Clan Payout Changes

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  1. Sorry but I have to laugh at this situation which as always has been instigated by BP an their new developments of the game.

    Bottom line is BP put nice shiny ships on trade that normally cost £30 or $40 or so and they are now losing out cash money and we the players get our clans payout curtailed because lots of players have many billions of credits and are getting these nice ships for free.

    Keep penny pinching BP as it makes me laugh how little you think about the consequences of your own actions in developing this game. The palladium field and recent updates there are another similar issue.

    These new rules also affect legitimate clans, I helped a long standing clan member of mine recently and gave him 400mill credits to get an aegis with him contributing the other half. Guess BP would rather we pay cash money for the aegis, citadel etc or have us grinding out npc day after day in order to provide a target for other players that spend stupid amounts of cash on this game. All of the credits I gave away were legitimately gained as far as I know and the majority were from myself via clan tax.

    It really is quiet ironic not to mention laughable with the lengths BP will go to in order to protect their bottom line all the while ignoring genuine issues with the game like the overall player/damage balance.

    Funniest thing is DO used to be a game all the family could play and enjoy yet update after update has excluded all but those willing to spend on the game while forgetting the 'stack it high and sell cheap' mantra that allows for a diverse player base that themselves have slowly alienated in their pursuit of cash money game inputs at the behest of greedy shareholders that care for nothing other than share dividends.

    E2a: BP transparent as ever in nerfing every chance a free player has to get ahead, spend or be popped with pay to play and like it.
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  2. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    The update is not good
    It would have been useful say before new auction
    For the new auction look at price of aegis and other weekly bids!! they are crossing over 1 billion credits 1000000000+
    I think what DO did is good but only for stupid clan leaders who give out a lot of money to strangers and then complain about credits being stolen, well WHY did u trust them?
    its not DO fault but i guess DO is admitting that it was there fault
    it is the clan fault not DO...
    For some reason i feel DO is getting more of a dull game in order to make it better.

    I used to like Trade now the auction is bad. i knew why Trade was much better and u could get lucky i hate the fact people are able to see the amount!
    Now the update on clan restriction. even though i am FE i still think it is bad as now clan who are top rank will eventually get more and more powerful as they would want to be part of a clan which make a lot of tax revenue. who would go to a clan which is not able to generate good amount of tax and on top of that expecting that it will be distributed to them.

    However as i said i don't hate the update but don't ruin the freedom of the game just because few people complain!!!
  3. Well here goes DO again. More nonsense. Who are you to restrict who gets what credits from the clan treasury? Start paying interest on the credits in the clan bank, then you get input,..instead, you tax the credits paid out for no reason at all, now you want to restrict payouts too? Will you be happy when everyone has quit? As stated by others, I payout to people who do work, if you only log in to see if I sent you credits, youll be disappointed. Login and increase your EP honor by doing work, you get paid.
    Remove this stupid nonsensical rule.
  4. That sums up most of their decisions since 1st April (it all began on GB1 with the white sheep of death)
  5. Advantage:
    - Stop Pushing
    - Auction bid is not to much -> no credit-inflation

    - Hard Work for Beginners to get new ship like leonov, vengeance or goliath
  6. I've seen the new Clan Pay-out rules change but no feedback posting so I'll start one here and hope one of the admins for the forums will move this to the right section.

    I freely admit I am one of the biggest abusers of the clan credit system. I don't think anyone on any server can dispute that. I've given away tens if not hundreds of billions of credits to new players and some older players. So I'm more than in a position to express an opinion on this subject.

    The clan credit system was put together to allow clans to share creds between the have's and the have-not's of their clans, to help build up ships and do from a group what a single ship could not do in a reasonable period of time.

    As most of you know I take in ships from level 1 to level 11. At level 12 I kick them out and let them join one of the many other clans out there to continue their development. During their time with me I try to teach me what to buy, what not to buy, what to auction for and what needs to be bought with uridium. And there's my concern.

    If I bring in a new ship I'm limited on how much credit help I can give him/her. This is good and bad. 2 examples...

    3 crazy little munchkins come into my clan one by one but all 3 are close friends and go to school or work together, talk to each other in the same town, spend time playing games together and work together as a pack. Each one is given the same information and each one is given a lot of credits to get them from level 2 in a liberator into a Big Boy ship with some flax and credit shields and decent credit weapons. What took about 4 hours a ship with the learning and buying would take about 10 days under the new clan pay-out system.

    In 10 days these boys would have found something new to do with their time. Instead each one is a premium buying, accessory buying, uridium buying killing machine.

    My point is the limits were put in place for a reason. I understand. But also please understand it's going to slow down plugging new players in, especially really good ones. You're asking players to invite their friends to join the game then you restrict how much help a friend can help his friend he just invited. Think about that.

    There is no use without the potential for abuse. And the clan credit system has been used move trillions of credits from clan to clan and to hijack many of the auctions. But there has to be a way to blend the two. Here's my thought and I'm not sure if it can be done.

