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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. What the heck - the end...prom and seprom is what you want. The refiners are running low on my end in the the first 5 rocks refined. :D Sold 'em for credits not needed. But the backend does need some work, since it is always close to zero.
  2. Fidyc

    Fidyc User

    Im not "crying around it" whatever that means, even in the first reply i said the idea was quite good, just the balancing was way off
  3. lol why would u stay at 5-2 to farm a credit? every1 know the best credit is from cube and bk, i just spend 2 hours doing cube or bk and already got like 100M+ credit, dont forget to take the cargo drop and sell it, like i said, this game need patient and hard work, and if u arent up to it, u better spend a lot of money or just quit
  4. Credit can be used for upgrades level 1-8 credit level 9-16 uri
    also remove the time line in clan noobs have to wait way too long just to get 250 million credit
  5. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    5-2 is the best location for non-premium to go for credits. The pirates drop good amounts of resources, and you can sell them closeby, without having to manually do the refining every 3 minutes.
  6. Not everyone can cube or bk, for various reasons. It would take me a year to pop one cube and its like all day sometimes trying to do one bk. And I can tell you anyone with 16 LF2 or stronger can kill intercepters, baraccuda, and sabs alone. Putting down anyones way of playing just adds to the problem of there not being as many players playing anymore. Credits that players have on hand, or the lack thereof has been an issue that various players complain about.
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  7. Toudi

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    My idea about credits is that firstly DO NOT remove the reward of credits from aliens etc. leave it at it is. Secondly make new feature in the shop called "Rent House" or just "Rent" , where every player in the game could rent a item for a day or 7 days. He only can pay with credits, amount of credits to pay will depends on item quality. Make a special items like designs, shields that only can be rented not purchased by uridium or payment option. Item could depend on player level, lets say LF-4 as a best weaponry item can be rented by players who reach at least lvl 10. Then player can rent the item for a day as it's a premium item. He can purchase as many items as he wants it's all about the amount of credits he's got. All items expired same way how resources does for speed and shield there time is ticking even when player log off. Reason why it's because people will have to carefully watch what they rent and makes them hunt for credits.

    This will help newbies or no-to-rich-to-buy-uridium-every-sunday to actually have fun with high premium items and enjoy the game with paying players. The advantage for paying players will be that they keep the items for ever.

    This will totally change the game for BETTER !

    @Edit: Also with the level requirements it could be that LF-4 lvl 1 will be for players that reach lvl 5 or 10 but LF-4 LVL 16 will be for players with level minimum 18 or 20. This is looking awesome in my pov
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  8. i think everything can buy with credi but only we can buy designs,hon and xp booster,hon and xp droit style with payment. Uridium out! Credi İn!
  9. Apach3K1ng

    Apach3K1ng User

    Here are some of my suggestions:
    Idea #1. Make credits convertible to extra energy at an exchange rate of 150,000/1 or something like it.
    Idea #2. Make credits convertible to uridium at an exchange rate of 4000/1. (this would be at a lower rate than credits to extra energy since uridium is more useful) Assuming this rate of exchange, also limit the amount of credits redeemable at the exchange to be no more than 40million credits per day up to 5 times a week. (this limits the UFE players from converting hundreds of millions of credits a day to insane amounts of uridium).
    Idea #3. Make a Alpha/Beta/Gama gate into credit gates that cost 150k creds per spin (or 100 uri/1 energy, flexibility is good for newer players)

    The focus of these changes are to help newer players. How it affects UFE players is virtually irrelevant since UFE players are pretty much maxed out on everything so they are most likely already self sufficient.
    How will this affect DO's bottom line? (uridium sales) I still think people will buy uridium during MHH since it is the easiest way to win if you have money. With my Idea#2 you could make up to 50k uridium a week (if you can generate the credits), but that pales in comparison to boxing with boxing doubler (20k uridium worth per hour), or crazy cube (crazy amounts of uridium with kami-pet), or some of the event gates rewards. Serious Wallet Warrior players, from what I have seen, do multiple gates a week, one might think an extra "easy" 50k uridium will make those gates easier (they might a little) but if you think how much uridium it takes to build gates, it would only add an extra 1-2 gates a month to their activity. They will still buy MHH uridium in order to do many gates. Players will most likely still purchase premium, bonus box doubler and rebate since it makes sense, and the cash only offers for skins and such will still be payment only. These suggestions are about getting new players to FE in a reasonable amount of time (so we can bring the good old days back), and still keep the road to becoming UFE a challenge as it should be.
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  10. coobo99

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    Honestly, I had a conversion idea back in the day for creds to uri. However, I further looked at it and saw that it would profit UFEs more than new players. Restrictions on this would only make it more confusing and glitchable for people. I suggest we have a type of request-to-get operation here.

    We have certain things that people can get for credits instead of uri (such as spins, insta-sending stuff, etc.) displayed on a menu that only people that have been cleared by DO to use. The people who clear the players can cancel their clearance at any point in time WITHIN REASON AND WITH A WRITTEN (Emailed) EXPLANATION WHY. This will help players, especially new ones, get stronger fast and keep up with the other players who are growing as well.
    The people who would regulate this would look at the hours a person has spent on the game, where they are in the game and where everyone else was (on average) with that many hours.
    For example -
    A person who would qualify would compared to the rest of the server.
    Played 200 hours, has all flax and 10 lf3 and 5 bo2 with 10mil creds and 20k uri.
    vs the rest of the server
    Played ~200 hours, had 8 iris, 15 lf3 and 15 bo2 with 50mil creds and 70k uri.

