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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. Boxa!

    Boxa! User

    There has been an idea added to the DarkOrbit 2.0 thread that helps with this.

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  2. Islingr

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    What if they added an option where credit purchases scaled with levels? Like with the gates, maybe have a 10k credit to 1 GG spin ratio for levels 1-10, and then it increase by a multiplier of 50% of what your level is.


    Lvl 11: 10.0k + 11k*.5 = 15.5k credits/spin
    Lvl 12: 10.0k + 12k*.5 = 16.0k credits/spin
    Lvl 13: 10.0k + 13k*.5 = 16.5k credits/spin
    Lvl 20: 10.0k + 20k*.5 = 20.0k credits/spin

    This would result in people of lower levels being able to build gates fairly efficiently, 15.5mil credit for 1000 spins while people at higher levels would have to spend more, but not too much: 20.0m for 100 spins. this would help to solve the excess of credits as well as balancing it a bit between upper and lower level players. Also, different multipliers could be used.

    This would help the players that are around FE a lot with finishing their gates as I am a FE Basic Lieutenant with almost 400 hours of game play and haven't even completed one gate :'(.

    They could also do some kind of credit to uri conversion based on your total credit amount and your current uri amount. Like you can exchange X% of your credits to multiply your uri by X times as long as you have 10k time as much credits as you have uri.

    So if you have 10k uri and you want to increase it by 2 times, you have to have at least 100mil credits and exchange 100% of your credit for a 100% increase in uri, resulting in you having 20k uri. If you have 100k uri and you want to increase it by a factor of 1.5, you have to have at least 1 billion credits and exchange at least 500mil credits (50%) to have 150k uri.

    This would allow people to gain more uri based on how much they already have while using up their credits. Also, the having at least 10k times credit than what you have uri would prevent people from using 1bil credits to go from 100k uri to 200k uri and then exchanging 100% of your now vast amount of 0 credits to multiply it again and again without any repercussions.
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  3. Why the double boost? If increasing the cost you should not be changing the amount of reward. It would be better to have it "per spin" instead of exchange for spins. Also the Base Rate would have to stay the same and then have the level multiplier applied, but I do not know anyone who had enough strength or ability to build any gate before level 12 (unless they were spending Mega Cash to build and make FE ship), My first Alpha was not run until I was level 14.

    The credit to Uridium should be a set amount (we get 2.5 times Uridium Value of items sold in credits for anything except slot extenders which is doubled to 5 times) so say we pay 25 credits for each Uridium, this would allow the NEW players to get Uridium for FE equipment that they have been unable to collect, like the veteran players were able to do when they started, since the Bot Nerf has been added to the game. This also makes the Uridium much easier for FREE players to get and reduces the impact to the economy of the game of the Money Spenders using the credits instead of their cash.
  4. Islingr

    Islingr User

    Well, my ideas were mostly for using up credits. And I don't get what you mean by double boost, and it is 15.5k, 21.5k, 28.8k credit "per spin," that is why I put credits/spin.

    Also, now a days its really easy to get equipment to get to FE. Back maybe a year or two ago, Lf-3s and Bo2s, would go for around 10mil in my server, but now they only cost a couple mil and it only cost a couple mil, maybe a couple 10mil to get a citadel (in my server at least), and if you have the Skylab upgraded, it isn't hard to just send Promi to your ship and get 8 mil credits every day (once you get enough honor).

    And the only ways to get spins is by palli, boxing, or uri for free players so even at FE and above, it is a very time consuming process. (BTW the only reason why I'm a Basic Lieutenant is because I mostly just sell promi and save up to bid in weekly ships, I might palli/box more once I get Lightning Vengi). The only real way to get progress in uri and equipment and extra stuff like pilot bio is by gates, and anyways, getting my first gate isn't really the problem, because it'll take the same amount of time to construct every other gate, so there needs to be a easier way to get gates, or make a gate that newer players can benefit from, like a 1st time easy gate that gives a lot of stuff for new people, but can only be done once.

    Also I don't really get what you are trying to say in the second part, are you saying that there should be a uri converter only for when you sell things? My ideas is so people can use up their credits since there are people with too many credits, not sell things to get more uri, although bidding for those items do use up credits.
  5. The double boost is, looking at the partial chart you supplied, the Base Rate goes up and then you add the level boost. Having an increase as large as you are proposing (though uses tons of extra credits) would not be beneficial to anyone except the Pay to Play players as the FREE players are already using a lot of these for getting things in Auction. Both of my servers are still running over 10Mil for a BO2 or LF-3 and the weekly ships are over 300Mil each and the daily ships are still 50 Mil each. Yes they have reduced since the Hangar change and not needing the Basic Ship to run the Designs anymore.

    The increase should be closer to 1K per level gained and start at 10K at Level 12 (the lowest level any one should be building any Gates). Later in your discussion you mentioned buying in groups of spins "lower levels 1000 spins..... higher levels 100 spins" which is another boost in expense.

    I was pointing out the value of a unit of Uridium to a Credit (in D O's eyes) and trying to justify a conversion rate to allow players to BUY Uridium with Credits that did not get all messed up with having Uridium before selling Credits to get the Uridium. Just a FLAT Fee "X" Credits gets a Uridium to be used however you want to. It would also be nice if they applied a Uridium Value when selling a Uridium item instead of giving us credits for selling overstock items.
  6. The possibility for crafting gates shouldn't be capped by the costs depending on your level. IMO perhaps you only could do 2 gates per month, I'm not a fan of rising costs when reaching higher levels (e.g PET fuel).
    Limit this to 10K Uri per day and everything is fine, no abusing by credit farmers.

