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  1. crazytoon

    crazytoon User

    My gamer name is -fuzzyball- i play in us east server and alot of people are getting bored because some of these small servers we have ufe accounts in and hardly anyone to kill i think that mods should make it where maybe we have to pay a certain amount of money to bring our ufe account to another server i believe alot of people will like that.
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  2. I agree my sever is pretty empty too. But emerging servers don't think will happen any time soon.
  3. `Luke

    `Luke User

    I agree, It is dead, no one to fight, so I go hunt noobs and make them quit the game. There is no other option. Unless there are more players to fight. In US1 server its small enough to kill everyone enough times not to get rank points anymore.
  4. Omega

    Omega User

    most of them want them to combine the servers .but they are to dense to understand that if they don't do that , the game will die as more and more players quit
  5. I would almost agree on the merging of servers as I find there are not that many playing but then I get to noticing a number of things.

    1. A lot of people start playing the game but still have other things going on in their lives. They work, go to school, watch tv, spend time with family. The list can go on and on.
    2. Look at your posting times. Something I did not mention above is sleep. Just how many people do we really expect to be a night owl and play from midnight to school or work call?
    I don't think that not merging the servers will make the game die out. Merging them may make more players quit actually since even though it is a PVE game, new players hate getting killed, especially before being able to get to the upper maps. Even veteran players hate getting popped. You see it in the hilarious global chat.

    Anyways, I just finished deleting another 7 contacts due to inactivity. Not sure there is anything I could have done to prevent them leaving. I am on daily, from 15 minutes to 3 hours minimum. Seem I always see the same players, but I would have to say the ones I see are having fun. :cool:
  6. Railgunner

    Railgunner User

    Merging servers definitely won't help and paying to be in a server like that is kind of pointless. You want to pay to kill a pilot that is paying to kill you? Might as well weigh your wallets and determine the victor that way...

    Six years ago, this game promoted hard work, effort, and teamwork. Now with all the updates, putting effort instead of money into this game is just goofy. Don't get me wrong, spending on a game is a good thing as long as it is within reason. Hunting can be done pretty much solo now and how hard people hit nowadays definitely turned new players away. The cost to be the best has made veteran players to reduce the amount of time they put into DO. People that still spend tons of money are the ones that feel if they stop spending that everything they have obtained was for nothing...which it kind of is. They're definitely caught between a rock and a hard place. DO counted on the few that were huge spenders instead of the many that spent few....that's what killed our beloved game.

    RIP Dark Orbit 2008
  7. I asked about this in my country forums, we happen to have 2 great mods (not just chat mods, people who actually know things).

    "What do you mean by saying it is not technically possible to merge servers and do game developers realize that merging servers could really bring more new and old players to DO since no one does not want to play on an empty server"

    "Yes, this has been thought about and it still is, but like other mod said it is currently technically "impossible".

    Which means that without massive changes into current systems the merging of servers is impossible.

    No further information about this is available, like said before this has been suggested before and the answer has always been the same. But it has not been completely excluded that this might be available someday in the future.

    Future will tell what will happen with this subject
  8. Omega

    Omega User

    really ? its impossible ? its not that hard to merge 2 servers . lol does it all the time .all the time .wartune . tanki etc . just make it so u have the same equipment on every server or just have multiple hall of fames big whop
  9. How about no, don't make me spam this thread with why I don't like this -_-, then again I barley play and shouldn't really care but ya.


    It's been impossible to merge servers, today it's still not possible. Hopefully it will be possible some day, I'd love to meet new people on this game....
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  11. How about would be better, to move to MORE populated servers, that might give action back to the game, since dead servers... well not much PvP or help to there, it would also makes auctions more interesting
  12. I am for merging the servers not only because of the potential for PvP, but so I have more people to talk to and generally be around. It is a lot less boring knowing there are more than just you and 3 other people on a server at one time. This game is supposed to be played with a lot more people than are currently present on the servers.
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  13. I am also in support of server merges. If I'm not mistaken Battlestar Galactica Online has undergone some server merges so I don't see why we can't have them here. From what i here and a few I've seen, servers are really low and there are times when you can go through 2 or 3 maps without seeing 1 other player. This would be a big help to struggling servers.
  14. We also have to remember that they could have purposely added the capability for server merging when they created Battlestar Galactica, and did not anticipate the need for it when DarkOrbit was created.
  15. Raveman100

    Raveman100 User

    Auctions on certain items are already out of reach of a lot of players with the high ranked pvp crowd bidding up everything that makes your ship stronger. Try getting a shield booster for less than 60 million credits.
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  16. To be fair, a shield booster isn't an essential and shouldn't be priority except for certain situations, unless of course you have credits/uridium to waste.

