Clan Payout Changes

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  1. Yep, I've noticed this often as of late. New players become aware of the extreme cost of time involved and go off to a different game. I don't really see how this new cap on being able to help novice players progress is for the betterment of the game. Seems to me another step back for Big Point.

    Peace :cool:
  2. In all honesty, if someone's willing to take all that time to make billion credit clans it's way too boring.
  3. The issue of players making multiple accounts & putting them into a clan to tax & pay out to a main account was raised a while back - & I was one of the people who raised it at the time.

    There was a player on GB1 (who I wont name REMOVED) who kept winning at least 7-8 auctions a day for log disks when they first came up on Trade - as it was then.

    Nothing strange about this you might say. However, after losing a large number of credits due to this player, I was able to ascertain that they were bidding at least 35 million a go.

    I kept a track on this player after looking up their stats, only to find that the player was lowly ranked & hardly gained any rank points. So, there was no way this player was making at least 250 million credits a day from actually playing.

    This went on for quite a while & even though I complained to Support, I was informed that they were not prepared to take any action & considered the matter closed.

    Support have, in my opinion, known about this issue for a long while. Any one with common sense in Support would & should have realised what this would lead to when they revamped the Auction to it's current status with the introduction of daily & weekly auctions for items costing a cosiderable amount of uridium.

    Furthermore, if a player was to lose their drones due to some bug/glitch, then why shouldn't they be given, say, a billion credits if their clan is able to do this - after all, Support aren't going to rectify this matter quickly. I know this because it happened to my son & we helped him out wih the credits to get his irises back (when there were only 8 irises) & Support did say they would give him his irises back - AFTER A PERIOD OF 10 DAYS!!

    Noobs & new players need a chance to advance quicker in this game rather than keep being killed continuously by far better players looking for quick cheap kills either to do their quests or just for the fun of it. Are such players going to advance from portals knowing that an enemy player is waiting there who will in all likelihood kill them with a couple of shots!!

    Finally, DO introduced the Bonus scheme for introducing new players. How many of these new players will continue to play if the person who introduced them cannot give the lots of credits to help them advance. I am pretty certai that at time the Dev team do not think their ideas through properly & thoroughly. The damage has already been done & it is most likely similar to a case that already happened before .. when BOTTERS got off lightly for their deliberate breach 0f rules. Now, it appears that those who have abused the system are again going to get off - this time SCOT-FREE WITHOUT ANY RECRIMINATIONS!!
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  4. pushing is one of your account benefiting another 1 of your account
  5. Silver, your post was well thought, and well put.

    There has been a huge problem bubbling for a while now, and this solution is like cutting off the foot to save the body. It works, but cripples the game.

    It is going to hurt noobs along the way, but is also curbing a HUGE abuse within the system, something that needed to be addressed.

    SOmeone posted above about restricting when/how a person can join and then leave a clan, putting restrictions like that would slow the cred generators, but not stop the problem, as most of the credit abuse clans are already set up and running.

    I understand why people are frustrated about this, but I think it still does more good than harm, unpopular as that is to think right now. The real problem like Silver said, is this has been going on for a long time, and some people have their billions of credits from this already, what about them?
  6. What if low levelled players are excluded from this rule, let's say up to level 12 (maybe a bit higher)?

    Stronger players can't abuse it and noobs can still benefit. I doubt there would be much benefit in anyone giving billions of credits to a level 12 noob account. Even if people did, the number of cases would be negligible.
  7. Now that sounds like a simple easy fix....The idea is that noobs should be able to get ALLLLL the creds they want..I'm totally for that 100%....Gotta stop a level 21 player from getting credits from 30 of their farmed clans.

    Go get a paycheck from DO USS Goli ;)
  8. I could support a level based clamp but since many of the clan farmers rarely worry about level I'm not sure if that would solve the problem.

