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Dear forum reader,

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  1. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Dark Orbit Space Pilots,

    I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary as a Chat Moderator on the English Team and figured it was well past time to introduce myself. I'm born, raised and still live in the USA. East Coast is the BEST Coast, baby! :)

    2009 was the first year for me as a player on DO and was part of a large clan with great leaders and co-leaders. What I enjoyed the most back then was the well-coordinated hunting raids and the friendships that I made. Our clan and our allies were like a family and I enjoyed fighting alongside them and getting to know them on Team Speak (Who even uses THAT anymore? LOL!)

    I was a game console only person for a while, but eventually grew out of the games that I had and wanted a gaming experience that was more complex and interactive, so that's how I ended up playing Dark Orbit!

    As a Chat Mod, I've gotten to know some of you and actually look forward to seeing many of you when I am modding chat. Thanks to all of the chatters who have shown me some love in the past year. I really appreciate you <3

    I will try to help in any way that I can, but I did take a 6-year break from the game and have just been back within the last 2 1/2 years or so. That said, I had to re-learn a LOT of things and I don't work in the IT field or anything computer related, so please understand if I don't have the answers to all of your questions. I will always seek out an SMOD or Admin to get an answer if one is available though!

    Finally, I AM an active player on DO and understand some of your frustrations from time to time, because they affect me as well. Try to be patient as we begin our new space adventures on this new client. We all appreciate you hanging in there with us!

    2020 has been a challenging year for ALL of us, so I hope each of you stays safe & healthy and wish you and your families a joyous Holiday Season!

    CM GlazedDonut
  2. It's nice to see you around in the US servers global chat every once in a while. Don't take TOON/DU~K clan to seriously haha, we're always looking for trouble in global chat :) hope to see you in the PVE server's chat as well. - DARKWOLF.33
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  3. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hey there DARKWOLF.33

    Good to hear from you, brother. I'm sure you and your clanmates are only starting good trouble lol! I'll see ya on the new PVE Server when it's of the SMOD's just mentioned it.
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  4. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hey GlazedDonut,

    Welcome to the madhouse, erm, I mean forums :D
  5. GlazedDonut,

    Good to see you on the Global chat. I've tried to be a chat mod couple times even got Deter to put a word in for me but to no avail. So I'll just continue to cruz around killin' players and causing troubles :p

    See you out there, be safe and talk soon.

    The good ol' days


    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
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  6. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hey `°ƒµll·†Ħгô††lє°´

    Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment, brother! I appreciate it! I'm a PVP player myself and just kill NPC's in gates or for random quests (or my PET shoots one

    Be safe and hope you have a Happy Holiday! See ya in chat.
  7. AVIT

    AVIT User

    your a good one donut )) .. shame the game doesnt work though for you to moderate lol ..
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  8. LOL, pvp er, you havn't done any fights for ages then, because they all cheat now .......................
  9. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hang in there, AVIT

    The downloadable client is very new and I'm sure that the powers that be at Dark Orbit will get things running smoothly soon. Like I said, I'm an active player too, so I definitely get

    I run into plenty of enemy in their maps, b-maps or the bl maps who try (and sometimes succeed) in gunning me down ...and I send some back home to their X-1 or X-8 map too!

    99% of the time when I'm playing I find someone legit who wants to pop me!
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  10. GA1 Ship kills :rolleyes:
    4 ·Full⚡⚡Throttle· 136,951


    The best way to catch someone is to make them think they're chasing you =)
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  11. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    When I was just a wee lad ..just a mini donut, I had yellow and purple sprinkles. The doctors and my parents were concerned, but they eventually fell off and this wonderous and amazing glaze appeared! LOL!

    CIPRIAN User

    fix the game i cant play this is the 4 day
  13. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    I really am just a Chat Moderator for this game and also a volunteer (None of the Moderators are paid employees of Big Point / Dark Orbit).

    However, as I mentioned in my intro, I am an active player just like you! I understand some of the frustrations you're going through, trust me!!

    Please use the game-related problems/issues areas of Forums to express any and all concerns or problems you're experiencing with the game. Unfortunately, all I can do is relay specific problems that I hear about in chat to the Admins.

    The downloadable client is very new and as with anything new (like the 1st model year of a car), there are bound to be some bugs and glitches that need to be worked out. We appreciate your patience :)

  14. You took steps backwards my guy.... gal? I can't tell because Donuts...
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  15. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit

    LOL! I'm a guy. Guess I'm not really a fan of sprinkles (unless it's on soft serve ice cream...that's good stuff!). If you have a really well made donut that's already got flava, just a lil glaze is all you need!

    To each his/her own though! That's why we have about a bazillion types of donuts out least Krispy Kreme does!! :)
  16. ~RAVEN~1

    ~RAVEN~1 User

    Hello , Like to ask .How would I apply to have a CM position on Dark Obit ?
  17. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit



    you're one of (if not the best,and most liked) CM's on here,keep it up. ::)))
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  19. GlazedDonut

    GlazedDonut Moderator Team Darkorbit


    Thanks for the kind words, brother! I really appreciate it!

    I know some folks in chat may get uptight about actions taken against them due to chat infractions, so not everyone loves

    Glad to see that some chatters do though. Thanks again for dropping by with some positive vibes :)
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