Cube graveyard entrance.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by VESPID, Jul 4, 2024.

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    The proposal I'd like to make is to have a portal to the cube graveyard be accessible by one of two ways: Crafting a port in GG similar to KRONOS gate or Crafting a port in assembly.
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    Me like like :D
  3. yeah from what i understand it jumps you there by the 1000th use of a redundant jump CPU when you have the much more useful advanced jump CPU and by way of a random gate appearing in 4-5 which i'm yet to stumble upon or game admins place you there, so it seems like the options to get there are rather poor
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  4. jayherbo

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    Middle left Portal in 4-5 go in a straight line to the right of the portal and keep spamming (J) you'll find it Portal (o)------------jjjjj------
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  5. oh right, it remains invisible does it, and i was of the understanding its supposed to be different locations from time to time as well. Not really a good implemented way of doing things..

    I feel a CPU like the saturn summoner would do this better, and actually give you a gate you can see