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  1. something needs to be done doesn't it. everyone seems to agree on that. time for the guys that get paid to do this earned their money!
    liking flash's idea right now, seems well thought out and sensible.
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  2. Do has no other option I play sinds 2006 and never seen this if they do not do it we will leave do maybe because it's getting boring

    Combine servers I put this as my name if I come home if we all do this

    And when their is one strong clan they dominate the whole server like come one it's not even fun no more running all the time
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  3. My Internet speed is 178.8 MBPS the game is feeling like snail pace speed. I sent message to support they ignored it or I should say did not answer. Lot of people talking about it in the clan chats but I can't find anything on it. I love the game when the game works well. At the speed right now I just log off and don't play. Does anyone out there know when or even if they are looking to fix their servers? I have been playing for about 6 years and there are problems from time to time which is to be expected but when the game becomes nearly unplayable because you feel like you are flying a Model-T that's not good and I want to play. I don't play any other game but DO. Now Ranked 19.
  4. I has been messing up recently
  5. Merging servers will not achieve anything in the long term. For a short space of time you will have an influx of players, but then they'll tire of things and quit anyway. There's plenty of other things that could be done to help keep people in the game like making the game better value for uridium/money. Let's be honest, this game has never been value for money and it certainly has not been value for uridium on uridium only items especially upgrades, they would offer better value being 60% cheaper for the miniscule bonus you get from them! Upgrades along with the cheating has seen a lot of people quit or reduce what they spend on the game.

    Look what has happened to buying uridium now, the bonus is no longer on top of the uri you're buying! You buy 150,000 uri now your bonus is included within the 150,000 so you're effectively paying £35 for 109,485 uri! Before you could buy 150,000u and get a 12% bonus on top, now, you're just ripped off and with what they have done to buying uri is just going to put more people off from buying the stuff. Let's face it, 330,000u is not worth £70.00. Just vastly overpriced non-existent stuff uri is. I'd give them £40 tops for 330,000u! Buying uri was never value for money before but with these changes, uridium is even less value for money now.

    People new to the game whom do not spend anything on the game, they're more prone to quit within a few weeks or months of playing because of how hard it is for them to get anywhere and they cannot earn enough credits to bid on stuff and these are players who do not have much spare time as well, they have other things to do in life, they are not going to sit there for 4+ hours ever day playing the game like some people do because they have no life.

    Maybe these new players signing up, they could be given a free goli or veng with 5 B02's and 5 LF-3's to help get them started so they can stand a chance of earning some credits to fill up on LF-2s and other shields while saving up for bids on elite lasers/shields. Maybe even slip in some additional quests for LF-3's, LF-4's and B02's, quests that are not difficult for them to do while still offering a significant challenge.

    But then look at the quests now, most of them have puny amounts of uri for completion now, the larger majority have no lump sum of honour points. Most of the quest rewards are a joke now.

    And the so-called deals are not deals at all and are not worth the asking price. Even rebate and doubler has been reduced in the time they last for yet price remains the same! Just another rip off!

    More poor value is the boosters. I accept when they first came out the 24 hours each one last for was just for the release of them, but let's be honest, they went down to 12 hours, then down to 10 hours while still costing 10,000u.

    I think the hourly auctions should have included things like the top 3 highest bidders for each item wins it for whatever their bid was. This would help a lot of new players out in actually winning elite equipment so they can actually get somewhere in the game, giving them the chance of actually winning LF-3's and B02's so they can become at least basic FE. I know some say you can become basic FE in no time these days, but let's be honest, this is coming from people playing the game 8+ hours per day when they have no life, no job, no nothing and their whole world revolves around Dark Orbit, just sad. A lot of players are barely on 8 hours per week, the kind of players I am referring to, so it takes them 6+ months to get basic FE because they have work, lives, other things to do.

    And let us not forget the excessively extortionate uri price for unlocking new slots on the PET! Ouch! Disgusting. And a lot of PET stuff is overpriced too!

    Greed destroys everything and big point have become too greedy and this greed is having a negative impact on the game in driving players away whether they spend money or not...
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  6. we need to merge all the servers, make one PVE and one PVP.

  7. 2 games that allow server transfers:

    League of Legends (27 million players per day)
    World Of Warcraft (100+ million registered accounts)

    Not saying that these games allowing server transfers are the reason they're so successful, but I'm pretty sure at some point they've evaluated server transfers and thought that they're beneficial for the expansion of the game (the proof is there that they're right)
  8. They could take away the option for new players to choose which server they want and funnel those into the really dead ones as long as those new players are geographically close to the server they are funneled into., e.g., instead of US West 1 put them into the probably more dead server US West 4. Once you're placed in a server and spend money you more than likely will stay there permanently until you get bored and want to create accounts on other servers.
  9. ramnik

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    i like flashs idea lol, defo they should do that
  10. Bakjam

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    Agreed, +1 though combine with care ^^ servers to crowded or with basically on giant company, won't help anyone neither.

