Clan Payout Changes

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  1. Ok its per week, I see that, but if that is still not enough, almost 50 million a day, per ship, then how many noobs are you trying to help out in your clan??...This isn't adding up....because thats enough for any noob a day still.
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    How are they supposed to catch them? Until it's too late and they have already abused the tax to get the credits?
    People complain when DO don't stop them before it happens. People complain when DO stop it before it happens but it has an effect on others as a result.

    I think this is the lesser of two evils here, stops people jumping clans for credits and curbs the credit sellers. The trade off is you can't immediately give your friends a load of credits to kick start their accounts.

    Probably, but better late than never I guess.
    At least selling credits was still limited to a few select servers and they do it now before it becomes as big a business as botting was, and still is to a lesser degree.

    What annoys my is the vagueness of their reasoning; if they fully explained the reasons behind these changes I feel like the players might respect their decisions more.
  3. CLan jumpers can be stopped easy enough without DO holding our hands is one of the reasons to have clan leaders to see a player for what they are easy to kick them or not give them creds and frankly I don't care what other clans do isn't my job to police DO but to put restrictions on what I can give my members is my job not DO's. I myself have no need for credits other than maybe bid on cloaks and boosters so the rest I want my members to be able to have to make their ships better which is one ofthe main points of a clan.
  4. Your still evading the point, that there was rampant abuse, as Okapi said its a trade off. The abusers will be stopped, but a noob your trying to help will have to stick around in your clan for two weeks, not two days.... you still dont want to see the reason this was introduced.
  5. Okapi32

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    It's very commendable that you want to give your members credits to build up so often but that sort of clan is few and very far between; I can't think of any clan like that on my server.

    I think the damage that credit sellers cause to the game auction is greater than the good caused by people giving out credits that go beyond the limits set with these new changes.

  6. Not evading the point I know what goes on in DO I have one of the oldest clans on our server I don't need no one including DO to tell me how to run it as far as those who abuse the system that is on them to make others have to pay for what they did is just outright silly. If I want to make a member fe in a day of them joining with our clan creds I should be able to. I do get what they are trying to do just think there could be a better way
  7. Imagine this scenario .. a bug/glitch occurs & you lose your drones at, say, 60% damage. You post in forums & they tell you to contact Support - a bit of a joke this can be considering how Support acts at times & even much so if it occurs on a Friday night or Saturday morning. What are you supposed to do? Not play until this is resolved?

    This scenario happened to an account my son used to play a while ago. He was helped out by our clan &, in paticular, by me with Clan Tax. Within a day, he had won enough auctions to get his irises back - at a cost of ~750 million credits.

    There are good players out there who do not have many credits or are they too bothered about them. On the other hand, there are players with billions of credits - even tens of billions. Most players earn their credits & should be entitled to do what they want with them.

    This new update is another example of DO playing God!! Instead of making this game better by creating the bugs/glitches/problems they create in the first place, they spend their time on coming up with stupid cuckoo ideas.
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  8. Well I hate the cred sellers as bad as the next just think something other than this could be done but heck I am to old to think of new ideas lol but over the years we our clan has made 200 people fe with creds then let them decide where to go from there. And we get burned alot but we ended up with a good loyal base of members doing things like that.

    And I think it is good DO trying to be proactive but just don't agree with this method
  9. Silver, thats honorable you did that for your son, I would expect all players to help each other like that who are close, but for every one instance like that, there are billions of credits going where they shouldnt.
  10. What's wrong with people. It doesn't matter what Darkorbit does, they always complain. Boohoo about this and that. 250mil credits per week is PLENTY! If you want to give them a huge chunk, too bad. Do it in smaller segments. Good update.
  11. There are clearly some clan cred abusers in here, trying to hang their ill gotten hat on the idea of "helping poor noobs".
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    I pay 250 mil.c. for merit based ep. payouts with a 500 mil.c. final payout for 500 mil.ep. I have to pay 275 mil.c. to roughly compensate for the 10% DO tax on payouts so the pilot can get the ~full 250 mil.c. promised. Now what! 250 mil.c. one week and 27.5 mil.c. the next for the remainder? Please stop helping me.