    A person must be at least lvl 9 to qualify (I'd say) just so the person gets the gist of the game before getting the boost. People below lvl 7 already get babied by DO with all the new quests for them. Most make lvl 5 in without leaving base.
  11. мιиι

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    I like the idea to buy Log Disks with credits
  12. There should be more interaction between players...I.e buying and selling items from player to player....Other games do it! I'm not saying just for credits, I'm indicating maybe credits and uri....
    For instance...The amount of players who quit with all those items left redundant? Not to mention the x2 and ammo remaining....My idea is that players should be allowed to sell items to other players and dark orbit could take a percentage...I guess this should have been done 5 years ago, then all those hacked/bought accounts would have been considerably reduced...

    Maybe, just maybe this idea isn't good or you don't understand it?....So, I will make it easier, Dark Orbit should hava a BAZAAR, *a type of shop* players can put items in and sell them to other players...The rest I leave to your imagination...
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  13. The reason D O will not do it is because of their "PUSHING" rules. IF this were allowed then the player would create a NEW account and sell their excess items to create a UFE account so they could put a low hour HIGH strength account up for sale to a new player.

    There are too many accounts for sale, and having the ability to make more UFE available is not going to increase the play-ability of this game.
  14. True, and now I thought it through, it is, perhaps a bad idea...However, I'm sure someone could come up with a similar idea that doesn't promote misuse of the rules?..But helps with player interaction and newbs....I went too far with the idea, but im certain that this game has already added to many things. This leaves even the best players with too much of one and not enough of the other! Therefore, how can an ACTIVE player find the means to channel the things that he has ample supplies of into something he doesnt have?.... :(

    I guess...He could always put more money on! And that will leave an even more bigger hole in the wallet!
  15. Things like LF4s, apis, zues, drone formations, etc should not be sold for credits. Sure old items like LF3s, irises, B02s, etc possibly could have a credit option, after all these items are already sold for credits in the auction anyways. But in the auction prices vary anyways so you could get a LF3 for 10k credits or 50mill credits. Maybe the LF4s can be sold for uridium for a limited time at random or bought with money. Dont set the credit option on everything is my point.
  16. To cut a long story short...

    A players account is constantly running low on an item! Over the festive season I have put money on and played daily...I made quite a bit of RSB (in the past I was always struggling with small amounts) thanks to the assembly...On the other hand, the EMP's haven't been on sale lately...Which means a shortage!! More interestingly, I have tried to craft EMP's with the Assembly but found I needed 'Scrap'. The gates are not giving any...So, I will have to spend on Mhh at full price....Lastly, I have hundreds of pieces of hardware, and around 30 million x2 just sitting there.!!..I'm pretty sure there are other things im running low on too (sep)...
    Why doesn't Dark Orbit acknowledge that some things are redundant in the game(in fact many things) and put them to use?
    The things I mention in the above post is just an example (there are other items that are needed in the game...Regardless of a player's status).
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  17. Boxa!

    Boxa! User

    The fix for this is simple, Add LF4's to the Hourly auction.


    Change the auctions back to how they used to be: if you get out bid you don't get your credits back. That way you don't get people just doing tiny bids, but you may also want to hide the current bid then. However the downside to this is that the players will not like the fact that they are wasting credits. So, maybe give 50% back, that could be a happy compromise.
  18. Going backwards is not the answer to the issue. LF-4's in the AUCTION will only happen if they create another Laser to replace it and make another level of player (which would not be advised). Credits are slow to be gained as a NEW player and slow to spend after becoming FE. The only real solution to the Credit Billionaires would be to allow an exchange system to be implemented allowing us to buy Uridium/Items with Credits or even allow us to use credits to buy the Assembly Ores needed to manufacture some of the other Assembly Components/Materials that we might need to Craft more items. Many of the UFE use their credits to gain their Boosters from the Auction and since they do not need anything else seem to not care about placing a bid 3 times higher than it needs to be and they are really only interested in 4-5 of the 8 available (Resource, Experience, Shield Regen, and Repair are not as necessary as the others) and many use Uridium to get them as they receive 30% discount (Premium and Rebate) on them anyway.

    A better solution to the Billionaires would be the removal of credits from the Bonus Boxes if the balance is over 500 Million and removal of the credit rewards for killing NPC's but increase the Uridium earned (again with the credit cap involved). Replacing the Credit value for selling equipment and giving back Uridium when selling overstock equipment would be another possibility, we currently get 2.5 x Uridium cost when we sell any Uridium priced items we own (Slot Cpu's are higher still), my proposal would be 25% Uridium value refunded when selling extra/unused equipment with a weekly maximum limit to prevent the complete elimination of equipment for Uridium.
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  19. Boxa!

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    How about DO decreases the amount of credits obtained per kill, each level, because you should need less as you attain a higher level. Not a Jurassic change, but maybe .5-2% per level.
  20. I need those credits from the kills. They are trying to come up with a use for credits, not a punishment.
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