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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by TalShiaR, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. TalShiaR

    TalShiaR User

    Cold Wave Event

    We would like to hear your feedback on this Event.

    Please have a wonderful time and enjoy your game!

    A reminder all to please keep the flaming and insults out of the feedback.
    Truly we would like to leave your posts intact for support, but we need your help to do that.

    So please, lets keep within the rules and to the subject matter.
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  2. Witchway

    Witchway User

    The Cold wave event started out actually pretty good, it appeared that the blue presents where filled with great items,the advent calendar is a nice holiday touch and the Icy's were on the map when the first event quest came out. This was Great... However the event soon started to go down hill when the presents were only available one day and then became available 5 days later, these ran longer than the first set of boxes which has been a grand surprise. The missions and Icy availability on the other hand caused a large amount of frustration for many in the game. The quests required that you damage or Kill the Icy Meteoroid however those were only available in 3 hour windows. This may be okay for a small percentage of players however many players that invest into the game actually have real life jobs and the availability time was very difficult for those on the US side. A suggestion might be if you did not want them to be available 24/7 you could have still done them in 3 hour intervals ( 3 hours on and 3 hours off). This would have given 4 different times during the 24 hours that the Icy's would be available and all players could have participated if they wanted too.

    It also appears to be a bit laggy and sometimes difficult to function during the event.

    As this is Dec 9, 2014 and the event is not yet completed, the remainer of the event is yet to be seen.
    I will add more to this post as the event continues.

    Steel Raiders 12 clan.
  3. The event has been such a disappointment. Icy's come out for 3 hours a day? Most of us have jobs and school to work and attend. I like witchway's idea of the 3 on 3 off deal. That puts more people able to kill it. Also the lag (at least on east 1) has been horrendus.
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  4. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    The only problems of the event are the missions . If we have all missions with icy we should can finish them in a bigger interval because those 3 hours ( even in prime-time ) is difficult to achieve for a lot of players . In my opinion we should have had missions in weekends with ice meteroid's and icy's while on Monday to Thursday missions like in the haloween event which can be finished anytime .
    The event boxes are good ( a lot of energies ) and the calendar is fine because is only a log-in bonus . Now we wait to see tomorrow what it will be with "the cold gate" / "the aniversary gate" .
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  5. Miss Witchway fancy meeting you in forums ^_^ one of the few 12 members i like on USA EAST 2...completely agree with the 3 on 3 off thing because readinig the forums all i have seen was peoples non stop complaints about icy missions....never on the same thread always on different ones...I'm enjoying the event so far...always liked the calendar and cant wait for the gate
  6. 3 on and 3 off would be okay, but lets face it, DO HATES giving players a way to make lots of uri unless it involves a credit card, so that will never happen. Usually with quests if you don't accept a mission that day you will lose it. With this event you can do a quest three days later. Most people should be able to make the quests up, but I imagine there are a few players who find it impossible to do so due to the fact of life's responsibilities keeping them away from the keyboard from 7 to 10 pm. DO should find a way to make it up to those players, but we all know how that will go...
  7. perhaps DO doesnt do it cause depressing dans like you make them not want to help
  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I don't really care for the quests or boxes but I never really have bothered with them in events, however it was really nice to actually have a gate with some difficulty. Skoll in the hard version puts up a decent fight ^^
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  9. Michina

    Michina User

    Is the breach gate only on the 11th? or will it stay longer to complete?
  10. my feed back is. its very hard to enjoy the gameplay because of the lag. maybe is the
    Connection issues and „DDoS“ attacks

    that dates back to , Oct 10, 2014. and has not been fixed.i couldn't log in the game yesterdayso I couldn't open the box for yesterday. and also the 3 on 3 off idea needs to be implemented. and 3) the ep that the quests are giving out is horrible.
  11. proba;y ;ike the normal b day gate till you finish it
  12. I believe that the bday gate was very good and quite fun, definitely started the the cold wave off with a bang! However, the easy was very easy and expectedly gave very small rewards but the hard gate on the other hand, i witnessed a lot of UFE players struggling to do this gate and in the end not even bothering with the gate, if a UFE player couldn't do the gate what hope does a FE player have ? i finished both gates and believe the "hard" gate (even though its in its name) was WAY too hard and should have been a little bit easier than that.

