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  1. PuppyPaws

    PuppyPaws Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hi all, I'm the newest CM in our group. Yes, puppies are my favorite pet. My Mom says I shouldn't call mine puppies any more. One is 95 lbs and the other is 70 lbs but they are still my puppies. lol. Having played DO back in the day, then quit for a while and came back, being a CM is how I have decided to try and make the game as fun as possible. No, I can't "fix" anything but hopefully my gift of gab will make it a little more enjoyable. If you see me in chat, let's talk.
  2. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    I'm sure being a chat mod in the 21st century using 20th century "rules" will be fun. (I do think it funny you can get banned for swearing in chat when 8 ships controlled by 1 guy rolls up and kills you - but you can cheat 24/7 with no repercussions)
    LOL, try using your "gift of the gab" on GA1 - No-one uses ingame chat, you could end up having many gabby chats with yourself.
    US server - you'll spend all your time banning trolls - No need for "gab" there, it will just get you trolled.

    And - Aside the the obvious - Bots don't use chat - Enjoy...

    But yeah, welcome to the most thankless and possibly disliked volunteer position in a dead game.

    NB; I do hope your "gift of the gab" is up for defending DO and their inaction on botters and complete lack of respect for legit players - That is about the only topic I see being talked about.

    PS; You can Remove this, I know telling the truth on the forums is frowned upon.
  3. Its good to see you. I thought I saw you yesterday for a moment in Discord. Welcome, welcome. Its always good to see people coming to help out where possible. I look forward to seeing you in game, where hopefully it can be a friendly time.