 clans but it's actually just 1 clan just so they can have ridiculous diplomacy statuses.

    This points system is unfair on clans who are legitimate and getting punished because their faction has more MCC clans on it, it's a bad way to implement it but I like the idea. Personally, I would say the score should be clan dependant and calculated based on the members in your clan and how many are the clan leaders company. +25% Skylab productivity is just way too good, this would get abused just for the Seprom output, thereby giving players an unfair advantage because they have more Seprom than people in other clans.

    I hate the module idea. If it was made so you couldn't attack the middle modules before the outside modules have all been destroyed then this would be much better. Also, not being able to repair bases during attacks is silly, you need to repair it otherwise groups of 10 will destroy your base centre immiedately before you get a chance to respond to the attack. They should make it so attacks against the middle give a warning as well, but I'll make a different thread suggesting this.

    I just hate all your ideas, I think you're going about it the wrong way. If you really wanna deal witht he MCC problem while rewarding players, all you need to do is make it so attacking non diplomatic allies is always a negative honour even if you don't get the reward. The top clans would sink instantly, since most of them are Hade gate spammers for ranking.
  3. I just know some players post changes in the game for DO all the time always trying to come up with something else, wonder if they ever play cause i see this guy in discord posting all these changes and multiple posts in forums now and i am talking every day all day so i ask how does someone figure out all the changes but never plays?
    Almost makes me wonder if there is anything about the game they actually think is good?
    Besides the fact that every time BP changes something in the game now something breaks and this guy wants to see a whole bunch of changes jesus how about give them time to try to fix the game instead of always breaking it.
  4. Zecora

    Zecora User

    The first part of this idea was not meant to tackle MCC clans in general, but rather overhaul the diplomacy system in a whole. Looking at some top clans, they have alliance status with almost everyone rank 10 and above, and otherwise war. Last time I opened a new account and made my own clan and ran across their clan, it took a grand total of 5 minutes for the first war to come in. And for what reason? Yeah, none. Abusing the system, that's why.

    If they want to split their clan to keep sending war to literally everyone, let them do it. That gives me as a player two advantages. The first one being that the count of people at war with me is reduced, and that they gain slower rank for their clan.

    I think you misunderstood the second idea. It's not the company in a whole who has these points. It's your clan. If you have a clan and you only have EIC players, you will only collect EIC points for your Clan. Not the company. Hope that clears things up a little. Nonetheless, 25% increased skylab production has two benefits. It gives the Skylab a long needed boost, and is encouraging enough for competitive players to actually consider a pure clan. Perhaps reading ideas and not skimming over them could help a little clearing things up. The idea is long, I admit, but not as long as I would have written it.

    We literally have a module for that in my idea. It's called the barrier module, which lays an insta shield around your base as long as one or more are active. And considering a single barrier module has roughly 4x the health of a current module, placing two of these down has the same effect as what you suggested + 2 extra slots.

    The post above mine is offtopic so I won't respond to it.
  5. Well alright then. I still think restricting the diplomacy is the wrong way to go though, all that's doing is making PvP more unfun for people that only do it. I'd rather they just added a penalty for too many wars or made clans that are way less ranked than others have an option to not have any wars. Either way it's kind of removing the idea of PvP was a whole, you don't want to kill diplomacy to kill MCC.

    I still 25% is way too good, it means anyone who cant get into a good clan for whatever reason is losing out on random overpowered benefits.
  6. Zecora

    Zecora User

    For the diplomacy, we really would have to see. I definitely see your point. The question is which approach would be lucrative enough to encourage diplomacy with sense behind it. Punishing too much war would be similar to restricting war in general. But I definitely agree with giving low ranked clans a war protection or the option to not receive any ways. That would definitely improve low tier player clans that were just freshly made. As I said, a big problem emanates from big clans sending small clans war and ruining the fun for them.

    As for the Skylab, I mostly focused on what many people seemingly liked. As a final tier upgrade, that is. I had thoughts revolving around my head, mostly along the style of 'increase EP and Honor gain from 5% to 10%' or also 'Increased NPC rewards by 10%'. From my perspective, we need something that encourages clans to stay pure or get rewarded for staying with loyalty over making yourself artificially more enemies. And I think that is the hardest part. Something useful that is not mandatory.
  7. so basically i make 5 secondary accounts, make 5 clans and i will have always invulnerabilty from wars...
    This idea suck ) : (
    This is a PVP based game, but atm is too much oriented to PVE (just see the 100 quests and BL quests)... If u "HATE" wars, just play as freelance... If this idea will ever be implemented will be the dead of the PVP...
  8. Zecora

    Zecora User


    This is a build-up game, the term "PvP-Game" has been assigned by the player base over the year but does not change the core genre of Darkorbit. In a PvP Game, you would gain the majority of your progression through PvP, which is not the case in Darkorbit.

    I play in a clan because I have this clan since 2013. War wasn't as abused back in the day as it is now. I do not want to have to restrict myself in order to play somewhat normally.

    The game is dead if we keep that heavy focus on open PvP, as it repels any new player base instantly the moment they find out about it.

    Regards -
  9. back in 2013 were like 3k players (soo a lot of enemies to shoot) per server, now also after the merge we have at max 500 players per server. Also i remember you that darkorbit have one of the most toxic community (this is why i disabled the chat years ago) so if someone keep shaming/insulting me cauz i poop him (for war or cauz company enemy/freelance enemy) i have the RIGHT to kill him. But wit ur glorious idea he can join a clan and have invulerabilty from me or my clan war. :) :(
  10. how about every weekend there should be a clan event like they do in clash of clan where your clan do objectives to get points to get sick rewards like 200k uri or 250m credits, one booster for a week. we have to remember that it has to be good for top players or else whats the point. Also changing how war works, its to easy just to send war. Theres no punishment for losing war or sense of winning. should be a fee for war 10% credits and 5%uri from each player from the clan sending war and held tlll the end of the war and given to the winners. or if a clan send war players cant leave the clan. This will prevent MCC main weakness being out number in home turf because most of these players leave clan and join back when there ready to raid
  11. Zecora

    Zecora User

    For which certainly a system can be arranged that prevents/bypasses this abuse. I would know one right off the bat: Inability to participate in war as long as your clan is below a certain ranking point threshold or below a certain rank altogether. But that's purely hypothesis.

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