    With that said i also witnessed a lot of people farming the last wave on the hard gate for Icy kills so there really should have been a lot more thought put into the making of this gate, but what do you expect when its for free? The boss "Skolll" was a very cool NPC and i actually enjoyed killing something different for a change and cant wait to see what the rest of the cold wave event brings us.

    I remember a few years back bonus boxes at Christmas time used to be the main thing i looked forward to in darkorbit they were AWESOME! Now however the boxes have gone completely down hill and are not even worth wasting the time and effort collecting them, not even worth the pet fuel for my pet to collect them.

    The new rockets! yah, i dont like these at all! it gives the noobs even less of a chance at surviving against the UFE players so they may aswell just quit while they are ahead. Its blatantly obvious that darkorbit it now trying to keep its best interests at heart now by completely forgetting about the new people to the game and only thinking about the already paying customers! Just think these beautys are now going to be in the shop for a whopping 20 uridium per rocket!

    As stated before by other users, setting the event quests to icys yet only putting them on for 3 hours ? thanks, guess i wont be doing those quests then. they seriously need to be spaced out a lot better, forget 3 on 3 off, 1 hour on 1 hour off that way you capture a much broader spectrum of players and they finally get to do the quests!

    Somewhat off topic, i recently went to have a look at exactly how hard it is for new people to start the game darkorbit has removed drone farming and capped the amount of credits a clan can give a player now.... wow you really have got stingy darkorbit. how can you expect a single player to stay on the game now when its SO hard for them to get anywhere? clans can barely help, they cant drone farm to get anything ... what do you expect them to do? i can safely say if i was a new player to darkorbit i CERTAINLY would not continue playing when seeing how hard it is to get anything on the game.

    Bigpoint need to get their priorities in order, if they are only favoring the currently paying customers and dont care about new players, how long until the game dies completely? Dont you think Bigpoint already know this thats why they are trying to get all the money out of us while they can.... think on Bigpoint!
  13. The gates were awesome, good fun unlike other gates, good uridium. If you look at my profile in my signature then you'll see I'm a noob yet I finished both gates lol :). Bring the gates back already!
  14. whoeva

    whoeva User

    It might be premature but it does seem that the team are responding to issues raised a lot faster to improve the game. I know it's not cold wave but the demaner was changed mid-event to increase the number of cargo drops. Further more after all the posts about the icy availability here we have icys on all day again and tomorrow (12th) they are on twice for 2 hours at a time. I just wanted to note this apparent improvement in addressing the concerns raised by the community and hope that it continues.

    I agree the rewards for the quests aren't impressive but the quests aren't really that time-consuming. Perhaps they will increase towards the end in a way that rewards those players who managed to complete them all.

    I thought the gate would be more challenging when I learned there was 20 lives but it was pretty straight forward and yes, the hard gate is possible with an fe account as long as they have kami and a little patience ;) At the end of the day, these gates cost us nothing to build so I have to give BP a +1 for cold wave event so far, assuming that the alteration to icy timing was intentional re: feedback in forums.
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  15. Happy 8th Birthday, DarkOrbit!

    Make sure to accept today's Cold Wave mission to open the Breach gate, our Birthday present for you! But be careful, Skoll is waiting inside!

    Oh thank you Darkorbit ... I must admit, that it was interesting portal, but i must say, that i feel like robbed after i completed easy one.
    Mission reward gave me good feeling. "Oh good... i can earn some uridium with this."

    After i completed gate (With struggle, and little anger) i counted, that i earned ~8000U in total from that portal, and used worth of ~8000U X3 + Lots of RSB + SAB, that i didn't even count how many went waste!
    That was supposed to be easy, then why did i need to use such ammo to get damage to that running piece of ice block, when i was taking way too much damage from "mini ice metroid's" that was thrown on me! (Witch made pretty awesome lags.)
    It's too hard, considering that it's supposed to be easy.

    It put me thinking, how hard is hard one, and whats the point to try to complete it, because reward is same. I will surely lose even more uridium.

    That is not fun. I have played so long this game, that easy gate should not be that hard to me.

    I am really disappointed your way to make your player's feel, setting up that kind of hoaxes at holiday.
    I lost more what i got, and that hasn't happened ever before.
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  16. I was really suprised how cool was the harder version of the birthday gate! I really liked that it was way more different than our other galaxy gates: first of all, skoll had a lot of hp and shield (hp: 3,500,000, shield: 3,000,000) and you needed a strategy, how not to get freezed every time when you attack that alien. THIS IS WHAT I AND MANY OTHER PLAYERS NEED: MORE CHALLENGING GATES! This gate was really good example about a challenging gate, what i really would like to see in the future!

