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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    In yesterday's Twitch feed, Jörg and Sergei asked for ideas for using credits in game. They explained the kind of thing they want and we look forward to seeing your ideas.


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  2. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    all item should get a credit buy option.... drone formations- 100k uri or 100m credits. LF4s in the shop! 10mil credits each. and so on. that would solve 'excess' credits
  3. jackknife

    jackknife User

    You can buy a lot for credits, that is everything on the auction. Therefore the question becomes what can you not buy for credits GG spins and of course URI along with pay cash for items.

    My option would be GG spins since they give the opportunity to win LF4s. I would also put log files for credits at a certain price so a person could get a PP in a reasonable time.

    Big time, 2x should be a credit ammo it is great for new players( cheap players:cool: ) and is wasted on UfEs

    Maybe even green keys?

    Just my two credits worth, Jack
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  4. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Maybe credits can be used to rent items for a certain amount of time? Like maybe for around 50mil you can rent a citadel for a week, 100mil you can rent an aegis for a week? That way people will have a use for credits, but won't say that they are overly OP.
  5. Lets be real million credits for lf4 is cheap I can buy 1000 lf4s with that LF4s should never be for sale at all. Drone formations for million is very cheap It is so easy to farm credits It should be for at least 250million or no credits at all or I fear this game would just be to easy to build accounts. That is part of the fun in this game working hard on your account to enjoy it not getting credits from clan and becoming ufe.
  6. Off topic slightly, how about removing items from Bonus Boxes like J P Euros and Credits (since we have an overabundance of them) and adding more items that might be of more use to a new player (they even get an overabundance from their cargo sells, when they get cargo from NPC kills) Rockets or an occasional Repair Credit.

    Credits needing more use in game, okay for those who are truly FREE players a Currency Converter would be nice, ability to change Credits to Uridium for a particular rate of exchange (we get 2.5 X of the Uridium price of items sold so say 5 credits = 1 Uridium, if using the Auction for conversion on popular items then maybe as high as 1000:1, my level 12 account could recieve 7200 Uridium from Skylab transfers a day), set a limit on this like the weekly transfer of credits from Clan Tax. Also instead of giving us credits when we sell extra equipment why not give us 50% of the Uridium cost instead of credits (e.g. replaced LF-3 sells for 5K Uridium instead of 25K credits).

    If flying a Credit Ship or have Flax Drones being able to repair them for Credits instead of Uridium or Repair Credits would be nice for New players, giving an option when repairing the PET of paying Uridium or Credits might get more players buying and using Kamikaze gear.

    Re-work the Auctions so we have more ships sold Hourly, Daily, and Weekly, maybe even add things like Formations and Flag Designs to the mix. Pussat could be added to the Weekly, G-Champion could be added to the Daily, Flag designs could be added to the Hourly, and formations depending on price can be added to all three of them. Outdated items like the Rep-3 Bot could be removed as the Rep-4 can be received so cheaply now. Adding the LF-4 to Auction would be nice (but I know it is wishful thinking) maybe added to Shop for 25K Uridium?

    I like the idea of Extra Energy and Log Disks being added to credit purchase. Why limit the Booty Keys to just the Green? If a Booty Chest is dropped, instead of Cargo, it is opened for 15 million credits (just over 9 BK kills) and is turned on like buying Booty Keys in the setup just needs to be programmed for credits instead of Uridium (and does not work for in-map Booty Chests just NPC booty).
    2X ammo is a good idea for the New players and by making it a credit ammo could open the G G M slot for another ammo that might be better suited to being awarded than the MCB-25 we get so much of.

    Save the rental for 4 weeks and you own them in Auction. I thought they wanted ideas on how to use the credits not waste them!

    That is why we had so many big name players leave shortly after the introduction of the LF-4's right? They built their accounts with lots of money and time just to see they were having to start over again and after investing more then they had already spent for their enjoyment seeing they were not the "Lucky" ones, to stay at the top of the pile, left the game in annoyance as they returned to NEWB status. FE+ (full Bio) was a reasonable goal for players in the beginning and now the "lucky" ones have been able to become UFE and the others have to continue to spend their money farming gates to try to get the coveted items, which give no rhyme or reason why doing 15 gates gets nothing and yet another player does 16 and gets something from all but 1, CHANCE rewards helped kill the game and CHANCE is going to be the final nail in the coffin of this game. People are screaming for server merges because maps are empty, maps are empty because everyone is farming G G's, picking Pallidium, or Hunting Newbs trying to get a UFE ship to be able to again kill Newbs because they are the only ones in the maps.
  7. Oh Boy, and I didn't get a phone call about them mentioning that in the twitch... Shame TBH, i have missed the last three and have not gone back to watch them, or listen.

