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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. I think FE's should be able to handle the same amount. Transfers will bring in millions a day, not to mention just regular play. DO won't go for it being too easy. (Still trying to figure out why they bring the topic up.)
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  2. Zeta needs around 1700 EE=170KK Cre. If you can earn 12 million Cre only with Transfer=>You can build ca. every 14 days 1 zeta for free=> you are right.
    If the devs realize this idea, I think they will quadruple the costs (400K per spin). They have talked about the billions of credits some players have and how to use them. But they have spoken about following problem: the balance for smaller players, which really need the small amount of Cre.

    Besides buffing only the bigger Ufe is boring...An idea: Cheap EE at the begin. The more EE you buy, the more the price for 1 EE will rise.
    But I don't really believe that D O realize these ideas, many people have written about "crafting" Credits in EE, Uri etc. in the twitch chat. IMO they were ignored.
  3. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    it appears to me they ignore forums completely, i know there are admins specifically for forums but i think theyre all that see any of our ideas. ive barely played this game in years because ive lost hope in the dev team, theyre ignorant of any of our ideas, come up with their own irrelevant ideas and do them completely wrong to the point they spend at least a month fixing them. and how do they say sorry? put up a spend more money event. i actually did spend money on this game once, but it seems almost everything since the pet helps only the hundreds of $/week players.

    and as for my input on this, i really like basically all of the stuff PSK has come up with in here
  4. Yes the Mod Team are the only ones that actually watch the forums but when something is especially impressive they will forward the information to the team and have them watch the particular thread.
  5. well its quite simple and if do botherd to read there forums for ideas youll see theres loadsa ideas out there,.

    1. galaxy gates for credits
    a credit gate option for credit pplayers to advance just like the paying players.
    2. 9th and 10th flax drones
    no harm in adding 9th and 10th flax drone, atleast the options are there.
    3. credit pet versions.
    a half capacity pet design for credit players, to help weaker credit players advance
    4 cosmetic designs for credits for drones and ships
    seems like do fail massively here, cosmetic options for credit ships for credits.
    5. new credit design ships
    new credit option like bastion, exalted, bastion, veteran, enforcer, for credits
    6. crafting options for credits
    crafting the crafting resourcing for credits.
    7. upgraded design versions like the nostromo, stages 1-3 for all credit ships
    bring out a way all credit ships can upgrade the hull and slot throught credit upgrades
    8. half capacity boosters
    credit boosters with half the effect of the normal boosters
    9. new credit extras
    new credit extras options
    10. customisations for credits.
    ship and drone customisations for credits.

    ship sky dock

    abit like skylab but instead you have multiple ships you have to build and wait a period of time to build.

    this is one of my old ideas.
    heres an idea, its getting abit boring now with all the goliath designs and
    uridium based and payment based buys, theres too many, there not enough options
    for credit players in this game and there is no option in events when special and
    new design come out, all the free players cant get special designs and new skins
    for there ship,s theres not even an option for the new players and free players to
    join in the events because there no option for them, so they sit by port for 5
    minutes and then decide to log off becoz theres no other option, because
    everything is aim at uridium buying players,

    this game is ment to be ''free to play'', but in all seriousness its not.

    how about updating the option for the credit playing options

    credit ships and items

    5 credit ship options - compared to the 30 options and more to come for the
    uridium based buying players. and all the special design that only come available
    for uridium players.


    1 credit option for 8 drones - why cany credit players get the option to update to
    ten flax with buying uridum.
    9TH FLAX DRONE 25,000,000 CREDITS - DEUX
    10TH FLAX DRONE 50,000,000 CREDITS - THOR

    10 uridium options


    4 credit options - no special credit option, why???? MORE OPTIONS FOR CREDIT BASED PLAYERS

    14 uridium options - included special formations that come out.

    weapons are pretty fair as I can see, apart from the upgrading option, I think
    credit upgrades in relation to uridium upgrades is way too much.

    booty keys - these thing are expensive for uridium for what you get out of them,
    and I believe the booty that is droped with alien kills should be free.

