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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Knutesen01, Dec 29, 2020.

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  1. Knutesen01

    Knutesen01 User

    Hi, I'm on a MacBook Air 2012 model running MacOS 10.14.6. Want to continue playing the game but when I try clicking the download button for the client it just opens the download page, then it stays like that for a few seconds without downloading anything, until it returns to the main menu. Anyone have a solution?
  2. U will not be able to play on MacOS anymore IMO. U can see that they have already problem with windows version... Big "IF" they will have the client for MacOS, they need to come through the security . I am not sure if Bugpoint can make it.
    I am Mac user so I am waiting for client as well but I don't have big expectations. :)
  3. Mac and Linux users were forgotten and there is no solution. They haven't even announced if it will be available in the future
  4. If nothing gets said soon, I expect you'll have to wait for the new unity browser version. "IF" it ever gets done.
  5. Knutesen01

    Knutesen01 User

    Well that's a bummer. Love the game, and the fact that I could play it on my laptop wherever I wanted to.
  6. Use alternative systems, expect issues when change is forced. Options are wait, find an emulator to use, and install Windows. That wait option take into consideration you have lots of patience.
  7. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for helping the OP.

    Does the OP have any further questions or may we close?


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