    I was also suprised, how good was that gate rewards: easy one gave 5,000u (that was ok compared how easy it was) but hard gate gave over 20,000u (plus all alien kills). It was also great that all of these missions and gates gave 1,200 of new freezing rockets, what are always really useful (are they little bit overpowered? yeah, i think so). I'm really happy and suprised at the same time, how nice was this year birthday gate!

    i dont understand why so much negative feedback? finally we got more challenging gate than we had ever before. If player cant finish hard- difficulty birthday gate, then go for easy birthday gate! if player cant finish that, then he is just bad and dont know how to finish birthday gate right way :).

    But now i have to say something about dcr rockets: NOW THEY ARE SO USELESS! Why anybody wants to buy dcr rockets anymore, if you can buy today 100 times better and much more annoying rockets and they are also 25X cheaper than dcr rockets?
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  17. Agreed with everything Äppiäinen said, gate was very challenging :)

    Good job with this gate, thubs up.

    Maybe the easiest way is to go with full speed and circle the Skoll, icys won't hit you and when Skoll targets you (the thing apears on your ship) take some distance so you won't get slowed down, return to circle when target marker disappears :)
  18. All in all, it is TOO LAGGY. When those Ice Meteoroid events starts up, it gets too laggy in any map or whatever you are doing. And by the way, I don't really understand all these missions with killing Ice meteoroids only. And they don't give some good award either way, why should we do them? :)


    To those complaining about icies not being out often enough in order for you to complete the guys are straight up stupid.
    Unlike the years before now you can do the event quests whenever you want to and you don't lose out on any quests if you don't do them the day they appear and seriously we have a lot of ice meteroids going on and today is the 2nd time we have them all day long, there should be no issue completing these quests.
    I personally dislike the fact there isn't much variety in the quests, even though finishing these quests was very simple since I would have killed ice meteroids anyway. BIG PROPS for finally bringing one of these quests to the uppers and making people kill lordakiums and boss npcs, god I was so not looking forward to kill the same noob npcs that had to be killed many years in a row. This years winter quests have been way different then the ones we had previous years, but most of them this year are about shooting ice meteroids or killing icies, giving it a 2nd thought though it's actually not that bad the server has been very active lately and lots of people have been on for the ice meteroids. On the overall I think DO did a great job on the quests. I would wish though that the quests HAVE to be done the day they are out so people can't simply do all the winter quests in 1 day.

    The Cold wave Galaxy gate was PURE AWESOMNESS!! GREAT JOB. I overestimated the easy gate and when I was done with that one I underestimated the hard one and had a lot of fun, a new npc with a new behaviour is fantastic! Being told twice in a day that I saved the universe feels weird since I know thousands of other people are being told the same thing lol jk. Whoever says the easy gate is too hard you are a noob, go back to your x-2 map and practice on lordakias and streuners. Thanks a lot darkorbit team for making the cold wave galaxy gate some what hard.

    However...that R-IC3 rocket... you guys did it again you gave everyone 1200 of these rockets upon completing the galaxy gates. Now people will get frozen left and right by this rocket. What were you thinking? It's so boring to chase vengeances and spearheads around and now whenever you try to kill one of them and they shoot you with an ice rocket you have to quickly ice rocket them too or emp fast enough even though if you emp just a moment too late the target is already out of range. Should have given out way less rockets for free not put any of them in boxes and made it a uridium only item.
    I was looking forward to this rocket cause I thought it was finally something I can spend my uridium on...I have everything since such a long time now I want to be able to work for something again. Increase Pilot points, increase the upgrade level....just something. All these people who have been whining for years are still whining, there is no way you get most of them satisfied, complaining makes them feel better. Oh yeah and I'd love the shooting range to increase, even if just for a little bit 10% would make a world of a difference.
  20. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    these new rockets SUCK. all it does is allow the 98% of people who always run away from PVP to get away now, completly unfair. everyone is going to just use them the second they get shot to get away, so much for PVP. everyone is gonna be stuck shooting npcs cuz no1 will fight and you will just get frozen if you do try to kill someone. atleast make the rockets have like a 10% chance of hitting the target.
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