    As many of you know and I have said I was in the business of helping noobs with their credit problems. Right now I've got everything on hold waiting for BP and DO to figure this out. I want to help noobs but I want to do it in a way that does not make the management of DO curse my name. That being said I'm fairly certain I'm not the target of this change.

    If we were to use it My clan [LOOM] as a reference point I stop all credit assistance and membership of noobs at level 12. LOOM takes in any noob level 1 to 11 regardless of company. At level 12 a reasonably equipped noob will find other clans that will take them in.

    The problem is below level 12 most decent clans don't have the time or want to raise a bunch of crying screaming babies. Some know what they want and nag until they get it. Others have no idea what's it going to costs to get competitive in this game. Having spent so many years raising ships I've gotten pretty good at doing it.

    On USA East 1 server a new player is going to spend about 65 million credits, will need premium and an attitude that tells me they are willing to stay. I can usually tell by the 4th day max if this is a hunter, a defender or a gatherer and whether or not they're a waste of resources. At that time Grumpy kicks in with either more help or a kick in the behind to make room for someone that's worth my time.

    I realize I'm the exception rather than the rule but for the sake of argument the level 12 cut-off works for me.
  9. Just to say, I am one of the players who has billions of credits (especially for you Ρļ€*İŋ*Ŧħ€*§ķ¥!!).

    However, my credits have been earned legitimately. I am a level 22 players & have a permanent trade drone which has primarily helped me with the credits as well as premium, which means my Skylab ore arrives twice as quick & always having a Resource Booster from when boosters first came out - though Lord knows how many I lost when Auction used to be Trade & you never got your credits back if you ended up being outbid!!

    I was also once in an EIC clan, which happened to be a pretty good one & was ranked ~6th/7th, & only joined because my son had gone into it. An issue occurred where a clan member stated they had been hacked. Tax was put on at 5%, even though I suggested it should be lower. The outcome was that I paid more tax than 43 other members of the clan - even though a few of them were higher than me in the rankings! A payout of nearly a billion credits was made to tha member, who got most of his stuff back .. & then did a stupid runner!!

    My point is that there are players who have billions of credits & have got them legitimately. These players should have the right to do what they want with their credits & if they want to tax themselves to help a friend who has just started, lost their irises, been hacked etc then I firmly believe that is their prerogative & given right!!

    There is already too much rubbish going on in this game - especially with the BOTTERS WHO WERE CAUGHT RED-HANDED BEING ALLOWED TO KEEP THEIR ILLICIT GAINS & the "alleged cheats" who seem to have "superhuman like powers" roaming this game .. not least to say the lack support we get from SUPPORT & the continuous forcing us to agree to new Terms & Conditions when there is some loophole found in them.

    Now, we have just another example of Bigpoint & Dark Orbit doing what they do best - PLAYING GOD!!
  10. Over 6 years I've playing this game. Have helped many many players reach FE.

    Not only do I help on the maps killing npc's and enemy players, I help a great deal via credits.

    Like ŚìζvєŖ†βuζζєT has mentioned I also have the sell drone, got it years ago with my "Orange" Goliath, well they call it Amber now I guess.

    My point being I enjoy to help players advance in the game. I come to the assistance of many who have lost their drones, ship or anything else.

    All clan payouts have been suspended here while we await the outcome of this.

    Although some valid points have been made by a few of the admins and moderators I still fail to understand why, it is the innocent and "legitimate" players who once again have to be penalized.

    Find the bad guys and delete them. Same goes with these invisible players, who by the way hide nothing. Heck they even post their illegal methods on You Tube. Anyone with a brain cell can easily see what goes on. Just delete them from the game simple as that.

    I work hard on this game, I take from no-one & give to many. Now it seems I'll become yet "another" SOLO player.

    Peace :cool:

    PS: USS Goliath has a good point.
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  11. Me and my friend were saving credits so i could get an aegies well guess thats not gonna happen...
  12. Nope, maybe if your in a clan for 6 months you will then qualify for 250 mil creds / week max. So add at least another month to that, depending on what you have saved over that time.