    Where is the intelligence in the DO 10% payout tax anyway?? You want our money, why not just stick to uri? There's no money in credits. -Jax
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  13. There was almost no positives for this update. It essential abated the interest of newer players of becoming more immersed in the game. This update exacerbates DO's declining popularity in the last few years, and now clans have lost one of their linchpin features: helping out its members when not everyone is online playing.

    We all have lives outside of DO so it's never expected that everyone will be on. It's true more veteran players could assist others from time to time, but it would take up not only time and effort, but slow down a player's ability to advance in the game. I admit the critical clan incentive is clan payments, but taking that away is simply punishing the entire community for the actions of a small group of players. Experienced players are slightly less effected, but newer players will definitely become skeptical whether or not DO will be worth playing.

    I highly recommend DO rescinds and redacts this update as it would fuel major protest and cause a decline of players if left to its machinations.

  14. Let's be honest the update wasn't so much to aid the fight against unfair play, it was just to make the game more pay to win (/pay to play at all).
  15. I think its better to adjust the rules in clan. One is that after joining a clan you can't leave on the clan you are in unless you are 1 month member of that clan. Another one is that you can't immediately join a clan if you left from a clan. You need to wait for at least 1 or 2 days for you to join another clan.
  16. Game was rebranded as Dark Orbit: Reloaded. Changes have been made to give new players a better chance - what chance now with these restrictions on credit pay outs from clans.

    Say a friend of mine had just started playing this game & I along with another couple of friends have heaps of credits & we don't use them for much. We decided to tax ourselves & give the credits to the new player in order for them to get to old style FE so that they stand a better chance in this game. So, what is the outcome of that now - A GREAT BIG KICK IN THE TEETH!!

    Do you honestly think new players will continue to play for a long time if they keep getting killed?

    DO should seriously remove the Tax Cedit restrictions.

    What's going to be next? Teliing us who we can have in our clan & who we can't? Telling us that we can't play above so many hours per day or per week? Telling us that we wont be able to do certain events (eg Spaceball) because they want to give noobs & newbies a chance?

  17. After reading some post I must admit I Agree with this one! Some updates affects the new players like this clan payout rules. Credits is one of the most important in this game. Yeah clan payout rule is good to prevent evil doers but before you make some updates have you think the welfare of those new players? They don't want to get pop by those experience players.

    I hope one day you will wonder why there are few new players and the popularity of this game reduce
  18. well if they are going to limit the amount to be paid to members, then they also need to change how the taxes are taken so no member gets more the the 250 mil taken from their accounts per week. make the update worth the clans time to accept the new members into the clan, and give them a chance to advance in the game, DO was told so many times that certain players were messing it up for everyone, and they waited till those players had everything from the auctions, i.e 100's of 50 cloaks, or the ability to outbid players needing equipment like irises because they could simply sell theirs and use their ill gotten credits to outbid anyone on the server....Geez DO dev team you waited way too long to jump on this issue, instead you brought out updates that for most players will only see after playing for 4-5 years, for a new generation of players to become UFE the players that have already played 4-5 years are not going to see that. I predict less and less noob players in the maps and a decrease in the amount of old school players simply because of this update....another unfortunate thumbs down on this one....

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  19. As pointed out by okapi, what you described is pushing. It is against the T&C you agreed to, to use 1 ship to benefit another. Example, using 1 ship to bleed credits into a clan and then using those credits to build up a noob acct.

    The new payout rules really only effect people doing exactly what you described or the clan jumpers that bounce from clan to clan beggin for credits
  20. If DO wants to start a clan and hand out credits to people not doing anything, knock yourselves out. As for how I distribute my clan credits, its by activity/action. I have a clan to help those who help themselves. Just another nonsense restriction with zero forethought. Don't tell me how/who I can share the credits with. I have taken in countless new players across 20+ servers, given them enough credits to get started. You people are ridiculous. Stop killing the game.