    First thing that needs to be done is the credit upgrade cost needs to be lowered. Its not stopping me from trying but cut a player some slack.

    Repairs for credit ships and flax is already set to Credits. Reminds me, I need to do repairs after my next pop or 2. Pet repairs for credits is a nice idea, for those who have been playing a while and not doing like me. :p Once a player is FE, kami non-prem using credits for repair could help them a lot.

    The entire thing about LF4 in the shop for credits or uri is just wrong, though I knew it would be suggested. The devs say over and over again LF4, Hercs and Havoks are not coming to shop.

    Pretty much everything that is in the shop should be on the auction. I know some of the newer stuff will take time to get there, like the Pusat. Special items that come to the shop from time to time, champ goli anyone, would not go to the auction, nor cosmetic drone designs.

    A lot of players have a lot of credits just stacking up because they just don't do anything with them. Players have the opportunity to bid on boosters, but more won't bother. I waited a long time myself to start bidding on boosters, on my main so I am also guilty of this. You can also bid on mines, cloaks, log disk, ammo... some is cheap, some will bring a couple billion credits to nil in a couple weeks.

    The 2x ammo going credit is something I could get behind. New players live behind a lack of power, and nerves to ask for help, not to mention those larger npc just plain hurt and take a long time to put down. Paying uri for the ammo will just keep you wiped out, and not everyone is boxing and doing pally for the chance to get it.
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  8. I don't like that they don't separate Uri and Credits enough. Normally the payment currency (it's the Uri in
    D O) can only be purchased with real money and not from NPCs...And everything can be purchased with non-payment currency. But it's ok, everyone get accustomed with this and it will be weird if D O remove the Uri from NPC kills.

    It should be only valid for (or with Uridium bought) LF3 from Booty Chests, otherwise Ufe will bid on LF3

    Even in the D O clone "Nova Rider" 1x ammo is for FREE, every Ufe uses 2x (some players even say that 3x is their new LCB, "I have so much 3x and 2x, I don't know how to waste it, I want to craft it into UCB".

    <3, Cubis for everyone.

    An idea for not providing it instantly for free (one LCB costs 10 Credits)

    • at the begin one 2x ammo costs 0,5 Uri
    • you can pay additionally Credits for decreasing the Uri price and add/increasing its Credit price (you must pay both prices for buying ammo):
    paying 100K Credits:
    • decreasing the Uri price by 10 % (to 0,45 Uri) and add Credit price 3
    then paying additionally 0,2 million Credits:
    • decreasing the Uri price in total by 20% (to 0,4 Uri) and change the Credit price into 6
    paying additionally 0,4 million Credits:
    • decreasing the Uri price in total by 30% (to 0,35 Uri) and change the Credit price into 9

    paying additionally 51,2 million Credits:
    • decreasing the Uri price in total by 100% (to 0 Uri) and change the Credit price into 30
    And please decrease the Credit prices for ECO and SAR01, they are really tooooo expensive.

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  9. Yeah, a lot of players have tons of 2x and 3x from boxing and spins, but they have been playing a long time. New players have not the credits, err the uri to spin on it and boxing/pally is suicide starting out. Battle Map, whoops x-1 map, long trek to battle map, made it all the way to x-4 map - halfway, back to x-1 map. LOL Get to x-4 map again and run into boss sib, I can take it, wow - no I can't.:p
  10. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    how bout instead of complaining about the excess of credits, which ive seen no player actually complain about, you guys give us more access to uridium? you raised the cost of topping out by 10x since the lf4 but have given us no raise in income.
  11. chilninja

