Clan Payout Changes

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  1. Yes, they shall abolish this system for beginners and it shall exist for all players about level 12.

  2. it can take a new player weeks to get to lvl 12 thats 10,240,000 EP so that would be 10,240,000 credits they would be paid in that time. As an FE player I can earn that from skylab in a day plus what i earn flying. the system worked well for 3 years we helped over 30 new players become FE and as we made more FE members we managed to increase the payouts to new players up to 8 x there EP per month. you don't make the noob accounts i believe that is why all this has happened.
  3. Ok, I’ve read what seems to be hundreds of posts in this thread and many others regarding the clan tax changes. Most are just whining about the change some have offered alternative suggestions to the change. I would like to be one of the latter.

    My suggestion although radical is also simple. Get rid of clan tax and the auction totally!!

    Place all the things that are available in auction now into the shop as credit purchases (it’s ok mister Big point Accountant there’s more keep breathing)

    All the items go in at a base credit price as well as a Uridium price, the credit price then increases according to the level of the purchaser base price x level

    for example.


    Base credit price 2,000,000 credits @ level 1

    20,000,000 credits @ level 10

    40,000,000 credits @ level 20


    Aegis ship

    Base credit price 20,000,000 credits @ level 1

    200,000,000 credits @ level 10

    400,000,000 credits @ level 20

    These prices are an average on my server, Big point would have to do the sums to get an average over all the servers.

    in one move there’s no more pushing, clans can still help players of all levels progress but from now on not with credit hand outs but with help doing missions (quests) and group flying, Big point won’t lose money ( told you mister accountant) because all the items in the action are bought with credits now anyway and if a player is that impatient he will spend Uri as he does now to get the items earlier instead of saving for them.

    Also change the time between leaving a clan and joining another to say a week? No one likes flying without a tag :) , to promote clan loyalty, and also increase the rewards and the number of lower level missions (quests) in order to encourage new players, that’s how most new player get hooked on the game, in the early days they don’t know enough about the game to set there own goals so the missions set simple achievable goals for them, finish one move on to the next mentality

    So what do you good people in the forum think of that?

    Don’t whine, discuss!!!
  4. Air-lifter..

    I think this is an excellent idea. The numbers seem a bit low but as you mentioned, the accountant will have to crunch those.

    I think this will promote more "team work". As of late (past 3 years) this game has leaned or "directed" players towards more solo aspects. I think the whole clan ideals and efforts have in some way been misdirected. I miss the dayz of old, when CLANS where the thing. Now seems PLAYERS are the thing.

  5. Sure wish this was in effect last year. In one of my Clans I built for the express reason to assist the integration of new players to the game.. all taxes were paid at a 5% by noob players over the period of 3 years and Generous donations from other members ( High Level Accounts ) in other company Clans we had amassed over 750 mil credits.. only be be Hacked by someone .. how they got the Rights to distribute credits is unknown to me.. as my Account was the only one with Rights.. and They Stripped the Bank of 550 mil in a day.. glad they left a few.. but it was truly disheartning to many in the Clan as we had over 40 members under level 11
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    in my clan, i have noticed pilots wanting to join thinking i will give creds. sadly, they did not want to work for them and left when i refused to give any. i help all pilots, no matter the clan. we each work our tails off to earn ep, honor etc, to those who expect to clan jump for creds...i think they should be monitored some how; as well as them changing their names to make pilots think they r different people...tink
  7. tinker74

    Well a big part of this new update is also to stop this clan jumping.

    It will do no player looking to get credits any good to jump from one clan to another. You have to wait a day to get a mere 5,000,000 credits and another whole week to get another 10,000,000 and so on.

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