    I do however have a question for who ever knows the answer. If I was to leave my clan and go to my friends clan and I am taxed at 5%, is there a maximum contribution for a new member?

    Peace :cool:
  13. Jack

    Jack User

    I'll mention one example - [removed] ;)

    If BP wants to bury DO, they are on the right track, keep up the good work!

    Also, consider restricting how long can a player play DO per day, cap the uridium he can earn per day, limit the number of bids someone can put per day, and of course, cap the bid he can place for a certain item ;)

    Waiting half year just to become FE ?!!!

    Way to go devs, I'm packing my suitcases n going to find another game that's either FREE for real, or at least one that has some more COOL special effects :D
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  14. Bye :) You know, it's funny how clan cash suddenly became the only way to possibly ever get fe...interesting as I got 30mil from my clan total in my time playing. Wonder how I ever got fe:rolleyes:
    This farming game just makes everyone sick and no one is ever gonna play it again because we can't get 1bil credits from our clans as soon as we join now.
  15. I_am_Sick

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    I think the rule should be changed to :

    5 million / day the first week
    15 million / day the second week
    and so on up to 250 million/day

    not 5 millions the first week, 15 the second week and so on
    because seriously in 2 whole weeks in a clan just 20 millions? and what happens if there has been an error and they want to give the credits back?
    i think another way should be the members can be payed a max of a 5% of what they have eveary day, if a player gets taxed 5% 50 millions, he can have back the 50 millions bcos that is a 5% of what he has, but if he pays 50 millions to the clan, he cant give it to a newbie who has just 1 million credits, that way people cant abuse the system to pay alot of creds to a player who has few creds
  16. It should be up to the clan leader to sort out how much every one gets. In my old clan all payout were based on EP. on the first Sunday of each month a members EP was noted the following month it was noted again and the difference was what we based there payout on. E.G:- if a member earned 1 million EP in a month ( depending on how well the clan was doing) they would get 1, 2 or 3 times that in credits, so 1, 2 or 3 million credits. This would happen until that member became FE. None of our FE member received credits from the clan.

    By doing it this way if you sat in port all day chatting and not earning EP you got nothing. By encouraging members to earn EP it made the clans rank rise.

    Also, we didn't take FE members, all our FE members where "home grown" and most of them stayed with the clan after to help others get to FE.

    the system worked well with over 80 members spread over 3 clans, it also discouraged clan jumpers as they would only get out what they put in.

    I think it's wrong of DO to enforce a limit if i want to give all my hard earned credits away that's up to me NOT Bigpoint!

    Maybe Bigpoint would like to limit the amount of Uri each person can buy, lets say 5000 a month!!! Oh no that would effect there profit margin and may reduce the fun that they have playing this game????
  17. How in hell does that work? Ok i put my main in my own clan make a bunch of noob accounts tax them, oh waite you do realize those noob clans need t have credits in there own accounts to give anything for tax right? So lets continue i have all thse noob accounts I log into to send prom oh waite i need skylab, and honor to get anything to sell prom. well my plan is gone up in smoke.
  18. I would be fine with the cap on giving out credits if it didn't take so long just to get up to 250mil. At the current rate, if it goes up 5mil a week, then it would take like almost a year just to even get up to 250mil, which is absolutely stupid.
  19. I suppose you're right, I got caught up in the moment lolz. It could happen if dedicated players set the accounts up tho, once skylab is done it's set for life, then only 1 minute a day to ship cargo for each account...people play this game 10+ hours a day, so it could be done...but I did exaggerate a bit by saying thousands. :rolleyes:
  20. `Luke

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    This is the beginning of them limiting everything. Just like another bigpoint game they have, Piratestorm, over there they added a limit on how much you can earn per day[credits, and uri]. I feel DO will soon follow the same footsteps.