    Here are all my replies from old server merge threads, enjoy.

    These are past replies I've made on the subject. This is all copy and pasted and should be sufficient to stifle all of you and give other suggestions in place of server merges. Enjoy.

    How about no, why you might ask, well the amount of things that could go wrong is through the roof, entire accounts could and probably would be lost, equipment and other things as well, even if they got all that right ranks would be destroyed, players that paid for ranks suddenly lose ranks.

    One of my posts from another server merge thread:

    I have to disagree with everything on this thread for so many reasons, server merging, I just don't like the idea, it would be a waste of time and they'd screw it up, piss off player, etc, besides that, ranks would get further ruined, what about event ranks as well. Server merging would only be a temporary fix to a growing problem, the game needs advertisement and change and new players.

    A server merge would just cram players together and eventually those players would slowly quit, remaining players ask for more server merges, eventually 1 or 2 servers are left and no one players them, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if the game became lively again after a server merge, they'd have to remake servers. Some say server merges are impossible, I'm sure it's possible but would be worthless and would do more harm then good.


    Server merges wouldn't be beneficial, some players have accounts on multiple servers, the simple fact remains that one day the servers would be over-crowded and they'd have to make more, it's pointless to merge servers then have to re-make one's you've deleted. The second idea is alright, the first seems pointless to me.


    Unless everyone kept their ranks, the ranks would be destroyed, even if that happened, RP's would be through the roof and their already bad enough. Other ranks would be messed up and jumbled together. I don't have much faith in BP to do any of this right. Don't forget if someone had an account on two servers that were to be merged, what would happen to one of the accounts, all the progress on it, money possibly put into it?

    I could predict players quitting for a number of reasons from things going wrong with the server merges and said problems not being rectified to losing things on accounts or losing accounts entirely, again I don't think BP could do any of this right to begin with.

    There's a number of other things BP could do besides server merging that would be more beneficial in the long run, especially financially. Unfortunately they're to stupid to try and make the game more active, do you think they'd attempt a server merge? That would hinder any remaining profits.


    How about no.


    They've been trying and mostly failing to fill the dead servers, if they merged servers and the newly active servers became over crowded then they'd just have to recant the whole server merge anyways, meaning its just a short term fix which in the end would cost more and do more harm then good, the amount of data would probably be to much to keep track of and I wouldn't put it past DO to screw up everything and ruin entire accounts, why delete accounts for this monstrosity of an idea, if I had to choose I'd say don't delete any of my accounts, you forget ranks as well, event rankings and clan and player ranks, people pay money to achieve certain ranks and I'm sure they'd be less then happy to lose said rank.


    The players that lost ranks in one thing or another would likely be upset, they'd most likely quit cause the maps to be just as dead, in the event of that more server merges happen, then more, eventually one or two servers are left with no one playing and ranks of all sorts are in complete shambles.
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  17. BORG1

    BORG1 User

    Who said server merges is impossible is 100% wrong it can be done.
    Im playing another game at the moment and they just merged servers and let me tell you merging them is the biggest mistake ever because they lost a lot of players and BP if they ever did that they would be in the same boat even less players.

    Merging servers would just be a short term fix they want to sort the other things out first like how to keep players.

    ive said it many times before increase the uri you buy because its been the same from day one, get rid of chance etc theres so many things to add , but it always falls on deaf ears.

    This game is all about money and only thing would change things is if everyone stopped spending then they would have to do something , but I cant see that happening to many sheep like to spend lol money down the drain (fact) so I blame the players.
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  18. Actually, I like the dead servers because I can accomplish me PvE quests without the hassle of :rolleyes: ATTACKS!

    BSG is great because you can see your enemy miles away - lol :p Just hit the enemy 'E' button over and over hahaha ;)
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  19. you're preaching to the choir it's the powers above that don't want to know
  20. `Luke

    `Luke User

    Combine the servers!
    (repeat this enough, and it will happen)