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    The controls for Dark Orbit are very simple; you can use a mouse, keyboard or a combination of both.


    Your spaceship is located in the center of the map. You can simply click on the map to navigate around space; your ship will travel to wherever you clicked on the map.

    For continuous travel in this manner: keep the left mouse button held down, and the ship will follow the cursor.

    You can also use the mini-map to navigate, if you click a destination on the mini map your ship will fly towards it unless the destination is changed, or you click on the space map.

    Your destination and travel path is shown by the blue line on the space map. Your current location is shown "in the cross hairs".


    To attack an enemy you can click on them and click the laser or missile button. You can also double click an enemy if that option is selected in the settings menu.

    There are also keyboard shortcuts for laser and missile attacks; control (Ctrl) for laser and spacebar for missile.
    You can also use the shortcut bar to attack with different types of ammo; that is described later on for you
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