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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by TalShiaR, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. They have, every day that there has been a quest for them!
  2. yeah only for 3 hours
  3. well Saturday they will be on all day long so there is time to catch up if you have missed them.
  4. I see they are on all day Friday (12-11-2015) in the Calendar and UPCOMING (on main page), where do you see them all day Saturday?
  5. yes I see i have my days mixed. tomorrow morning 12 am
  6. Thank you thought there might be another place to see scheduled activities.
  7. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Regarding other ways to see scheduled events/activities, while the thread might not quite be updated at the moment we have started to utilize the calendar here in the forums to show the events as well for everyone

    In case it helps anyone to find these (please excuse random absurd image size on the first one):
    We try to update it as we go along for everyone :)

    Edit: Can we please stick to the subject at hand please (Cold Wave event)
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  8. Nice time table.
  9. Hello, as I see this change:
    Name: Icy Rocket R-IC3

    “The target player gets a speed debuff of 100% (stopped) for 2 seconds. This can be interrupted or prevented by using EMP, Travel Mode Ability (Citadel) and AfterBurner (Lightning Design).”

    Hit Chance: 100%

    I want to ask what can I do to be missed by fired ice rocket. Because if there is 100% chance to hit target, I really don't know how ship, which I shoot, can be missed by my own ice rocket, without using EMP or some ability... thx for answers :)
  10. because most of the stuff we are told is lies, they lie about everything, chances and about cheaters and said facts
  11. They are also missing from the bonus boxes today, seems the scrooge or the grinch has removed all incentives to buy a box doubler with this along with only occasional event boxes in maps, the icy rockets in boxes really are the only reason for me and others to purchase box doubler. I really do despair at this one, words really cannot contain how I feel about this and the general state of the game. The reduced amount of mines on trade is another annoying kick for players too.

    The event gate is fine even without prem if you have the ammo, likely very tough for just basic FE players, likely time consuming too, time also increases flash player ram use which does often lead to crashes on lower end machines, as said before a 2GB+ video card helps here as with my 4GB card am ok past 3GB flash player memory usage though I have noticed porting to another map seems to reduce this memory use somewhat.

    I got popped on the last wave in the hard gate, all that was left were small icy in the corners, went back into the gate after I respawned and the gate auto completed. There was no Skoll to spawn the smaller icy so not sure this is working as intended in this specific scenario.

    The new Calendar idea is very good but could be improved: Add in a script or spreadsheet to calculate local players event time for each servers time zone and daylight saving time, shouldn't be too hard to add in along with upgrade bonus hour and when boxes are available in maps.
  12. If you are missing the target either they are the aforementioned ships already using the ability or they are cheaters. Cheaters need to have a video sent to SUPPORT to report and give proof, but again I have heard unless you have a REPOIR with SUPPORT they will do nothing for you. But as the chance of a hit is 100% there is nothing they can do to prevent being hit by them.
    WHY can you not be happy that the EXTRA boxes are out and you are getting items usually not found in the NORMAL boxes or amounts are increased when it is in the NORMAL boxes. You are boxing anyway so you are getting something for your dollar, quit WITCHING.

    The icy's spawned in the final wave of Gate are not spawned as a wave but from SKOLL and as such if you die before killing them they can not respawn unless the SKOLL has respawned. Since you died before the gate completed (NPC's still in map) it had to be entered into again to complete the cycle. It is silly to jump into the gate just to return to x-1 map but it is normal routine when you have NPC's left to kill whether spawned as a wave or a defense mechanism, drag SKOLL to far side of map and kami the icy's in the corner after they run to the corner and then you don't have to worry about them (I believe he only spawns 4 waves of them). I did it in a FE Goli with 9 LF-4's and Apis drone. Lost 4 lives (yes I died before killing the icy's as they were all in one corner and as all 4 spawnings were hitting me at once popped very fast) entered the gate and had it auto complete. But next time you get icy's to run to corner stop attack on SKOLL and go kami that batch of icy's start attack on SKOLL again and repeat till SKOLL does not spawn any more and then kill him.

