Cooldown Reduction should affect multiple things

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by HunterCataOfficial, Jan 5, 2022.

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  1. Currently, cooldown reduction affects only abilities. It should affect multiple things such as the following:
    • Rocket Cooldown
      • It is different from a laser, since a laser doesn't have a cooldown, but a firing rate. Rockets have a cooldown once you fire them. I'm talking about the normal rockets and the special rockets aswell, special rockets such as PLD-8, DCR-250, etc.
    • Rocket Launcher Cooldown
      • We all know how long they take to cool off before we use them. Cooldown reduction can help with that.
    • P.E.T. Gear Cooldown
      • Example: When you use the Kami module, that gear enters a cooldown. Cooldown reduction should decrease its' cooldown. This would also make P.E.T.'s Cargo Trader used more often than currently. I fail to give an example as to who uses this gear, sadly.
    • Mines Cooldown
      • There are mines with cooldown, such as the regular mines, ISH, Smart Bomb, etc. These should be affected by the cooldown reduction. It can also help defend our CBS-es better.
    • Extras Cooldown
      • Maybe the Peace Ambassador CPU can be affected, since it goes on a cooldown and enables PVP mode. PvE users that accidentally activated PvP mode would have to wait less if they would've had cooldown reduction boosters.
  2. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    Aye, I agree with this 100%.

    And also put the cooldown booster in the Auction!
  3. The mine reload time is good the way it is, don't want a player to use ISH every 20 sec. I would like a faster kami and cargo trader reload time but that would also mean a faster pet link reload time which I would not like. Maybe the faster rocket reload time would be good but that's really the only thing I like. Curious to see what other players think.
  4. I would rather pick ISH every 20 seconds than death in 5 seconds. Personal preference.

    It is balanced by the fact that you'd require 75% CDR.

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