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  1. SauronL

    SauronL User

    hm, ridiculous idea
  2. if the servers do get merged the main problem is gonna be rank points. How would the rank points earned so far, for me, 6 years of rank points be calculated with players from other servers also bringing their rank points with them? It would be mayhem lol :D
  3. SauronL

    SauronL User

    why u always talking about mergin servers ? its not even possible to do it . Rather create some normal idea and talk about it
  4. Combine or close, I suggest rank starts from zero, compensation for rank (and titles)...
    Besides, it was not long ago dark orbit cut rank from players...
    It's a game, they can change whatever they want!
  5. Okapi32

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    Some players have been playing for almost a decade and made over 20 million rankpoints in that time, how is it even possible to begin to compensate those people if you wipe out years and years worth of work they have put into their rank?
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  6. Your just insane, just please stop it.
  7. Shame on them then innit? Games gone down hill, let those people keep chasing their rank whilst nobody plays..It'll be them chasing their own high scores in the end...LOL...
    I'm entitled to my opinion...Whether I'm sane or not is not nothing to do with you, the game or anyone else?
  8. Rank points and rank badges only matter to noobs. They could just dovetail the players from several servers into 1. With more active accounts there would be more players at each rank so I dont see why there would be a problem, and if people are gonna quit because they no longer have a top rank they were just worthless easy kills anyways.
  9. When your insane opinion effects other players and calls for the destruction of the game I think it has something to do with me and others and I'd say your insanity shouldn't be viewed as a valid or credible opinion. Go back and read some of my other posts on this thread so you understand why server merges are evil ;), after that you can refrain from posting and let this abomination of a thread die off permanently this time.

    Those that paid to specifically chase ranks provide kills for hunters so them quitting means let prey for you, less traffic and less money is also bad for the game as a whole so your literally calling for the destruction of the game, whether blatant or unintended, its bad either way and you should really think this evil idea through and realize that it sucks. Your also calling for robbery on a massive scale and saying its not a big deal if some players lose hard earned ranks that they ''PAID'' and/or ''WORKED'' for. Though players have put up with highway robbery before, something of this magnitude would cause untold damage to the game and most likely have legal repercussions up the wazoo. Without considering anything else, your specific suggestion is a financial disaster and a game killer, so ya, stop it.

    You noobs need to let this thread die again, its for the good of mankind lol.
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  10. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Lets just ask everyone who want to keep their rank and who dont want. :) , so that could be fair against you so you can have 0 , cuz u really need it asa u complaining here
  11. Saroun if you actually read what Cowboy says then you will realise that other players agree with my point? Duh!
    Anyway, I do have rank and I was a 2 star previously...
    TBH I dont care about rank, I prefer players in the map!!
  12. Another point, if top players quit
    because of their rank
    (Doubt they will because of a poxy badge, y fronts have a better design)

    , it would be a win win for dark orbit, because the game would be able to recruit lots of NEWBS!!
    Big LOLSSS.....
    "I think I may quit coz Dark orbit will eventually combine the servers...AND I'M REALLY SCARED..."

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  13. Dynamo

    Your grammar is awful!
  14. Your ignoring those that agree that server merges are bad though, it sickens me, I think you completely ignored my last post that kind of destroyed your point and I'm fairly sure I told you to scram.

    You have no grounds to insult my grammar despite it not being amazing when your posts are a mess, lets not forget you double posted to rage and insult while completely veering off topic because you can't come up with a good argument that makes server merges seem good, you blindly scream for more players yet know nothing, be gone now and try not to waste my time with your next post.
  15. How about no.
  16. Are you to incompetent and immature to formulate an intelligent reply to defend your beloved idea and actually refute the points I bring up?


  18. Everyone of you forgets one pretty important Thing...

    Server merges ok... More Players ok... Full Maps ok... Fun ok...

    But all Bugusers from different Servers will be together on 1 Server right now... That won't be fun for you to have an Army of Venezuelan, Seprom Bugged and shared Accounts on your Server...
  19. Dynamo, you are a gassed up guy.
  20. Good, then support will be able to put all their efforts on one server, and get the trash cleared out.
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