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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Ddraig, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    Greetings all,

    We would like to here your feedback regarding your experiences on the test server which is currently open.

    Official Announcement: Client Refactoring - Open Test Server

    If you have any performances issues, bugs, or any general feedback on whether your performances appears to be better, please post it here.

  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I'm not sure if it's intended or not but showing other people's pet on the minimap as the big blue and yellow dot is really annoying. FPS display wasn't working either for me.

    Apart from that everything was cool and loaded in fine.

    Edit: Random freezing where my game stops but I can see dots move on the minimap, have to refresh every time to fix it, seen it happen to other people as they are fighting too.

    If cloak ship start attacking the ship image doesn't load in and it's just a name with a HP /Shield bar.
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  3. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    The formations next to your hp are trolling the player ( they don't change how it should .. )
    EDIT: Cargo Bay doesn't work properly ( i have 500 but it says it's full )
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  4. Ok,

    I am not giving much feedback on the actual game and I know this is not a real server but seriously take the chance to hearout the player when they say we want a server merges.

    I logged into the Test server and I see my screen and minimap filled with players. The memories of this was awesome.


    And that is just home base.

    People were actually in chats talking to each other. People were actually in the maps helping each other out.

    As for the new client? FPS don't work properly, Disconnections were a problem but that is probably because the server is in a different country.
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  5. chixonator

    chixonator User

    and as for the test server - its good but the box around you on the minimap is weird and also how bonus boxes and cargos drop in like bouncy balls...weird.
  6. SauronL

    SauronL User

    PLEASE, remove this pet BIG DOT its really annonying , sometimes i just have to turn off my pet to see cloaked enemy around -____- . And now all pets ar ebig dots.
    Hope they will fix it before it will be out.
  7. tg90000_2

    tg90000_2 User

    Sometimes my ship and randomly other objects disappears and then i get frozen. Relog solves it. PET dots are really annoying, please remove! Testserver is slow, hope it'll work well on normal servers.

    What i liked:
    • Drones move faster (but they're turning closer to ship, i didn't like that)
    • All CTB changes > looks pretty good and useful.
    • Minimap with every new things (background, moving)
    • Boxes (but the dropping effect, it'd be great if they could put in as optional effect)
    Thats all i could test.
  8. server was fun.. Made me remember 2008 with so much noobs and players.. i even got a vengy kill with a lvl 2 aegis lol.. so FUN!!!..
    ACTIVE=FUN no matter what server... (yall should make us all 1 server.. be like old darkorbit.. best thing eva..
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  9. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Heard they're adding 4 bray with less spawning inters, you may think this is a good idea but actually there are normally 8 people on the bray, so if they have 2 people per bray, they would be making more uri if in same outfit.
  10. ye thats true
  11. That's me in chat there. :p
    Also I would like to report that drone formation symbol doesn't change even if you change formation, relog or jumping through the gate resolves it.
    One more thing. Every time someone uncloacks on you, whole screen just freeze and only relog solves the problem.
    Despite that I noticed that the game runs smoother than before.
  12. Drone formations icon on top left of ship does not change unless you relog

    If someone uncloaks on you the ship doesn't always appear

    Pet is really obvious please change :(

    New boxes give me a headache due to the heavy movement

    Other than that kewl beans
  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Some interesting looking struener in 3-1, not too sure it's meant to be there :p



    Random freezing during fights that can only be fixed by refreshing still occurring. Happened to me and the person I was fighting at the exact same time.
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  14. I noticed a video stutter several times.
    rectangular box around my ship in the minimap did not seem to have any positive use and actually showed some lag, even when the main client screen appeared to be fine.
    Twice, during a small clash with another ship, that ship disappeared, but my screen still showed a target lock and my ship as well as the targeted ship were still able to fire at each other.
  15. That box in the minimap shows what area you are seeing in game. I find it very useful if you're looking for cloakers :D
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  16. I really like this soon coming update. I was also in test server and i can already say that (darkorbit with my computer) worked much smoothly than in other servers. I also noticed this: there was no more of annoying "speed boost sprints", ex. seen many times with vengeances lightning design.

    I found also something crazy, what i found in test server 1: admin ship with aegis, having all aliens in middle of 5-1, getting all the time extra hitpoints. when i stayed in that spot, my memory in game rised all the time. in the end i tooked citadel, used draw fire to get all the dmg of 5-1 aliens, i had 3,9k mem and 21fps -> adobe flashplayer crashed and i died :p.

    After that i tested this on big groups of aliens (galaxy gates, again at the same spot in 5-1) and i noticed that my memeory is all the time rising higher, having no limit of max memory (the largest memory, what i had was 4,5k and yea, it was lagging a lot :D).

    There was also some weird things in that server: all mines have been disabled in pirate maps (5-1 and 5-3) and players could see target mark to clicked cloaked targets. are those supposed to be so?
  17. i agree...the pet dot is very annoying
  18. well, i don't know where to report this so i will put up here. Server was open to test weapons, and my base Damage was 4k-4.5k, and ever since i started my upgrades on drones, and only lf-4 i got my Base Damage had decreased by 1k ever since i began upgrades.

    I had upgraded my LF-4 to level 8, drones to 2 at level 9, 3 at level 8 , 1 at 7 , and 2 at level 6. my DMG should have increased, but my base dmg is range in 3.4k-4k after upgrades. although my base damage was at 4k-4.5k from the start.

    thanks for opening the test server and hope this helps with what your looking to find.
  19. Enigmatic

    Enigmatic User

    I really hope it will happen.
    So much fun with all those players :')

    The game is now looking smoother but I would really like the laser style to return to the old UI. It was very beautiful, especially the x4.
  20. They're evolving! RUN!
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