    boosters - all the boosters are for uridium why cant there be an option for half
    the effect for credit players ??? 15,000,000 CREDITS FOR 5 HOURS FOR HALF THE EFFECT

    design and customisation options are useless unless you are paying for it, why
    create a game with 2 currencies when your only focusing on one currencie, that is
    the payment version for uridium, theres no credit option in this game,


    galaxy gates - 11 galaxy gates currently in the game all aimed at payment and
    uridium option, theres no choice in this game for any players to experience a
    galaxy gate why, is it really gonna harm do if players get 1 option to get a
    galaxy gate in the game after all this time, guys you really need to start
    implementing credit options for players, yes you may have millions of players
    registerd but there not playing for one simple reason, theres no option to play
    unless you pay, this is ment to be a free game. its currently not, its only free
    to register, you cant really get any real game play out of this because all the
    uridium items being released are too over powering for even the strongest credit


    crafting system - who ever created this system needs sacking because its the
    biggest waste of time in the game, there no point in even doing it, as its all
    items you cant get in trade for a lot cheaper and a lot easier process, it just
    feel like you guys are listening to all the wrong people. and its destroying this

    ЌΦŊVΣŊŦIΦŊ.†, Jun 17, 2016 Edit Report

    i was on my account and i was upgrading my elite items but noticed i had alot of credits just sitting there doing nothing so i bought a credit rocket launcher, and started upgrading it out of curiosity, and i was shocked, even for a paying customer, but i only got to level 7 upgrade over 33, million credits., i thought to myself this is shocking and theres no wonder players cant play and wont keep up.

    first off i think the credit upgrade prices need to be re adjusted so credit players can upgrade with a fair percentage being given back. i think compared to the uri upgrede price and percentage upgrade is absolutly diabolical, maybe if it was ajusted, some more new players will stay and play,

    well minor rant over lol

    hunter drone 9th drone
    this drone will be the 9th credit drone, this will cost: 45.000.000 C.

    probe: credit pet
    the probe will be the credit version of the pet 10
    it will have the following
    4 laser slots
    4 sheild slots
    the credit pet will have no xtra's,, feul will be same ratio as pet 10, but 2.500 credits per unit.


    wave1: 25 boss streuners x2
    wave2: 25 boss lordakia x2
    wave3: 25 boss saimon x2
    wave4: 25 boss mordon x2
    wave5: 6 boss devorlarium x2
    wave7: 7 boss kristillin x2
    wave8: 6 boss sibelon x2
    wave9: 1 boss lordakium x1 with 30 lordakia
    wave10: 10 boss siblonit x2

    this gate will cost 250.000 C. a spin the gate will have (45) part ( same percentage as uri gate generator )

    300.000 xp
    3000 hon
    500 uri
    3000 mcb-50
    after completing this gate you will recieve a silver star below your rank badge

    TECH GATE (65) PARTS DOUBE STRENGHT double reward.
    ЌΦŊVΣŊŦIΦŊ.†, Oct 6, 2014 Report

    OH!! anew ship called the tarturus, it seems it has the values of a credit ship I don't think its gonna be worth the uriidum, might aswell release it for credits instead.
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  6. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    not saying youre wrong on everything else but this right here is hopeless. you know its gotta be 200k or 300k uri. i mean really they made the defcom $ only you think they'll actually add something new for cheap! they might lose profits lol
  7. 100K X 1.200 = 120.000.000 Credits.
    100K X 2.400 = 240.000.000 Credits.

    I really like to see to reduce the cost to 25K Credits.
    Then you have to pay 60M Credits for 1 gate.
    I don't shoot 60M a day. So I think that's a good price.

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  8. I know mate I just thought id throw it out there lol.
  9. I like that gate, I think it would take me an hour just for wave 9. :p Bring it on.
  10. I have the most brilliant idea in the world!
    What about having a donation window in uridium tab? Kind UFEs can donate credits everyday and all the credits with be collected on a "deposit" and every month they will be split to all players that have between 2 iris (to prevent filling accounts without activity) until late they get 8 iris. To prevent more abusers they can receive credits only until 1 billion.
    But again , it depends on UFEs how kind they are to donate their credits to noon players.
  11. I have a suggestion of credits usage for Temporary PVP Protection and Restriction, "Truce Card System".

