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  1. Lucci[AZ3]

    Lucci[AZ3] User

    Dude not "somewhere" every item,honor,exp etc is SAVED in a database.
    Doesnt matter LoL or DarkOrbit or even a tiny smartphone game like CoC.English isnt my main lang. so I have not the possiblity to discuss this a bit detailed.
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Just as well since you obliviously don't understand the limitations of how DO is coded so the whole argument is pointless.
  3. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    Boss Adam, I understand that you don't like the idea and you are afraid of your accounts, but stop spamming the entire thread.
    In my opinion, rank is entirely useless and i prefer to be a good fighter than to be a colonel or I don't know what.
    For everything exists a solution, but you need patience and work. Do may merge the servers if they really want to, but they consider that it isn't a major problem. Sincerely i can't see a "crowded" server only if they merge at least 4 servers in one, while merging two empty servers will make one almost empty.
    The rank is based on the number of players so the biggest problem will be with the generals and basic generals.
    Probably with that loyalty update, we will have a better opinion about what is rank and what it should be rank.
  4. You opened more than 1 T&A...weep :eek: Which accounts gets merged is the problem o_O
  5. "Boss" Adam you clearly know nothing about how databases work, firstly I'm sure that the databases for all Bigpoint games get backed up daily/monthly. Secondly, if you'd been to Gamescom you can see that they can port any account to any server (like they did when they put the accounts on GE7). They would most likely write a script that moves accounts automatically (which could go seriously wrong if they didn't employ SysAdmins with years of experience in their field - but they do, these guys know what they're doing and their job is completely different to developers so you can tar them all with the same brush).

    You say that moving accounts to a merged server would only fix the problem temporarily and the game will still die out - erm, no. The remaining players have been here for years building up accounts, so combining a more active server won't make the game die out it would most likely lengthen the life of game (ask any remaining Dark Orbit player on inactive servers what they think BP should do to make the game interesting again) as no amount of advertising is going to make new players want to spend thousands of dollars or thousands of hours of time to get to UFE status.

    Changing the ranking system would be fine in my opinion; you'd have a few people that moan but you'd have many people that actually like the idea.

    A server merge is one of the more likely things BP could do (they're not going to strip features, or change prices) to breath life back into the game.
  6. Einstein

    Einstein User

    Funny thing is I play a lot of flash based games which servers have been merged so in reality BP can do it just they choose not to at the moment and for the players crying for a server merge would regret it in the long run it would only be a short term fix.
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  7. How would it?
  8. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    More and more and more bugs + Same game-play everyday = death
  9. I don't like this idea yes. I don't know why I would be afraid of my accounts though. Rank is useless to many but some chase ranks and pay to chase ranks, besides that, we have event ranks and clan ranks and so on. I'm sure players would quit just over ranks being further destroyed if a server merge happened. Besides that, the game would still be in the same state, eventually the now combined servers die off and players ask for more server merges and so on, eventually a few servers with no players are left, this I've already said though. The game needs a change, not a patch to temporarily fix things. We need new players, not the same old players thrown onto one server to duke it out until they start quitting again.

    About the spam, I never said this was not spam, I can agree to an extent it was spam, but if you actually took the time to read my post the first time, I wouldn't have to repeat myself, I pretty much shut down any argument on the subject and offer other ways of making the game better and more active, mostly resting with BP who don't seem to care unfortunately. You can't call a train wrecking argument spam unless you can argue against it either :).

    You seem arrogant and yet so foolish, obvious bully fail lol. Why are you even talking to me about database's when I never brought them up, I never brought up Gamescom either. I never even claimed to have any knowledge in these fields, I just know DO would screw everything up when merging several servers and it wouldn't be pretty. I never said that a server merge couldn't be done either, I said the opposite, you should try reading my entire post next time. I never brought up moving single accounts either, that I also don't like though, especially if there was a fee which is kind of ludicrous. You say they have super developers and yet the game is still glitchy as hell, I don't think a script to move accounts or do the server merging would go well either. Another thing is stay on the topic of server merges, not single account movement.

    I don't know what you don't get about temporary, that's all this is. The same game and the same players crammed together on a server, first you'd lose rank chasers would had their ranks destroyed, then everyone else would slowly quit as well, more server merges would be requested, with this chain, you'd destroy the game completely and utterly. A patch won't fix this problem. Yes players have been here building up accounts for years but many have already left, just because they've worked on accounts doesn't mean they'll stay, this already having been proven. The game also needs more then advertisement to change for the better, I wouldn't expect BP to change their ways though. That extra length of time in which the game is lively would be short lived I'm sure. The ranks could use some changes.
  10. `Luke

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    Dont care for all the details, my server is dying, I am sure many others are too. As a paying customer, I would like to either have a server merge or have the ability to transfer my account to a different server.

    Those who agree make yourself heard.
  11. Too many contradictions in 1 post. How can you be so bigoted against something you clearly no nothing about? My whole post went over your head I think.
  12. Adam, disagree with your posts...They are in to much detail..Be succint!

    HOW about NO?
  14. Server merges are a good idea. There again, maybe not.
  15. Abner3

    Abner3 User

    I don't think its time to merge servers yet... maybe merge the REALLY low populated servers but that's it. But that might change in a year from now
  16. Combine the Servers :D
  17. Every reader...spam this thread! Merge the servers...protest! :confused: Get better employees DO.
  18. Raveman100

    Raveman100 User

    Here are my main objections to a server merge -- and I have accounts on USA East 1, 2 and 3 (GB1 also):
    First, I play other servers to get away from the idiots who pollute my main server USA East1, it's a vacation from the knuckleheads. Gives me a chance to relax and play at a different pace.

    Second, combining the servers is only going to bring all the trash players from the other servers all into one neat annoying package. Anyone who plays multiple servers can tell you there are hated players on all of them.

    Lastly, US2 is more mellow and laid back. US3 more like US1. Why play my other accounts or other versions of my main if I don't have somewhere ELSE to do it... all of mine will be on one server and all the effort I put into making those other ships or records from my main being on all three will be pointless. All the gear, EP, URI I built up ... pointless. I would not be happy. I can barely stand this game anymore with all the garbage players and their multicompany clans, scripts, gimmicks, bug-using, etc.... more of the same is going to push a lot of people to other games. Why would I want to see them piled into one server annoying the heck out of everyone. We have enough of that now (which has been a major factor in people leaving the game).
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  19. You will see that whether the merge happens or not.

    The game was at it's best when we had thousands of players playing at the same time. More things to do. More PVP. It was more fun.

    Today, you fly around for 30 minutes looking for someone. Alot of players get bored for being the only people in the game.
  20. You'll see ''that'' yes but to a greater extent if you cram more trash players together with server merges, besides this thread is supposed to be dead, server merges are bad and evil.
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