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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by .[NightMare]., Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. Odin®

    Odin® User

    My agenda is to assist new members that are not FE yet and to assist them building their labs up and building that first FE ship. The senior staff and I have committed to these values for the past 8 yrs . Once they have that FE ship and lvl 20 lab they are on their own. You would be surprised WHO started in my clan years ago and now sit as several 1 star generals . My clan ranking sits around 100th but loyalties and friendships reach deep on the server I play on. You can say I have recruited some of the best of the best and in return the clan and it's members receive assistance even from clans of other companies and from other servers as well. When my team is ready with their ships we go hunting as a team so they get experience in that realm of PvP . Once a member can shoot 'Blue" ammo from a Goli and have about 180k in shields their ready to move up in the hierarchy of the clan if so desired or go alone or fly with another clan. The point is to let them have fun , keep their interest motivated. This in turn will eventually lead them into spending a few coins.

    I have 6 senior staff members and 15 junior members . Between us 7 we drop about 240m creds per drop . The other 15 drop about 6m creds combined .... I only turn the bank on once a week/whenever needed so the senior staff can recoup their creds during the upcoming week. That 246m creds are dispersed amongst the other 15 junior members according to DO banking regulations for their length of time in the clan. There is a carry over balance that is used during the week if available for the junior member. Payouts start on Friday morning so they have access to weekend funds for activities. Between the senior staff and myself we have approx. 21k hrs. here at DO so we can let the junior staff know the "in's and out's" . the first gate I promote for a junior member to do is the Lambda gate and do it on a Sunday for the DBL ep and honor rewards. By the time 90 days are up I pretty much know who stays or goes :) .
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  2. TomaYakov

    TomaYakov User

    bro all these amazing ideas (especially from page 1, alot of really good ideas, my lord it would be amazin to see some of that ingame) , they all sound great but lets be real here guys it's darkorbit, do you really think they're going to add these? Maybe they'll add like one but make it heavily modified for our wallets. Either that or they'll add another event wherein you need to be pretty jacked up to participate in it.
  3. souleater1

    souleater1 User

    I have over four(4) billion in credits that as of right now can only be used all the time is in the auction, because it gives u the option of
    either or, some items in the shop can be bought with credits, but it would be nice to have the option to use either/or for items with URI
    payments only now, it would also be nice to use the either/or option in other areas such as upgrades, galaxy gates,sky-lab, also would
    like to see the discontinuance of Euros as known Jackpot euros, since the jackpot has been discontinued.
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  4. DJBrightxx

    DJBrightxx User

    っSLL-03 in Credit
    Price 2,000,000 or 1,000,000
  5. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    SLL-03 has almost the same value (or even better) than LF-3 and LF-3 is almost in every server at least 10 million credits (every 1 hour). The problem is we're talking about the big numbers here, which only UFE's are able to gather (hundreds of millions or even billions) and their credits should be wasted, so I don't think they will buy the SLL-03.
  6. I am FE+ and have BILLIONS of Credits that are going to waste. I own every Ship from Auction, have "Extras" equipment for every Favorite Hangar Ship, and enough LF-3/BO-2 to have 4 Ships fully fight ready for easy warping ability. The purpose of this thread is to get something else added to D O to allow people to dispose of the built up credits and get something they can use in the game.

    My smallest account has over 500 Million credits and every Ship (just got my last one recently) from Auction, and my oldest account has 12 Billion Credits.

    The UFE are usually the ones bidding on the BOOSTERS and D O should add the Shared Boosters to the Auction to increase the usage of Credits.
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  7. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    Sorry for assuming things. Though, running gates also increases the amount of credits really fast and that was basically meant like after a year you have the same amount of credits if you waste all of them now. I don't think FE+ can do it so fast without clan help except if you really cycle the gates.

    There should be added really something useful that is able to gather with credits, that you won't have the 12 billion again after a year, but it's truly hard to invent something like that and after a while, they might lose the value, so putting something on auction won't do the job.
  8. Odin®

    Odin® User

    I'm alot like you HelpMeHelpYou and for me at one time I just turned my lab off and let the clan bank drain my account and turned focus on bidding ammo , cloaks , and boosters and like alot of folks have done was to turn Sep and Prom into the upgrading the lasers and rockets , speed and shield gens . My next step is to "Moth-Ball" the account until Do decides to do a final installation of the 'alleged' new release is complete ...


    wot about a credit gate for new and old players?or different levels and you get randem rewards some good some bad instead of them being farmed every weekend
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  10. The fix for excess credits has already been established and stated by multiple users. Add an elite auction tab that contains newer designs/ships and runs for 14 days. Additionally add a cross-server Weekly auction for the LATEST items such as the newest ships. This way it keeps prices (extremely) high and ships quite rare, but still gives a slightly more fair advantage to all players as well as a new objective to save credits for. If implements it would result in less credits in the economy and more of an overall economy allowing players to reach their goals by different means.
  11. souleater1

    souleater1 User

    Never heard of no cross-server auction only regular auction?
  12. DJBrightxx

    DJBrightxx User

    MCB-25 for 50 credits per unit
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  13. Hauler™

    Hauler™ User

    Hello there,

    (well this has been suggested be4 i suppose but read it till the end)

    I suggest devs to make credit galaxy gates which needs credits to build and drop half prize of regular GG, which means for ex. there should be second GG materializer for GG made with credits:

    GG Alpha 2 made with credits and which drop 50 K honor and 2 M exp, 5 K whites and no Uridium.
    GG Beta 2 ...................................................100 K honor and 4 M exp, 10 K whites and no Uridium.