    As far as the request to have a more detailed information of what D O is going to do YOU can read the information in the forums "UNOFFICIAL: DARK ORBIT REVEALED" but if you are playing everyday and see the items in the maps then why does it matter if they are posted as being out or not? The Bonus Boxes are usually out for a 24 hour period (yes there was a glitch with the Kuiper Gate Boxes when Event originally started and another when they were finally put into the maps) but then they were there for the rest of the event run time. Now why would they want to do something smart by providing activities when the most people are already playing? This is more than likely what they have done to select the time they are running these events (so they can attempt to increase map usage at a slow period) however, IF you recall they have always used the 7-10 pm window for most of there SCHEDULED activity events (Level Invasion Gate, Space Ball, TDM, Crazy Cubikons, etc.) so why would they change it for our requests of doing it when there are more people to participate in it?

    Quit trying to change the small items in the game and just enjoy that you are playing the game and getting extra stuff when D O decides to give them to you.
  13. I don't think that every 4th goli which I shoot has ability of venge or citadel :) And I don't think they are cheaters.... rather I'd like to read "it's not really 100% like PLD-8 etc.".
    Support can't do anything with them, I know, I was on support in other country 2 years back..
    Today I realised that it can be missed by ISH, which is active at moment of hit (not later). But still i think that 100% is not 100%, because sometimes I am missed, too. Without ISH or something another (I fly on pusat).
  14. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    I have just seen the easy winter mission 07, this is supposed to be for lvl 6 to lvl 15.

    Collect Terbium x20 on an enermy map
    Collect Endurium x20 on an enermy map
    Collect Prometium x20 on an enermy map
    Watch your tail don't get killed
    You have 24hrs to compleate the mission

    This is supposed to be easy to give the the lower levels a bit of a chance to take part in the winter event but in reality it's mission impossible and just cannon fodder for the higher lvls. A lvl 6 player with basic kit as no chance at all, on all the gates there are campers waiting for the lower lvls to come through and get a free lunch. I think the devs should reshape this mission after looking up the word easy in the oxford English dictionary. The game is far to one sided as it is putting on so called easy missions that are not possible to complete will just drive even more lower level players away. DO need to change this create cannon fodder policy to gain the confidence of the lower lvls again. To often as it been said from the dev team that the game will be put back in balance but these seem to be empty words. For most lower lvl's the winter event is now over and they will feel more let down more than ever.
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  15. By the way where did you find this information as I am still awaiting a response from support regards the accuracy of these rockets since 28th October, almost 7 weeks ago! (yes I did search the forum though obviously not hard enough)

    The 100% hit chance is curious as I have several videos of people who are unaffected by icy rockets even when they are not using an insta shield or emp and I have a precision targetter running. There also seem to be some other people who have a script/tool/hack that instantly returns fire with an icy rocket once you use one on them.
  16. Only lvl13 and up can do that quest to go on x-2 you need lvl 13
  17. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Exactly my point easy quests are supposed to be level 6 to level 15 so any one not having level 13 can't do the quest as the x-2 map is locked and they can't collect the reds to complete the mission. Those under level 13 who have accepted the mission will only be able to enter the x-4 map or x-3 map according to level that's why its a mission impossible.
  18. love dark orbit i 100% free play so i dont whont to complane BUT i em from Australia and events are only on in the morning so it is hard to do, I em ,pm when usa is am and vice verse this is during work time lol and when it was on at my pm lone greedy ufe players would gust soot you of them managed to do them by coming on when i should NOT and got a good friend to help lucky thay were in the mode because thay had all ready finished i wont to buy a game card but thay are not available in west Australia but at funny shops 400 km away in the city, please make them available at Woolworths thay stock lots of different specialty cards or target
  19. Zborlin

    Zborlin User

    Nothing much to say... As a sub-fe on brazil(9 SGN3-BO2, 4 LF-3 rest LF-2, 5 iris, 2 flax ) I was able to complete the Easy gate. I think as well that the rewards were bad. I wasted over 50 000 X2 ammo, 20 000 x3 ammo. Only profit was in creds. It was indeed easy, but relatively boring. Skoll took a long while.
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