    Rules and Features:

    * Only new players of low level (after training program and up to level 10 ?) can purchase a Truce card for credits at Extra Section of the Shop which can be bought once per day and does not stack if unused.
    * This Truce Card protects a player from being targeted or from being attacked by other players of enemy or of same company as well as preventing the user to attack any player while the Truce Card lasts.
    * This Truce Card works on all maps.
    * This Truce Card lasts only for a certain time. It can only be used once per day and cannot be cancelled once started.
    * Any remaining time of effect will be cancelled the next day.
    * The Truce Card's PVP protection will immediately start after buying it from the shop.
    * The player cannot buy a Truce Card if he/she has been recently engaged in a PVP fight.(3-5 mins ? waiting time after the recent PVP fight)

    Truce Card Items at Shop:

    Items: Cost:

    TCRD-01 - Grants the player PVP Protection and Restriction for 1 hour from the time of purchase. 100,000 Credits?
    TCRD-02 - Grants the player PVP Protection and Restriction for 3 hours from the time of purchase. 200,000 Credits?
    TCRD-03 - Grants the player PVP Protection and Restriction for 5 hours from the time of purchase. 400,000 Credits?

    * Only one of this type can be bought once a day.

    This is mainly for the benefit of the new players for them to concentrate in their quests and not be bothered by other players who wants to attack them as well as preventing them to provoke other players in a PVP fight.

    The words/numbers highlighted at
    yellow are the tentative since I'm not sure of those if they are enough or over. Any suggestion is welcomed. :)
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  12. I like it but the prices should display a savings when getting a larger time.
  13. Yep, I thought so. Already edit it.
  14. Just add a option to the GG generator. 1mill credits for 1 spin/100mill 100 spins.

    The problem is the bigger players have no use for credits and have billions give them something worth wasting it on.

    The bigger players do gates a lot and will jump at the chance to build them without wasting uri.
    This will bring the amount of credits in the game down a lot and will help the credit economy.

    It wont give a unfair advantage yes there will be a lot of gates being made and comepleted giving uri, creds, ammo.
    But the uri and ammo wont last long and the credits earnt wont be anywhere near what was put into building the gates
    Some players will get 5k+ gates spins(5 billion credits) but once its gone its gone 5k spins may sound like a lot but when you look at some of the recent events it aint. You can earn 300+ spins from 1 game of spaceball with not much effort if you had a doubler twice as much.

    This wouldnt just help bigger players.
    By bringing down the amount of credits in game the prices in trade will go down making things more available for more players
    Itll also give lower players a option to try and build gates to earn uri to buy things rather than saving and paying high credit prices in trade.

    There will be a chance of getting items like 120 x3 or sab, 240 x2, 60 x4, repair credits for credit but at a cost of 1mill credits each I think its a fair trade.

    In the long run adding the option to spin the gates for 1mill creds a time wont change the game much(apart from bringing the amount of credits in game down).
    If you killed 5 bk youll get 600 uri and 2mill credits so if you was trying to build gates youll only earn a extra 2 spins. 8 instead of 6.

    The only problem I can see is the instant transport of cargo from the skylab. But that could be fixed by doubling the uri price for every extra 5k prom sent so 5k prom transport will cost 1250uri, 10k prom shipment will cost 2500, 20k prom shipment will cost 5k uri.
    That will stop people from making extra spins with uri.

    Also it wont hurt to do a trade event. Where for 7 days only you add several items to the hour trade.
    Items like cosmetic Drone/pet/ship desings have multiplies of the same items for some of the drone desings.
    Make it so you can win the items every hour for 7 days but only during peak times so these items will only be in trade from 11am to 11pm for 7 days.
    make it very clear this is a limited time event with only 84 of each item available to be won over the week.

    People will spend big trying to win them if they aint got them already and it will take a big bulk of credits out of the game.

    If you really want people to spend big then add some of the items you can only get after MHH aswell for example 5k RSB, 20 EMP. Items and amounts worth around 10k uri.

    Do both have a trade event to eat up a bulk of the credits then add a option to the GG generator to stop credits from piling up.
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  15. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Make an update for skylab:

    Up to level 50.

    Since reaching level 20 it could have a new option for upgrades.
    Main point = completed
    Each level would need 1 bil more credits to upgrade, that means 465 Billion credits for full upgrade.
    It could convince people to buy resource boosters more, upgrade pilot bio for that, they would want credits from clan, and so on.

    + For BP - You could also make an option to buy credits, for example 10 Billion for 100$, so u could even have a profit. + the main point would be completed.
    + For People - People would become more happy, cause it could solve the seprom problem. For example im flying only promi, cause if i play, my skylab makes seprom really slow and it cant keep up with my playing time.

    - People could get mad, cause they would say it would only boost ufes and this upgrade is not for noob players.