    Alien HP should remain the same as in Uridium GG.

    1 GG Energy should cost 10000 credits.

    Give credit and free players a chance to compete, remember you still need to put effort and time to play these GG.

    This would be easy for Developers to implement coz they already have made GG, and would bring a piece of balance to Game and would drive game back on track in right direction of becoming fair play (free browser game).


    !Most important!

    Every item available in game should be there in Auction as it was before, that way you give players a chance to compete.

    If someone wants to progress quickly offer them to buy things for Uridium and real money aka Special packages offers.

    People will still buy premium and Uridium as they were before.


    You chased tens of thousands active players off the game and trust me i love this game and i know what im talking about, you chased them off only because someone became too greedy and couldnt wait and leech small amounts of money like every other game in the world.

    This aint a complain just trying to help out to bring this awesome game back on track.

    If you want more players and to fill your servers you must give players something in return and not just take them for granted and look how to leech money of them.


    There may be pros and conts but beleive game was way better when you could win something awesome and cool in Auction and eventully become FE.

    Please take this into consideration and i call DEVS to take this seriously, because everyone¨s aware and we all can agree that the way game has been led into is hypothetically leading it to be shut down.

    You can merge servers now but what will happen in year or two when u get into situation you have nothing to merge. (Think about that )

    Thanks for reading it and i call players from all servers to leave a LIKE and in that way show DEVS if this is what majority of players want to see in game.

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  14. Gudinden

    Gudinden User

  15. ATEER

    ATEER User

    Totaly agree with you. Not sure of rewards on gates. But would be a good edition to game
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  16. @Hauler™ there has been a suggestion about making Galaxy Gates for Credit Players, just not a complete set of current Gates. I like the idea of the second GGM, however, IF the NPC's are the same as what we have now I do not know about the reduced rewards. The Credit player still has to use the same amount of ammo (they boxed their a$$ off to get it), spend the same amount of time in the gates (longer because not using as much elite ammo), and still get the NPC kill rewards as usual so why not the same rewards. You only get a portion of the Uridium needed to build the gates in the normal GGM and Free Players need Uridium just like the Wallet Player but use it to build their ship instead of more Gates. I might add a restriction allowing gates to be built until the parts for Kronos is built but once this is accomplished then you can start over again, this to prevent the spamming of a single gate all of the time (Kappa and Zeta are great examples) and I think we would be hard pressed to find Credit Hades Groups, many weak/unknown players find getting into a group hard to do normally.
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  17. @Hauler™ Though I like the idea behind spinning gates with credits, the rewards would really have to be worked on. The work put into doing the gate will be the same, but that would not be the fault of the gate, or the devs in this case. It is a choice to do these gates instead of one you spin with EE or uri. Personally I think in this instance, you should be limited to no Kami and maybe x2 lasers, 2021, and ECO's. That's plenty for all the gates leading up to and including Kronos. I have done all of them with credit lasers and rockets so nobody can say it can't be done. Its what I use on all of them. I know, seems harder right, but maybe we actually need to slow down a bit. Players are quick to soar through the gates and then complain they have nothing to do. I have never done a Hades so I don't know this would be a good fit for that one and Kuiper would probably be pretty difficult also but for the rest, I would say you have a go.

    Not everything needs to be in the auction. There are lots of opportunities for players to purchase everything with credit/uri/cash. Some stuff have gone to Assembly. Like I said in the gate idea, players need to work. If on day one, you pull out your credit card and buy everything, what is it you really need to do? Nothing. Sure work at rank, but what you will really be doing is working to chase everyone off that is working to get the stuff you just bought. Boring...... Being UFE used to be the ultimate goal...used to be. Now all the UFE have started 2nd, 3rd, and 4th accounts to play on because they are bored and need something to do, or in this case build. So everything in the auction is a no.

    In closing, a number of games are starting to do merges. Another game I play online is, wait for it, a download and it just completed merges. Merges are about cost for the company, and opportunities for players. There is no reason for there to be 61 servers if activity barely supports the 20 they are going to combine it into. That is a lot of wasted money on the company to maintain equipment. The opportunities for players can be for PVE and PVP play. As HMHY mentioned, Hades gate seems to pull UFE groups while the rest of us sit on the sidelines. Newer players want to take the plunge also, but nobody will join in with them or let them join their group. It also means more help with stuff outside of Hades and LOW. The PVP stuff I should not have to mention.
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  18. instead of making booty keys for credits keep them for uri but put them in the auction like for 2 booty keys . lf4s should not be in shop . pet fuel should cost 250kcredits per 1k fuel , pet repairs should cost 10k credits , auction should have gg spins in a pack of 30 , etc they could make it where credits are much more useful a converter would be nice but dont make it where you can get uri rich off credits lets say 300k credits per 75 uri
  19. Hello space pilots,
    I will be honest with you.. I haven't read all comments regarding this thread, so if this idea has been mentioned before I apologize about repeating it :)
    A good thing DO could do in order to spend more credits is increasing the amount of lasers in auction i.e instead of 1k x2/x3/SAB to be 10k or even 50k or even 100k why not this way players who wanna buy ammo will spend a lot more credits on it and also be able to get more ammo in one go. This should be only pro as I can't see why this would affect the actual game as everyone will be able to benefit of it :)
    Also maybe adding drone formations in Auction.
    Also maybe adding drone/ PET Design for credits and so on, there are many ways to find a use for the credits we gain.

    Again, apologizes if these ideas were already mentioned :)

    Fly safe :)
  20. This thread is now one and a half year old, still nothing happened? There are so many good ideas here, are they all rejected? I'm a bit disappointed...
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