    Base the credit limits on the clan ranking system. I run a mom and pop noob clan for little ships. My clan ranking never goes higher than 101. How about make the clan pay-out limits only effective on clans ranked in the top 100. There's a lot of single ship accounts that can create a clan of 1 and be in the top 50 clans, all by themselves. And with that they bring billions of credits with them. Basing it on the ranking system should throttle the bigger ships distributions of credits while still allowing the smaller clans to function.

    Like I said. I'm not sure if it's possible. But at least this gives us some place to start talking.

    I do need to clarify one thing. I've never used my credits to push any of my other accounts for personal gain.
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  7. lost1*

    lost1* User

    Grumpy i hear and see what your saying but darkorbit already has enough rules in place giveing new players an edge that older players dont get
    like demill zones 30/40/50% off uri and so on its time something was done and the update was a good one in my view however there should also be a limit on how much a player can be taxed. thats just my thoughts

    We already knew that
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  8. bisphenol

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    This update doesn't take into account that 250 million credits is a large amount on smaller servers, and is only a good bid for a single booster on big servers. So it will mostly affect players on bigger servers.
  9. I think the update is ratther silly, i'd like to help a noobs. But then again people abuse the clan credits system....

    PS: Bisphenol you still play, are you on GB1 still ;) Get in contact bud. GREEN
  10. You don't join a clan just to get credits from the clan tax. You join a clan because it's more fun playing in a team; teaming up with people so you can take on stronger enemies. In this way, joining a clan will still lead to an increase in the amount of credits (low level) players will be able to get. And op top of that, it's just nice to be able to chat with friends who are in your clan.
  11. I think it's funny how far out of proportion this has been blown. Pretty much everyone on here is going beserk as if DO just introduced the LF5 or something. This isn't that big of a deal, sheesh. If you want to give out credits, do it 250mil a week. That keeps players in your clan so how is that bad?
  12. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    I think there is a way to track payments, and if someone gets suspiciously large payment, like several billion credits, then it's probably something illegal.
    Once I placed a bid for AROL-X and someone outbid me, so I received back the credits. But in the end, I got the item from Auction as well. Now guess what - the next day that item vanished from my inventory. DO had run a special script that removed items obtained by the glitch. Yet they say no logs exist when players lose items or receive credits?
    I lost tens of millions due to Auction glitches, much more than 1 week threshold of 5 millions payout...

    Hello, it's been a long time. :)
    I only maintain my ships and shift my activity from maps and backpage to forums as a consequence of the latest "Reloaded" updates that seem to be pretty mindless, especially the Auction update.
  13. Come onto GB1 now and chat to me bud. I'm VRU.

    People always have taken advantage, people often save these credits to help their mates, which can sometimes be good as they will get full elite but then if a mate gets banned for botting, they can return and bid on everything...
  14. Well really if this was going to happen maybe should have done it before the new auction system came out. Still a Silly Idea though.
  15. Nice to see this come AFTER all the crooked players have gotten the new ships and stuff. Why the hell wasn't this implemented BEFORE the new auction system was put in place.

    Like usual Big Point puts the cart before the horse.

    Rubbish all I can say.

    It's like playing a game run by children..

    Peace :cool:
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  16. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    I agree with this post. The whole point of a clan (or guild or alliance in other games) is to play in a team and help each other to grow within the game. You may jump around until you find a group of like minded players that you fit into, but in essence the above post sums it up. If all players were of this mind then there would be no need for the restriction that has been dumped on us all. However there are people that want to take the easy option and try to cheat the system and this will make it a LOT harder for them.

    In regards to the posts made asking for the clan tax that you pay into the clan to be also capped at 250mill. I agree that this would be a fair compromise and will be putting that suggestion into the report that we send to the Devs every week, I cannot promise anything will happen as a consequence of my suggestion but I will pass it up.

    For those that are unsure. Pushing is ANY action that allows multiple accounts owned by the same person to interact in order to gain an advantage. This could be your more powerful ship giving fire support to your noob OR (as is being dealt with here) Having 2 or more accounts in the same clan and using clan credits payed into the clan by a stronger ship of yours to build a weaker one up. There are many clans where all the ships belong to the same person. This is against the T&C but is very hard to police unless the actual clans are pointed out to us so that we can act, and believe me we DO act by deleting the clans and suspending ALL the accounts in the clan at the time. This update will make these actions a lot less profitable for the players doing this and will hopefully make for a fairer game for all of us.

  17. lost1*

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    Thanks for passing on the request to put a cap on the taxed amount also this will help players who have earned theirs the fair way
  18. Very good point lost1.

    We have a lot of accounts out there that have billions of credits and even turning the tax on one time for 1% creates a flood. If we had some way of throttling max tax so that a clan could do say 5% or 5M max, that would be helpful. Allow the clan to dial in what ever number they feel is enough on the max tax level.
  19. Well I also agree now. My previous post was a hair trigger response, my apologies :oops:

    Didn't really think along the lines -HarleyD- has mentioned here. Although I knew there was a problem in this area I hadn't put much thought to a resolve.

    Peace :cool:
  20. Some new players have the attention span of a knat. If they have to wait 3 years to build up a ship they have a lot of other games to play.
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