  11. This would be a good idea but the map would be really crowded imagine servers GE1, GE 2 , GE 3? That would be 200+ people in one map.

    I suggest that they implement an option to merge servers. That way they could make some sort of TOC that people agree to when they change servers. Those TOC would explain that Rank might or might not change because of the transfer.
  12. I myself have paid alot of money to become a 3 star on a sever that has fewer then 500 active players. While i am on of the most hated people on this sever and have plenty of people to shoot i also miss the days of 100 plus ship kills whithout ever getting noticed.
    Mergers happen everyday in the real world and somethimes they work and sometimes they dont. My question is if we cant have 90 percent lag free playing time now what would happen to the severs if combined. D.O. cant seem to put out good updates bug free yeat no matter how long they have been in buisness i dont think this time would be any diffrent. Having said all that if it could be done with min. pain then i would gladly give up my rank to have 3, 4 , or even 10 times the ship kills to compete with. I my self love this game and enjoy playing with freinds but i dont enjoy all the crud that comes with changes that the support team roles out without first getting right.
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    Combine the servers BP and do as you're dam well told to, (WE the paying customer) that pays your wages and keeps this game going, or I will start a (Boycott) against BP, you have been forewarned for the last time!! Ban me if you like, I'll just get another IP and so on!
  14. As someone who has his own business on computer systems and computer languages I can tell you, You got lied to.

    Server Merging while very complex and tricky to do is still possible, It would require a alot of changes to current systems, For example algorithms would have to changed and adjusted to cope with the stress and strain of having LOADS of new players on a server.
    This came is coded in PHP All what you see is done through php vector's, While php is a scripting language, its not always that reliable.

    You're all also forgetting one thing, a server is a physical entity, Not virtual, What you see on the game page is not what you see in the real world, a server is a something that is connected to a network, While i'm all for the idea, Think about one thing, LAG. Just to combat this in the tiniest bit they would have to massively increase their reliability of their network infrastructure. Although very costly to do, It can be done and if they see no financial gain from it, why would they do it?

    Let me put this in terms the people with an IQ less then 5 would understand.

    Server merging can be done but would require alot of funds (Money) and a whole re-do of their current code, Leaderboard's, gate rankings, Ep rankings, everything would have to be redone to cope with all the new UFE's and none UFE's not mention the space map, The people who use to play the old client, Remember how bad the lag use to be when there was a massive company fight? My point exactly.

    While we may see a long term and short term gain of this, What would they get out of it? True I understand you guys are saying about how a lot of old players and big spenders would come back if this happened but...Where's your proof that they would come back?
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  15. I agree with this. You can see how bad the lag can be with busier servers when on the test server. I can just imagine how the GE, & GA servers are. I have been tempted to play on one of them but why put myself through all the lag stress... Anyone really wanting a busier server should just start playing there. I realize it means your starting over but seriously, it sounds like you are bored now where you are. Starting over won't hurt...that bad... :rolleyes:
  16. FLASH's idea is the best i've seen so far
    I also have my own suggestion even though this idea has probably been stated several times over I'm going to say it anyway..
    DarkOrbit needs to merge the servers because smaller servers like east 2 east 3.. gb2.. gb1... etc are dieing because there is no one to play with. Most people enjoy talking with people and shooting aliens with them, people who like to hunt are running out of people to shoot.. you can go 20 minutes through maps before seeing some1..
    Im not saying merge all the servers simply the smaller ones that are in the same regional location.. Like gb1 gb2 = 1 server
    us east 1 usa east 2 usa east 3= 1 server etc
    One of the problems is people who have multiple ships on 1 account? if they happen to get merged onto the same server simply separate the accounts
    Another problem.. the rank points.. i think it would be possible if they simply redo the ranking system and instead of having for instance having .5% colonel's maybe make it 1% and so on
    @Okapi32 I've heard rumors of dark orbit becoming a download game in the future so if that indeed comes to pass would that make it easier for a merge??
  17. OK I absolutely agree we need to be able to not jump servers but combine them! East coast 1-3 need to be combined not only will it make the server larger but you wont have to update multiple servers all the time and you will most likely gain profit because you have all active players in a good server same goes with other servers you can combine ( east coast servers was just a example not discluding any other servers)
  18. Ok maybe not combine the servers but some of the maps like battle maps or is that the same as combine the servers? thought it was a good idea my server battle maps be empty..
  19. I left east 1 for east 3 because the players on east 1 were a bunch of butt munches to put it nicely. Now that you're bored you say I should have to play on that server again? Hell no! You want to be on a more active server just start a new ship on one.
  20. Combine the servers! Please!