    LevelCredits Needed
    211 bil
    222 bil
    233 bil
    244 bil
    255 bil
    266 bil
    277 bil
    288 bil
    299 bil
    3010 bil
    3111 bil
    3212 bil
    3313 bil
    3414 bil
    3515 bil
    3616 bil
    3717 bil
    3818 bil
    3919 bil
    4020 bil
    4121 bil
    4222 bil
    4323 bil
    4424 bil
    4525 bil
    4626 bil
    4727 bil
    4828 bil
    4929 bil
    5030 bil

    Should also cost other material, such as regular ores (prometium,endurium,terbium,duranium,prometid,promerium,seprom)
    Increasing per upgrade for sure.

    + New materials:
    Each level could cost +2 more materials than the previous level. Example:

    Level 21 would cost 1 bil credits + 2 prismatic sockets, 2 high frequency cabels,2 hybrid processors,2 micro transistors,2 nano condensers,2 nano case + regular ores.

    So then level 22 would cost 2 bil credits + 4 prismatic sockets, 4 high frequency cabels,4 hybrid processors,4 micro transistors,4 nano condensers,4 nano case + regular ores.

    Ore example:
    Seprom would produce faster +60 seprom each level.
    Promerium would produce faster +600 each level. [Being reduced /10 by seprom rafinery of course.]

    So final upgrade would be around 2000 seprom a hour and 20000 prom a hour down to 2000 if seprom rafinery would be active.

    Building time would depend on previous levels.
  16. lets be real, 60M credit for 1 gate is so damn cheap, i could farm till 200mil credit in 1 day, this kinda thing of easy getting things will ruined up the game so bad. This game need time and patient, if you think u can be ufe in just 200 hour of gameplay without spending any money, u definitely are wrong,
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  17. Fidycent

    Fidycent User

    The hell is this? 250k a spin - i aint too sure but lambda takes like 500-600ish spins right? Same parts, same percentage - 137.5m ish to build a gate for what? 300k xp 500 uri and ammo that doesnt get you a bbk kill? If this was to be released it would be used less than kuiper.

    This is just stupid, 465 BILL? I like the idea of introducing higher levels with the assembly parts, because currently the assembly is only used for cosmetic designs, and starters use it to build their pet, thats about it, maybe someone buys the lance formation, but after that its useless, i havent done much playing after the release of these, but it seems the parts are not too rare in booty boxes, so id imagine thered be excess of them after youve finished collecting your zeus etc. But this could become something great, balancing between the cost of credits and assembly parts might be what were looking for.

    Again, a great idea, but kinda useless, id say 90% of people who are getting to level 10 will get there in two weeks, which means they have the starter premium, since they most likely dont have any irises, popping isnt really an issue, you just rep for free right there. And whilst itd be nice to have that protection, with free repair, the little credits you have defo go into upgrading your setup, not avoiding being shot. Only people that create accounts to bot on A LOT and then start flying their ship - for example they bot 1m uri - and then start playing they can buy these cards as theres no reason to go above level 8 to bot, and they can bot without any problems for said times.

    As for the credits for GG spins - 25k is way too little, if youre tryharding you can make over 100m credits a day, thats 4000 spins, THATS A LOT, 200k uri worth with rebate/prem/sale - so i wouldnt suggest it being that low. The 1m suggestion from ghost also seems a bit too high, whilst true, the lower tier players will feel that trade prices will go down, i dont think they will as much as you expect, not that many people feed their creds to lower accounts. Id say around 150m-200m for a zeta sounds right, which is around 100k for a spin, which may seem a lot, but you get 4 spins every bk kill, etc, so yeah, also this could even go up to 150k ish, because, again, you dont just get a zeta for 200m, you get 1700 spins worth of ammo,mines etc from this, so its similiar to auction, around 1.5m creds will land you 1k x3.

    Pet repairs for credits seem fair - but again, most people with excess credits probably have premium, so that wouldnt change much, though im not protesting and am for it.
  18. SauronL

    SauronL User

    it supposed to be for years not for 2 days
  19. Fidyc

    Fidyc User

    Okay, lets say you tryhard and earn 200m a day, which is possible by having a group of people that you first circle 5-2 and then kami all the npcs, which is quite good credits, anyhow 200m a day, probably takes you 10ish hours - thats 5 days to reach 1b, or 2325 days to get 465b OR 6.3 years of 10 hours a day to reach that? This game wont last 6 years
  20. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Just dont cry too much around it, its just an idea.
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