Cubikon Leechers

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by [=The-Juggernaut=], Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Working with your enemy or not its all up to you. But this will be helpful to many players who want the leechers ships destroyed without getting involved in a fight.
  2. Helpful for Ufe's who don't like sharing and a death sentence for the game, pathetic if you think this is good at all.
  3. Compare cubes to bks when there was a lock issue. When you shoot the bk, it becomes yours. Suddenly, a noob comes along "helping" you with it, but he gets lock and takes the rewards. Same with cubes. I shoot it, it's mine. You come along stealing my rewards and you get a 1 way ticket to the base. Simple. I love this idea and I'm a basic fe noob. (4 LF4s)
  4. Its not like they will do cubes 10 hrs everyday. Everybody have their own time to cube their own way. If you want then why not make that UFE your helping friend.
  5. So much for working together...

    Leave them as they are now, there is not really any problem with how they are...

    My only other suggestion would to have an all-cubikon map with about twenty-five cubes in it... UFEs can go fight over cubikons in there...
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  6. Yes, there are alot of problems. Your idea would just make the game crash. Making them social npc is getting over alot of people's nerves. DarkOrbit has changed, but the npcs aren't.
  7. Darkorbit has changed into an anti-social game for disgusting bullies, this is a stupid and terrible idea, cube's aren't your's if you shoot them, get it through your thick skull you chump. I kind of like Pain's suggestion although it probably would be laggy, I'm sure that could be dealt with though.

    You fools really think this is a good idea, it would be another nail in the coffin for this game, noobs have it hard enough especially when there own company pops them for something as frivolous as aliens because they can't share, those noobs quit and the game dies little by little everyday.
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  8. I think you should get a brain and think, The noobs leave? the cubikon isn't the only npc in darkorbit. There are tons of npcs in darkorbit. Anti-social? They created groups that's why. If you think the game dies by this way pls explain how did you think?
    I don't think you have ever cubed yet alone, so you won't understand. No Noobs allowed in this thread.
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  9. Those noobs need to learn that when I shoot something, it's mine. If I shoot something as big as a ubk, that still makes it mine. Leeching on cubes was not a problem back in the day because in a way, most people needed it to kill the cube. Nowadays, cubes are often the fastest way to make uri.(and heaven knows we need millions of it) I don't want my effectiveness to dwindle because some idiot keeps coming back and stealing 200 of my uri per cube. How would you like it if all aliens gave shared rewards? I know I wouldn't.
    That's how they are right now...sometimes I wonder who actually plays.
  10. Yeah, the highest hitter get some more rewards. And btw It's good to know that someone feels the same way as me ;)
  11. You must be real stupid, do you think someone is going to stick around when they not only get instant popped by the enemy companies but there own company kicks there butt to over something so stupid because they're selfish and bullies, get it through your head that the cube isn't your's just because you shoot it. Anti-social yes, this behavior has been going on since the implementing of some of the most questionable updates to this game that made the game so overpowered.

    Cube hogs are anti-social because all they want is to farm alone, firstly on a multi-player game but on top of that they farm group Npc's and they expect this not to happen, the rewards are shared for a reason, Cube at a different time or play a game with your lonely self.

    Are you really so naive that you think the game benefits from noobs being slaughtered by everyone, including there own company? Do you think they'll stick around, would you stick around if you got your ass handed to you by your own company over Npc's?

    As a matter of fact I have cubed alone but prefer cubing in groups because I don't have to use uridium ammo, it's quicker, and it helps the company as a whole.

    If your irritated by noobs apparently leeching your Cube's(Why do you all try to imply they do it on purpose?)then go make uridium somewhere else instead of losing honor, are you all really that dense?

    If there's plenty of Npc's in Darkorbit then why is it you don't go and find something else to shoot instead of crying over honor you lost over your own stupidity of popping your own company? Battle-rays, Ubers, etc. If you can solo Cube's then you shouldn't have a problem with the aliens I listed.

    In conclusion, the game becomes more anti-social because everyone only wants to play alone on a multi-player game no less, it's absolute madness, the game dies when noobs and newer players are constantly destroyed by everyone including there own company and quit. If you think this is still a good idea then give me a decent reply next time, none of your half ass garbage on me being a noob so my opinion is void.

    Thanks and I love you, Boss~Adam.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Cubes don't belong to anyone.

    I can solo cubes very easily, but if people join in, I don't pop them. However nooby they are. The rewards are divided by how much you did to the cube.

    The general rule I go by is, if people don't shoot the cube I am on, I respect them when they cube and do the same. If people shoot the cube I am on, I don't pop them but simply shoot their cubes as well. More fair.
  14. OH HELL NO! Rewarding Cube hogs and ruining the game even more in the process, the stupidest idea's to be posted on the forums usually come from cube hog threads.
  15. It is ur option. This would be nice to add sistem like i said. Propably you are some nostromo thats why u defend noobxz.
  16. Just because someone defends noobs doesn't mean they are one, even if they were, that doesn't make there opinion void in any way, your just selfish and pathetic.
  17. 38 LF-4

    Full havoc

    Skill designs pp upgrades plenty of ammo etc. etc. do I need to go on?

    ^How's that for some nostromo?

    Just because someone doesn't agree with your terrible idea doesn't mean they are just some nostromo.

    Don't get cranky because you can't think up of a good idea.
  18. ty phoenix for ur option. go kill some strouner and then come back. thank you.
  19. lies, i have full havoc, but it is crap 0% actualy dmg bonus, no one who have them all are proud of them. fail, go and kill some bk, if u have at least 5 lf3 it will take you less than hour.
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