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  1. Greetings, Pilots!

    We would like to inform you that we have adjusted the clan payout rules. From now, the amount of Credits a clan can pay out to their members is restricted as follows:

    · Maximum payout in the first week of clan membership: 5 million Credits.

    · An additional 10 million Credits for each week the player is member of the clan. This number adds up for every week a player is member of the clan (e.g. after the second week 15 million, after three weeks 25 million and so on)

    · Maximum payout per week: 250 million Credits

    · If a player leaves a clan and joins another clan, the amount is reset back to 5 milliom Credits.

    Please understand that we had to restrict clan payouts due to unfair behavior of certain clans.

    Your DarkOrbit team
    why have u done this I jump in clan to give my noob creds vote no I don't wont to be in a clan only use clan to give creds don't wont to wait daily just to give 5 mill out to noob acc plse remove that idear
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  2. Okapi32

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    They have done it to stop people exactly like you; it can be classed as pushing. There is also a problem with people selling credits and they do this via clan tax.
  3. I did'nt like the new Update but Okapi is 100% correct.
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  4. how is it pushing giveing creds to noob acc if the me noob acc is not online plues missions r rubbish for uri witch noobs need to progress in game as 4 bidin for ammo on aution is pretty useless as u only get 1k ammo at a time know witch as bin like that since game started makeing the game more easyer for the ufes but not doing much to hlp the noobs how need hlp and new players thin ammo needs revising from 1k to 5k but give a noob acc is not pushing if its not online as the same time as ur main account as like to save a little bit of my boosters and just wont to mess around the maps cus bourd of shooting alions as main dont need creds has a bil on acc and has ever ship and desighn goig besides the invulence ship with only give an extra 2% yes 7% but bosten give 5% so realy u geting 2% for 150 uri lmao wasted uri i think but there likeing
  5. ramnik

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    i wanted to ask, does the clan payout rule apply to clan leaders too?
  6. I also agree with Okapi and I like how DO made this action to stop those unfair behavior of certain clans.

    I think it also apply to the clan leaders ramnik
  7. chixonator

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    i like this update, a lot of people only join a clan because a clan has billions of credits

    and they just want someone to hand them credits. i earned everything i have and

    never joined a clan for billions of credits to get me fe and get all my equipment, i

    earned it all myself and i see a lot of players who just beg for credits and beg for help

    because they want everything handed to them when they are very capable of earning

    there own uri and creds. and now people will not join a clan just for the creds they will

    have to be loyal to the clan, stay in it for months to get the maximum amount of

    credits. i see a lot more people being loyal to the clans there in and a lot less people

    begging for everything because they want things handed to them.

    +1 for me :)
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  8. My solution to this has been 0 tax no credits you work for what you got.
    Only on rare occasion do we have a slight 1% tax to help someone and that would just be for a Iris.
    It will be interesting to see how long the billion credits bids stay active on auctions.
  9. lost1*

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    This was a good update however it needs to be tweeked up by support if the maximum payout is set to 250 million credits per week per player then the same should apply if the credits are being collected from a player for clan taxes [ in a clan by my self I would pay close to 1 billion a day at 5% Is this fair ???? ] Tweek this 250 million in or out at max.
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  10. One of the things my clan does on East 3 is we not only help people learn, but we did help with credits before the new rules came out today.

    Because of this helping attitude, many people come to our clan just for the credits and then leave later on.

    I personally like the new rules, they will not only prevent clans from being robbed, but they will also help the noobs to have the motivation to learn from their clans about how to make their credits on their own.

    It will also get rid of the problem that we all know has been on this game for as long as we can remember-- that is clan jumping.

    Players are no longer able to beg for credits, then leave. I say keep the new rules. Cause it will force people to learn to make credits themselves. I have only been playing this game for a year and don't know how I would have survived without learning this myself.
  11. -daddy-1

    -daddy-1 User

    i have a clan (GL6) with 3 high lvl members 30 low lvl members
    every week new players join to get clan credits so (the same as james.t.kirk say)
    --yes i like it, new members stop crying for 20 mil or more credits now
    --no i like it not clan rules about credits was 900 mil 1 time for each player ranked by member time,after that they leave clan and join a big clan now i can't give them the
  12. Well Dislike this idea to a point but like it in other ways our clan normally don't tax but say a member for some reason or another gets a iris popped we tax for a night give them a couple hundred mil creds so they can get it back right away. Or we get a new clan member in and want to get all their iris the first week for them we should be able tho since that is the purpose of the clan bank to help members get their ships built.

    Again honest clans and honest players have to be punished because of a few bad eggs? as far as clan hoppers and cred beggars as clan leaders they are easy to deal with kick them don't give them creds and so on we do know how to think for ourselves.
  13. Its not just a few bad eggs, look how involved the scheme is in Okapi's other thread, people have dozens of clans, this can amount to billions of credits if managed properly. Gotta say it looks like a lot of work tho, thats a lot of noob accounts to log into every day to ship prom lolz
  14. Clans are supposed to be run by the players not darkorbit. Just like getting rid of "Good" holiday boxes and this should tank your doubler sales...How is this new stupid decision gonna make this game better? More playable, and inviting to new players?

    It isn't and this decision wasn't thought out imo!!

    If darkorbit wants to run how a clan operates why not just get rid of clans and let do make all the decisions??
  15. It is still creds we earned and should be able to give them and any amount we wish to whoever we wish I get that people put their noob ships in their big clans just to build them up to or do whatever it is they do. But point is for honest players and honest clans this hurts them to why do we as honest players have to take the brunt of it .
  16. Because your evaading the point that everyone here is making. It IS NOT a bunch of new players joining a clan. Its one , or a couple players managing hundreds of noob accounts , in dozens of clans, so they can boost the credits of their MAIN accounts, not help noobs.

    They were using the clan tax for the OPPOSITE reason its there.

    Also, the event boxes being gone this year STINK , I agree 100% with you there.

    And to Cpt Cooter, 250 mil creds a day max payout is PLENTY for ANY noob. and yes I know it starts at 5 million, but this will prevent the abuse mentioned above.
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  17. We get that and don't care it hurts honest players let DO catch the ones that do it and suspend them don't punish the whole game for it
  18. Like I just said, 250 mil a day to noobs is PLENTY....the cap is so high it wont hurt anyone , lets be real about this

  19. it is
    · Maximum payout per week: 250 million Credits not a day and doesn't matter should be no restriction is creds i earned to give to my clan members
  20. I understand the thinking behind this, but what is the point of it now?

    The reason I say this is that it is seems pretty obvious from the amount that some players (from certain clans) have bid & won on certain items that the system has been already abused.

    Are DO going to trace all such payments & punish players for it? The answer is plain & simple .. NO!!

    This issue was raised a long time ago - perhaps when the bidding for log disks was introduced.

    Sadly, it is a little too late, as they say.