    chilninja User

    maybe that was the idea? why would getting ufe more easily be a bad thing?
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  12. The Ufe community works hard for their status it takes several 100$ dollars to get there why should we just give up all our hard work so you can buy the equipment with credits I hate players who just want to take the easy way out like work hard for what you have instead of begging DO to give you the equipment for credits
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  13. I just love that picture. It shows the problem with the DO mentality. Full Iris Bigboy going after full Flax Bigboy. It also helps to explain the UFE Community; make sure you keep those up and comers down. Just because the majority of UFE paid several $100, and I bet $1000, for their status does not mean that is what it should take. Just takes more time in pally or boxing for those same gates. Nobody really cares how much money someone paid to fly through the gate portion of the game to get all the LF4, and drone designs, etc someone paid. Its the outcome of their mentality after getting all the equipment that causes the problem.
  14. This is a thread created by D O to get input on what to use the excessive credits in game on and our making suggestions, even those that go against your grain, has nothing to do with the thousands of dollars spent to become UFE. The original players complained when they added the Seprom or Pilot Points to the game so why should you be any different?
  15. Ok, I just watched the Twitch feed, finally. This portion about the credits took up what, 5 minutes. First, I will be glad when they start feeling comfortable in front of the camera so they can stop look, or rather sounding like 3rd grade actors. But more to the point, they also mentioned maybe lowering or limiting the amount of credits a player could get or amass. Are you kidding me? Starting off, you can't get credits fast enough to get started. New players need millions of credits to get their flax drones all together, not to mention all of the gear. That is just one of the reasons, and it is a doozy, they don't play past day two. It takes time to get 8 flax, and fill up the ship with some lasers and gens. Even getting the skylab going takes credits, and thankfully there is a mission now to tell them to go start it up. That was a good mission to put in.

    Ok, but more on point. What is excess credits and why is it even an issue? Can a player, after playing a year start accumulating a lot of credits, of course. However, depending on how the player is playing at the moment goes to show what can be done with them. Also you have to think about the server a player is on.

    On the US/GB servers, basic items in the auction have gotten cheaper than they were when you lost credits if you lost a bid. The German server is the same. However, some items like boosters, cloaks, and weapons can start to crank up there. 50 mil gets to be a low baseline for a lot of expendable items. Not everyone bids on this stuff for various reasons. I bid on some boosters as I need all the help I can get in my personal mission, but as I need the credits more for all the upgrades I am trying to do, have to keep my bid amounts relatively low.

    On the Turkish server, and from what I hear Global servers, a bid of 100 mil credits can be a hope and a prayer move. Getting to FE playing free takes a lot of time and patience, and a lot of walking away from the computer before you break it. You need lots of credits to get what you are after.

    Some players have billions of credits on hand, big deal. You can use them to bid on your cloaks and boosters and get more aggressive in the game. I thought with the reloaded missions I would see more players in the uber maps all the time. With all the UFE players, you would think they would be cleaning house on the UBK, but no, they spend more time trying to clear through the pvp missions, keeping players upset.

    Truth be told, unless the are going to come out with stuff for the credit ships that are majorly overlooked, there is nothing for them to mess with. With the changes to how the ship designs, err excuse me, the ship are, there are even more ships to fill with extras, lasers and gens. This will not eat up the billions of credits sitting in accounts but gives players something to do.

    I am not really sure why this was a twitch topic, although they did let slide that some players seem to bid on stuff just to upset other players. "Oh, enemy player trying to get FE still. Not going to make it today if I can help it." Just stay quiet about your bidding intentions, and maybe the billionaires won't be all over you. Next subject.
  16. Well, as you said this is a thread to make suggestions not everyone is going to agree with each other I for one dont want Premium items in the shop just because there are to much credits in the game. There is no difference I am just stating my opinion on what should be in the game just like you are, So do not try and act like your all that and try to belittle my suggestion.
  17. I would like to suggest to give chance for Credits in game a use in Galaxy Gates other than other Credit bought items and in auction.

    You can use spins on Galaxy Gates but rather it will cost 100k credits per spin, ofcourse some filthy rich players with tons of credits would abuse and take advantage of it, its better to have limits:

    100 spins limit for 2 hours ~ 1200 spins/day = Non-Premium players
    200 spins limit for 2 hours ~ 2400 spins/day = Premium subscribed player

    the reason why its such an expensive thing is: its easier for Ultra Elites and Full elites to earn credits, so you spend credits for a few spins, then the cooldown for credit spins would countdown, you can do pally for awhile, then when its good to spin via credits again, do so while selling the palladiums you just collected from that good 2 hours, wouldnt it be an advantage for both noobs and strong players alike? except those strong ones would rather cube or spend uridium than wasting time on the pally field anyway.
  18. With this idea, I don't think you would have to have to have limits. Under these guidelines a player with 10 bil credits and prem will burn them out in a month and a half. And then just whip out the card again. It would not be abuse if they ran down their credits, it will never be enough for them so they will burn up their card anyways. It would best serve those working at getting one ship to UFE status, and for those having issues in the pally and boxing maps.
  19. It's still a lot of credits. FEs need Zeta, maybe there could be an exception for Zeta (30K Credits per spin)? The limit can handle the rich players.
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