    IMO it should be slowed down e.g. by an "investment". So you would pay the 1 billion credit PLUS your 100K Uri for getting the 100K+50K Uri after 3 months back. This would bind the players longer at this game.
  7. Islingr

    Islingr User

    HelpMeHelpYou -- I can understand why the "double rate" would be too much, so I reduced it to just the multiplier instead of having it add onto the previous cost, but food for thought, this wouldn't be a method to replace getting gate spins per say, just another way to get it. I think that the main way should always be through Palli or Boxing unless DO adds another method to get spins while using uri (and credits if they add it) is just an additional option that is used mostly when people farm for certain items and not for the uri and ex/honor rewards. I mean yes it does get expensive, but then again, it is an option to make the game easier/faster while not really adding a bad thing if you don't use it.

    P.S. Lol I would quote, but I don't know how to do it.

    Best GAren EUW -- I agree that having price scale with level kind of sucks (especially with PETs since they cost uri), but credits are a lot more expendable and yeah, my original chart was a bit expensive, but there should be some increase so that higher level players with more money and resources a placed on a much higher level than lower level players.

    I really like the idea of the investment thing, but I don't really want to change my thing because then I would have to change most of it. Though I feel like if you are going to invest 1 bil credits and 100k uri, you'd probably want more than a 50k uri increase. Maybe have it as a multiplier per each month.

    ex. Someone investes 1 bil credits and 100k uri. After 1 month they would get a 50% increase. After 2 months, they would get a 100% increase (from the original amount), and after three months, they would get a 150% increase.
    So basically you get 50K uri per month if you invest 100k uri originally. There would also definitely have to be a cap of maybe 200% increase times, so four month limit while it goes on "cool down" for two months or something so people can't stack up something like a 600% increase if they go "AFK" for a year or something.

    Plus, there should also be a checklist kind of thing so like you have to get the checklist for the daily bonus for the fifth day for at least 5 days (doesn't have to be consecutive) so it requires people to at least come online 10 days of the month and just not play for a couple months and then come back and get their boost in uri.
  8. Hit the "Reply" in the message you want to quote and the edit the text to show what you want. You can select many posts and reply to them all in one post like you did by typing the names. You will see QUOTE inside "[ ]" which is the open and close of each, by using copy and paste you can separate the message like I did to respond to different thoughts.
  9. Islingr

    Islingr User

    Like this?

    Yup, ok thanks
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  10. u cant really do anything with creds without destroying the game the only real option i see is use creds for ggs and possibly 1mill creds a log disk. maby do something called booster glitch and for 1 hour maby every month u can buy boosters in shop for maby 25-75mill credits othere than that there aint really much that can be done but most of all pleas create a shop on home map so we dont have to go on back page all the time

    and x2 ammo shoule also be sold for creds i currently have 35mill x2 and i never use it. x2 will allow the weaker players to stand against npc better
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  11. Idea: you could pay a start cost of 3 billion credit and 3 million MCB-25 for having free MCB-25 (jep, you should pay MCB-25 for unlimited MCB-25, so only experienced players could use this feature).
  12. I think you missed the point of the suggestion made. Those who have a stock pile of MCB-25 do not want it and the in-experienced players are not going to have 1.5 Mill Uridium to buy the amount you suggest having to receive the "unlimited" stock of MCB-25. I would agree there needs to be more CREDIT ammo available for the FREE player to compete with the Pay to Play player. The experienced player would take your suggestion and apply it to ammo like RSB-75, RB-214, or UCB-100 so they could have a never ending supply of them but MCB-25 really should be a credit ammo since it is usually only used by players trying to deplete the FREE ammo they get from G G M or Bonus Boxes, unless they are not using Credit Ammo for farming NPC's. Personally I use MCB-25 and MCB-50 in the upper maps and LCB-10 and MCB-25 in the lower maps depending on my stock of LCB-10 and if I am attacking a Sibelon or Boss Devolarium. Since these are the NPC's cloakers like to hide with to kill a weak player from ambush.
  13. Agreed, but although this idea has been often suggested, they hasn't implant it yet.
  14. Can we get this thread back in life plz xD I want to spend my +10bil credits
  15. hil4127

    hil4127 User

    Have a 100k uridium daily auction. Also, have a 100k x2 and x3 lasers auction. Hell, maybe even seprom. Within a month, a whole lot of credits would be drained from the system.
  16. With you being UFE, here is my idea, and trust me it will work. Grab a hold of your PNUT, and load it with credit lasers and credit shields. Sound familiar; it should. Then go upgrade them to level 16. BAM Credits drained away. I could easily use your +10 mil credits to finish upgrading my nostro ship and need another 20 bil for my big boy.
  17. DilPlays

    DilPlays User

    credit version of booty keys. well not highly expensive rewards but just ammo and some techs. it would be cool 25 Mill each Booty key or 2.5mil
  18. SANCTUM18

    SANCTUM18 User

    So its been a year since this post was posted. Are there goong to be any changes in the future like between 2020-2030 ?
  19. F1™

    F1™ User

    as they love to say probably till the end of this year
  20. Hopefully there will be a day, when they implant some of the good ideas. This thread is too old now.
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